Just according to Ozaki’s keikaku

The above tweet from Nikkei Marketing Journal quotes Bandai Namco’s CEO Ishikawa, who said that they are putting effort into Tiger & Bunny and new toys and games are in development for the movie premiere this Fall.

Executive Producer Ozaki retweeted it with a short response:

Yes. He said “just as planned”.

What this means (apart from the fact that they want the money we so willingly shovel at them) is that Tiger & Bunny is selling really, really well. It has been – along with Gundam UC – a focus franchise of Bandai Namco for the past year. At this point Tiger & Bunny is not funding just itself, it and Gundam UC are also helping to financially cover for the franchises that aren’t making any profit. Some people might get upset over the money they spend on Tiger & Bunny paying for Sunrise’s flops (Gundam AGE, I’m looking at you), but this is simply how business works. I’m going to keep my business nerd restrained so I won’t bore you to death, but according to the so called 80-20 rule, 80% of profits are created by 20% of the products a business sells (or in this case, maybe 80% of profits come from 20% of the customers could be more accurate). Bandai Namco has many, many franchises, and although Gundam UC and Tiger & Bunny are just two lines on the long list of titles they’ve produced, they are currently the big selling ones. The big sellers allow the smaller, niche franchises to continue existing and keep the fans of those titles happy. This 80-20 rule isn’t applied just to making anime. It has many other applications, and not just in business. If you’re interested in learning more, look up “Pareto principle”.

I’m stating the obvious, but Tiger & Bunny is a true success story, considering how new it is and that it is an original anime. That is also why the merchandise sales are so critical for it, because the related merchandise is exactly where the profits are. BD&DVD sales are critical only to a certain breaking point. Speaking of BD sales, the anime BD&DVD sales in Japan are generally low because of their high pricing system. It’s not just anime that suffers from high prices, a Hollywood movie released in Japan on DVD costs easily twice as much as the European release. An anime title that sells over 10 000 copies per volume can be called a hit. (For the record, Tiger & Bunny sold around 25 000 copies of each Limited Edition BD volume.) “Why the prices on DVD and BD media are kept so high?” is a question I don’t have an answer for. If someone has an answer, please do share~

This post was actually longer first, but then there was a herpderp and I lost the whole thing. Also, at first I was going to just blog about Ozaki being “keikaku doori” and my initial point was that they seem to be investing proper money in the movie production. Instead it came out this way. I guess it couldn’t be helped. And I guess we might never see QUALITY gym again. *knocks on wood*

(TL note: keikaku means plan)

Ustream Special Lag And New Sponsors

Hirata: *photobombs*
Morita: “Ojisan!”

I did my best to watch the special on Ustream, but the extreme lag made it really difficult. Seems that they didn’t show the trailer, but I’m not 100% sure because the stream blacked out for minutes at one point, exactly when they were talking about the movie. Ozaki, Hirata and Morita were chatting and they seemed to have a lot of fun but the stuttering and constant freezes made it impossible to keep up with what exactly they were talking about.

New Sponsors

The movie will have the heroes with some new sponsors. The official movie site has them all listed with pictures of the placement, but here they are for convenience:

Wild Tiger: SoftBank, S.H. Figuarts, FamilyMart (new)
Barnaby Brooks Jr.: Bandai, Crusade, Amazon.co.jp
Blue Rose: Pepsi NEX
Rock Bison: Gyu-Kaku, HYBRID Futomen Doudou (new)
Sky High: Ustream, Tamashii Nations, T-Joy (new), MOVIX (new)
Dragon Kid: Calbee, DAM (new)
Fire Emblem: Animate, Domino’s Pizza (new)
Origami Cyclone: Takasu Clinic, Namu Kyara Ouendan, minimini (new), Bandai Visual Club (new)

So only Barnaby and Blue Rose didn’t get any new sponsors. To me the FamilyMart logo on Wild Tiger’s suit looks weird since the old advertisements blended so well with it. Anyways. Brace your wallets because you do realize what these new sponsors mean?

Yeah. Tiger & Bunny S.H. Figuarts The Movie Edition are looming in the future.

Also, Morita will be a guest in Hoshizora Sunrise radio tomorrow, and starting April he’ll also be a personality hosting Hero Radio on Ustream. (Again, region locked.)

Character Song Impressions Pt. 2

Everything they planned to sample from BEST OF HERO has now been sampled. You can listen to them on Lantis’ Tiger & Bunny page. Our impressions of the first five song samples are here.

“Mikire sakura” by Origami Cyclone (Okamoto Nobuhiko)

I don’t really think the sample is giving a very good impression of the song, or it’s just not really up our alley. Lyrics on the other hand sound very Origami-style. Full version might give a different impression.

“Todoroke☆Kung-fu Master” by Dragon Kid (Ise Mariya)

Cute like a button, and peppy, but we expected something more energetic. I think there might be more in the lyrics so full version would be nice with this song too.

“No Farewell” by Barnaby Brooks, Jr. (Morita Masakazu)

The song title made me expect something a bit more melancholy (and so did Twitter trolls going on about “Bunny’s feelings” – I can’t remember if it was Ozaki who tweeted that or if it was Hoshizora Sunrise). This song seems really fitting with how the series ended, and Morita sounds happy and hopeful singing it. The song also has this kind of 80s feeling, it’s hard to explain but I got pretty nostalgic listening to the sample.

“You are the HERO!!” by Tiger & Barnaby (Hirata Hiroaki and Morita Masakazu)

We didn’t think it’d be possible for the new duet to come anywhere near “Seigi no koe ga kikoerukai”, but this does. Hirata and Morita sound really good singing together, the lyrics sound like fun, and it just gives this “feels goodman” vibe.

[Aki_the_geek] i have no words to add about the duet because I’m all
[Aki_the_geek] like that picture with a dude in front of a computer with a rainbow waterfall flowing outta his mouth

This one? Seems accurate.

I tried asking Aki about her Top 3 from the samples, but then I realized I couldn’t pick just three. I think she hit the mark with this comment, though…

[derpchan] so what’s your top 3 from the samples?
[Aki_the_geek] 1. duet 2. duet 3. duet
[Aki_the_geek] 😛

(This is the second time ever I’m looking forward to a character song CD like crazy.)

How about you?

Character Song Impressions Pt. 1

We’re halfway there with the song samples from BEST OF HERO. Despite Mr. Ozaki’s spoilers we weren’t really sure what to expect…

“Thanks, and thanks again!” by Sky High (Inoue Go)

Sky High’s song was pretty hyped on Twitter (Inoue and Ozaki chatted about it the week it was up for sampling on radio), but it doesn’t really hit the mark with us. It’s a good match for Inoue’s voice, and the background vocals are amusing. Maybe we expected too much, or maybe full version will be more interesting? The sample doesn’t get us very excited.

“ICE DOLL” by Blue Rose (Kotobuki Minako)

This is a huge improvement over Blue Rose’s single. The song sounds kinda European style, and Kotobuki’s voice works great with it. This is the kind of music that would be found on my playlist so I guess I’m really partial to it.

“Shougai wairudo sengen” by Wild Tiger (Hirata Hiroaki)

Swinging, but considering Kotetsu’s taste in music it was to be expected. Hirata is a good singer and this is fun to listen to. We both agreed that this is our favourite of the song samples so far. (I may have been affected by the MMD above, it puts a huge grin on my face.)

“Koisuru Heroine” by Girls☆Club (Kotobuki Minako, Ise Mariya, and Tsuda Kenjirou)

The first word that came to mind was “cute”. Especially Ise singing as Pao-Lin is just incredibly cute-sounding. The full version will hopefully have more Nathan, now his part was way too small and the song ends up being a bit on the forgettable side judging from the sample.

“Sake to nakama to otoko no baraddo” by Rock Bison with Wild Tiger (Kusunoki Taitem and Hirata Hiroaki)

This is not a duet unless there’s actual singing from Tiger in the full version. In the sample he’s just making quips from the background and ordering more alcohol. I was trying to come up with an adjective to describe Kusunoki’s singing but I can’t think of anything but “manly”. Because it is manly. And listening to it makes us feel manly too. I guess that’s the “old man flavour” that Ozaki advertised.

We’re not going to go into how well lyrics fit the characters, I think it’s best to have the full versions for that. (And there might be a spontaneous discharge inducing surprise hiding in these songs, just like Barnaby’s part in the B.T.B. song.)

As for the samples not played yet, we’re looking forward to Barnaby’s new solo song the most, because Morita’s voice is really well-suited for ballads. We also want to hear the new duet although it will have a hard time beating “Seigi no koe ga kikoerukai”.

How about you?

Getting E-mail Is Nice

I was this close to doing a spit-take at my screen this morning when I was checking our email and found this thing that Team Kaburagi sent us. (Aki on the other hand got a warning from me first, she’s thankful for that.) This suggestion for a new fried rice poster is just too glorious to not share.

Team Kaburagi wrote:
there – fixed it for you (bc crack image is… well)

Happy Year of the Dragon Kid, everyone ~!

– TK

(Just so happens I got the PASH! with the actual fried rice poster today. Nice timing!)