Blue Rose’s character song single

Blue Rose’s character song single came out yesterday and we were able to sample it today. If we have to find something nice to say about it, I guess it would be that it’s very in-character. The single has two songs sung by Minako Kotobuki, Blue Rose/Karina’s seiyuu, and karaoke versions of them.

The first track is GO NEXT! which is also the in-series Hero TV closing theme. It’s credited to Blue Rose, and even at best ear-grating. The song doesn’t suit Kotobuki’s voice and we felt that it was purposefully made to sound worse than it could have been. It makes sense from the character’s point of view. It’s something the sponsors want Blue Rose to sing, unlike the other song on the CD.

The second track is My Song which was the insert song in episode 4. It’s credited to Karina Lyle and is a much more pleasant listening experience. It’s a song that represents Karina’s own dreams and it does much better justice to Kotobuki’s voice. Still, overall My Song doesn’t leave a lasting impression.

We can’t really recommend this CD for the music. But if you’re a big fan of Minako Kotobuki or if you liked the insert song in episode 4, then it might be worth getting.


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