Episode 24 or let’s believe HEROES

We’re in for a week of fried rice and thorough trolling. (Not that the trolling part came as a surprise.)

24. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

We pick up where last week left us off, Wild Tiger and Barnaby facing H-01, the rest of the heroes locked up in Rotwang’s deathtrap, and Kaede taken hostage.

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Episode 22 or “Please remember me!”

Discussion boards are overflowing with fake spoilers, 60 000 people want to see the final episode in a theater that only has seats for 400 and each remaining week the wait for next episode feels longer and longer. And at the same time I really don’t want this all to end yet.

22. Bad luck often brings good luck.

This episode felt kinda like returning to the first cour with some hero action for a change.

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