I have no words (Updated)

You may or may not have heard that the Tiger & Bunny Original Soundtrack got pushed back 2 weeks, and it’s coming out on October 19th.

Ozaki’s tweet on the OST delay:

I don’t know how to express this shock… Such destructive power. B.T.B. “Natsu no Koi wa Otsukaresamaa” is a truly terrifying song. Ike’s brilliant sound coupled with Nishida’s enticing lyrics produced a chemical chain reaction that resulted in an enormous detonation (or maybe spontaneous discharge?). Though admittedly, the song is not the only reason for the delay. We’re hoping to it will allow us to even further polish the work. Not that I’m bragging… Blue Rose’s orthodox idol sound! Tiger’s back chorus full of pathos! Bunny’s loving hands, er I mean the interlude that shines so brightly! The three of them join in the phantasmagorical dance! The ep14 experience just won’t be complete without this song!

I… thought he was exaggerating, but the song sample was played on Hoshizora Sunrise radio just earlier tonight and… I just have no words.

Lyrics and translation from /a/ with some minor polishing. You can listen to the song on Nicosound.

小麦色の貴方はNice Guy

息が止まる程さ【砂浜 砂浜】

貴方の瞳 写る私はまるで子供

届かない恋のうた【I miss you】
沈む夕日 海に溶けてく【See You Tomorrow】

貴方の瞳 写る私はそんな子供?

涙で終わる サマーラブ

You’re a tanned nice guy
When my beach-ball played Cupid
You handed it over to me and our hands touched for a second
And before I knew it, I was looking at you

Oh, stop it [B: Come on, let’s go]
It’s so uncomfortable my breath stops [B: Sandy beach, sandy beach]
Don’t look at me like that
If you want shaved ice, go ask your mama

Am I such a child in your eyes?
How unfortunate, this summer

A song of love that can never reach [B: I miss you]
Staying with you hurts
But as the Sun sets it melts into the sea [B: See you tomorrow]

Am I such a child in your eyes?
Bye bye, young lady

The summer love ends in tears
Thanks a lot, summer love

I actually ordered the OST ages ago. Now I can’t wait to get it, I simply must have the full version of this song.

(Also lol, beach episodes everywhere, the 5th BD Limited Edition drama CD was like a beach episode, now this song…)

Update #1: Seems that reactions to the song are positive. お疲れサマー and スナハマスナハマ were trending on Japanese Twitter for a few hours after the song aired. The OST went up to 2nd on CDJapan’s real time ranking, and to 3rd place on Amazon Japan’s anime music CD ranking.

Update #2: Nishida, the screenwriter for Tiger & Bunny talks about the song in his latest blog post. He wrote the lyrics to it, the music is by the series soundtrack composer Ike Yoshihiro. He mentions that the in-universe setting for the song was that “Because Blue Rose is popular idol, and T&B are a popular combi, they’d be even more popular together. The song was a shallow strategy for that.” Nishida thinks that the song turned out really cute, and he’d be happy if fans would enjoy the song like those who came to see the performance in the anime.

14 comments on “I have no words (Updated)

  1. Seems like this was definitely another tribute to Kotetsu by Karina. She has it bad, poor girl. Cant wait until I can buy the OST, mainly for the Ouroborus theme, but if this song is that good I better go listen now.

  2. rofl Bunny’s parts have little to no connection to the context of the song; it reflects his merciless attitude towards Karina. XD

  3. Why Sunrise, why this awesome? I. I was speechless throughout the song. (Reading the lyrics, made me LOL.)

    Damn, if only I have the money to get it…. |||orz|||

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