10th Anniversary Friend Rice Event Gallery

Happy 10th Anniversary, TIGER & BUNNY!

From Randie. “Sriracha fried rice with my fellow dudes 🙂 Looking forward to season 2!”
From Emptycicada. “Thanks for this wonderful 10 years, let’s believe heroes!”
From Ars. “I made fried rice and lemon cake with strawberries for a recent taibani rewatch with a buddy of mine! There’s some edamame beans and chopped up kamaboko mixed into the rice for bright greens and pinks ❤ Even after all these years, this show still manages to get me all hyped up! I can’t wait to see what else is in store when season two rolls in~ \( ;W; )/”
From Fnthr0. “Mini tiger eating fried rice!”
From svengalia. “Made a fried rice easter dinner for my family! Shoutout to my Mom for being a huge help in the cooking process :)”
From Mary. “T&B forever”
From Anon and anon’s sister. “This isn’t actually fried rice, actually… but my baby sister worked hard on her fanart!”
From Asphodel.
From Mysteriousdbzgt/Jazzy. “Happy 10th anniversary T&B!”
From SamuraiCorgis. “happy anniversary!”
From Emi, Eliz & Ninx. “Happy Anniversary Tiger & Bunny, thankyou for 10 wonderful years! Here’s to many more, we’re all super excited for season 2 ❤ We decided to celebrate by cosplaying Kotetsu, Barnaby and Ivan – cooking & eating our friend rice together over Zoom!”
From Emily. “10 years ago I didn’t know the amount of joy (and suffering) this show would bring me. I didn’t know that I would make several international friends from it. I didn’t know it would spark such creativity and engagement within me. It has truly been an amazing experience, and I look forward to suffering with you all in season 2. ありがとう!そして、ありがとう!”
From Jazzarray.
From Smile Edgeworth. “Hi! I joined this fandom a little late, but now that I’m here I’m not going anywhere 😀 I’m excited for season 2!!”
From Dima. “Happy 10th Anniversary, T&B! Thank you for allowing me to connect with wonderful people for the past decade!”
From PetitNeleb.
From Lumy. “Happy 10 years, fellow SB citizens!! So much time has passed, but Bunny-chan is still the cutest! ♥”
From Zepwich. “Let’s believe HEROES”
From Vania. “Happy 10th Anniversary to my fave heroes! This is more Nasi Goreng than Chahan but Fried Rice is Fried Rice!”
From Mary. “To all Tiger & Bunny Fans Happy Friend Rice Day!& Happy 10th Anniversary Tiger & Bunny”
From AKI. “Tiger and Bunny holds a special place in my heart and is just such a wonderful series. Back when the show was airing 10 years ago, I was only a young teen and didn’t really know about the fanbase or had even known about the fried rice event! So, 10 years after the fact, I’m glad I could at least participate this time around to show my love! (I hope Kotetsu and Barnaby likes my island fried rice!) I can’t wait to see everyone else’s friend rice pictures!! ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_”
From Angelica Cathy Morales. “After all these years, Bunny’s rice has only gotten better. (Mine has too! ^_^)”
From law. “Happy 10th anniversary! Thank you for this amazing story.”
From Ash the Ketchup. “Pao-lin eating fried rice made using Kotetsu’s official recipe! <3”
From Orin. “Nearly ten years later and I still have to check and make sure that I’m writing “fried” and not “friend”, every single time. This is not a complaint. To this day T&B is what I measure other anime and superhero media against, and it’s still a great joy to watch.”
From alex. “my kitchen is empty right now so it turned out looking very plain, but with my favorite sriracha it should be spicy enough. 🔥 thank you for doing this event again! happy Friend Rice anniversary! 🍤🍚❤”
From Bean. “Happy 10th Anniversary~♪ Thanks for all the joy you’ve brought to everyone! Let’s have more fun and yummy fried rice for times to come! ♡ Barnaby: Let’s eat Kotetsu-san! To 10 years-! (Damn it! The wine for the toast! I knew I forgot something..!) Kotetsu: Great job Bunny-Chan! (Huh?! The mayo is a lie!!)”
From Bean. “Barnaby: Eating fried rice together like this, it’s what only the best of buddies do… (I’m happy and thankful..!) Kotetsu: Yum! (This is more like it! Gimme all the mayo~!!!)”
From Bean. “Barnaby: I’m glad you enjoyed it Kotetsu-san! (I poured my heart and soul into making this! Though I had to substitute some things… I’m pleased all the practice paid off!) Kotetsu: Thanks… zzz… Bunny-chan… zzz… (Today was a great day! I’m stuffed… sleepy…)”
From polarrosy. “My rice may be a little cold, but your ten year celebration can’t be put on hold!”
From Shiba. “Well it’s been 10 years… here’s to 10 more! Happy anniversary!”
From Destertale. “Happy Anniversary! And again: Happy Anniversary! ^_^”
From tsubasa.
From Monami. “I’ll never forget that Heroes excited us 10 years of our life. Kokodeowaruhazuganainoni! :D”
From BaniKrim. “Continuing my journey with these two! They shaped who I am in the last 10 years.”
From Mregret. “Happy 10th Anniversary Tiger and Bunny!! I’ve been practicing this Beef Stroganoff in the hopes I could one day make it for friend rice one day! (Part 1/2)”
From Mregret. “Happy 10th Anniversary Tiger & Bunny!! I made special 10th anniversary friend rice for the occasion, plus an earl grey pound cake for my favorite tea + sugar fiend (and yesterday’s stroganoff). I don’t have any full-sized heroes but I hope you’ll accept my tiny ones who make up for their size with enthusiasm. Let’s Believe Heroes and I can’t wait to celebrate with you all in 2022.”
From Ale Gator. “Happy 10th year anniversary to Tiger & Bunny!! This show holds such a special place in my heart. Can you tell who my favorite character is?”
From Sofian. “Happy 10th anniversary Tiger & Barnaby! Can’t wait to see you again in 2022!”

Thanks, and thanks again!