Tiger & Bunny Timeline


An updated and revised timeline of the entire series, including movies. Spoilers for everything.


  • Date format is YYYY/MM/DD.
  • Code in [] refer to episodes or movies where the events happened or were displayed the first time.
    • [S#E##]: Season and episode
    • [TB]: The Beginning
    • [TR]: The Rising
  • Bolded text is confirmed dates, shown in the series or in other media in some cases. Everything else is calculated based on known dates and the approximate time that could have passed.
  • We know the likely order in which events took place but we don’t know the exact year.
  • The NC calendar shown in S2E06 matches our calendar for the year 1980, so it’s possible to figure out the weekday for every event.
  • We’ve placed the approximated births of the other heroes on the timeline, but there is too much uncertainty of all of their exact ages. All heroes have their birthdays listed on the official Tiger & Bunny site.
  • The 1910’s

    NC 1910 – Samantha Taylor is born.
    NC 1910 – Little Aurora is born. [S2E19]

    NC 1913/11/04 – Barnaby Brooks Sr. is born. [S1E25]

    NC 1915/07/28 – Emily Hampshire Brooks is born. [S1E25]

  • The 1930’s

    NC 1932 – Appearance of NEXT. [S1E01]

    NC 1935 – Alexander Lloyds is born.

    Year unknown – Jake Martinez is born.

    NC 1939 – Little Aurora gains her NEXT power. [S2E19]

  • The 1940’s

    NC 1942/08/14 – Kotetsu Kaburagi is born.
    This is semi-unconfirmed, but Hirata mentioned on the Voice Star program that the original first episode script had ages for all characters and that Kotetsu was 35 when the series started.

    NC 1942/12/03 – Antonio Lopez is born.
    S2 director Kase mentions in S2E05 watch party that Antonio is 38. This comment was edited out in the version that was subbed by Netflix Anime on YouTube.

  • The likely order of other events that take place during the 1940’s and early 1950’s

    Year unknown – Kriem is born.
    Year unknown – Yuri Petrov is born.
    Year unknown – Nathan Seymour is born (March 25th, 19xx NC).
    Year unknown – Keith Goodman is born (November 11th, 19xx NC).
    Year unknown – Mr. Legend starts as the first hero.
    Year unknown – Kotetsu is saved by Mr. Legend in a bank robbery. [S1E02]

  • The 1950’s

    NC 1953/10/31 – Barnaby Brooks Jr. is born. [S1E25]

    NC 1955 – Barnaby gains 100 Power. [S1E15]

    Year unknown – Ryan Goldsmith is born (June 19th, 195x NC).
    Year unknown – Ivan Karelin is born (September 19th, 195x NC).

    NC 1957/12/24 – Barnaby’s parents are murdered. [S1E19] Jake Martinez kidnaps Kriem. [S1E18]

  • The 1960’s

    NC 1961/05/08 – Karina Lyle is born.

    NC 1962 – Jake Martinez is arrested. [S1E10] L.L. Audun is arrested. [S2E08, S2E20]

    NC 1963 – Barnaby starts gathering information on the streets. [S1E09]
    NC 1963/01/17 – Subaru Sengoku is born. [S2E02]
    NC 1963/02/08 – Thomas Taurus is born. [S2E02]

    Year unknown – at the age of 8, Ivan Karelin decides he wants to become a hero. [S2E02]

    NC 1964/04/29 – Pao-Lin Huang is born.

    Year unknown – Yuri Petrov gains NEXT power. Mr. Legend dies. [S1E16]

    NC 1966/07/16 – Lara Tchaikoskaya is born. [S2E06]

    NC 1967 – Wild Tiger debuts.

    NC 1968 – Kaede Kaburagi is born.

  • NC 1970-1976

    NC 1972 – Tomoe Kaburagi dies of illness. [S1E17]
    NC 1972 – Thomas’s parents die, and he is sent to an orphanage with his sister Ruby. [S2E08]

    NC 1976 – Agnes Joubert takes up the position as HERO TV’s producer. [S1E01]

  • NC 1977

    NC 1977 September – Hero TV season ends (MVP: Sky High). [S1E01]

    NC 1977/10/01 – Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr. team up. [S1E01] Incident with Tony at the skating arena on the same day. [S1E02]
    NC 1977 October – Barnaby arrests the criminal NEXT Robin Baxter in the Big Tree Amusement Grounds. [TB]
    NC 1977 October – Agnes films a special episode on Barnaby. Bomb threat in the newly opened Fortress Tower. [S1E03]
    NC 1977/10/31 – Barnaby’s 24th birthday. [S1E05]

    NC 1977 November or December – Lunatic’s first appearance. [S1E06-07]

    NC 1977/12/11 – World Figure Skating Championships. [S1E02]
    Advertisements shown in S1E02, it’s likely the event was cancelled due to the skating arena being destroyed.

  • NC 1978

    NC 1978 January – Ouroboros attack. [S1E10-13]

    • Day 1: Heroes get a day off. Kotetsu goes to buy a Mad Bear plushie for Kaede. Barnaby discovers the file on Jake Martinez.
    • Day 2: 08:00 AM first explosion on Brox Bridge. Barnaby turns back from his route to Abbas Prison. Kriem appears to make demands to release Jake. Origami Cyclone goes undercover. Seven Matches begin. Sky High, Rock Bison and Wild Tiger lose their battles.
      It is possible this day is actually split over two days, but when watching it, it seems like it all takes place over a single day.
    • Day 3: Barnaby beats Jake Martinez, who dies in a helicopter crash.

    NC 1978 unknown date – Subaru Sengoku awakens to his NEXT power. [TnYJ manga]

    NC 1978 September – Season ends (MVP: Barnaby Brooks Jr.). [S1E14]

    NC 1978/10/31 – Barnaby’s 25th birthday.

    NC 1978 November – Kotetsu’s powers start dwindling. [S1E14] Android incident involving Cis. [S1E15]

    NC 1978/11/30 – Kotetsu’s 100 Power time limit is at 3:45. [S1E16]

    NC 1978 December – Lunatic kills Lady Killer (Benoit Depardieu). [S1E16] Kotetsu goes to visit his family. [S1E17]

    NC 1978/12/07 – Kriem dies after telling her version of the events of 1957 NC Christmas Eve. [S1E18]

    NC 1978/12/08 – Kotetsu and Barnaby visit the skating rink, truth about Barnaby’s parents’ murder is uncovered. Maverick changes Barnaby’s memories again. [S1E19]

    NC 1978/12/09 – Maverick attempts to change Kotetsu’s memories and fails. [S1E20] Samantha Taylor is murdered. [S1E21]

    NC 1978/12/10 – Kotetsu wakes up as a wanted criminal. [S1E21] Kotetsu avoids the other heroes trying to capture him, first appearance of H-01. [S1E22] Confrontation on the bridge in the evening. [S1E22-23] Battle against H-01 later that night. [S1E24] Maverick wipes his own memories, is arrested and subsequently killed by Lunatic. [S1E25]

  • NC 1979

    NC 1979/10/31 – Barnaby’s 26th birthday.

    NC 1979/12/24 – Wild Tiger is back as a hero in the second league, Barnaby joins him. [S1E25]

  • NC 1980

    NC 1980 March or April – Mark Schneider takes over Apollon Media. Barnaby is promoted to First League and paired up with Golden Ryan. Second League is cancelled. Justice Day celebration. Schneider gives Agnes Joubert full control over Hero TV, who reinstates Second League. Golden Ryan gets a better offer from overseas and leaves Stern Bild. [TR]

    NC 1980 June – Ouroboros orders Nicolai Brahe to coax Fugan and Mugan to beat the record of their idol L.L. Audun. [S2E13]

    NC 1980 Summer – Golden Ryan is injured in Oldhabi when the criminal NEXT Gregory Sunshine makes him lose control of his gravity power. [S2E03]

    NC 1980/07/26 – Wild Tiger and Barnaby receive their new hero suits. [Katsura’s S2 oneshot]

    NC 1980/10/08 – New Hero TV season starts with Buddy Hero system. [S2E01]
    NC 1980/10/15 – News update on an attack on heroes in another town on October 9th. [S2E02]
    NC 1980/10/18 – Blue Rose asks Wild Tiger to help her with a fan meet up. [S2E03]
    NC 1980/10/22 – Fugan and Mugan attack heroes in Oldhabi. [S2E03]
    NC 1980/10/23 – Blue Rose’s meet with a fan turns out to be a set up. [S2E03]
    NC 1980/10/31 – Barnaby’s 27th birthday.

    NC 1980/11/06 – Vinculum opening day. [S2E04]
    NC 1980/11/07 – Hero Festival. Barnaby reconnects with his childhood friend Mattia Ingram. [S2E05]
    NC 1980/11/18 – Magical Cat is discharged from hospital. [S2E06]
    NC 1980/11/26 – Kaede and Saroja come to Stern Bild. [S2E07]
    NC 1980/11/27 – Rug Rats Law Class. Barnaby takes Kaede and Saroja to Mattia Ingram’s lab for their homework assignment. [S2E07]
    * This could take place a week earlier, but most likely this date is correct. It is still November and according to Tiger’s work calendar, the presentation for the kids is on a Thursday.

    NC 1980/12/09 – Barnaby is left comatose following the art museum incident involving the criminal NEXT Vincent Carl. [S2E08]
    NC 1980 December – Mattia Ingram is admitted to hospital. Vincent Carl attempts another robbery but is found hanging from a tree grievously injured. [S2E09]
    NC 1980 December – Fire Emblem and Sky High are defeated by Fugan and Mugan. Sigourney Rosicky has Gregory Sunshine transferred from Abbas prison to be a test subject for the NEXT powering drug. [S2E10]
    NC 1980 December – Origami Cyclone and Dragon Kid are defeated. [S2E10-11]
    NC 1980/12/23 – The heroes gather at the gym. Rock Bison, Blue Rose and Golden Ryan are defeated. Barnaby wakes from his coma. [S2E11]
    NC 1980/12/24 – The remaining heroes confront Fugan and Mugan. [S2E12-13] Gregory Sunshine injures Rosicky and kills Brahe, Fugan and Mugan while making his escape with a case of the NEXT powering drug. [S2E13]

  • NC 1981

    NC 1981 mid August – Sigourney Rosicky finds Gregory Sunshine and coerces him to co-operate with her. [S2E17]

    NC 1981/09/03 – Hero TV fan event announcing the return of Wild Tiger and Barnaby, and the first NEXT riot incited by Gregory Sunshine. [S2E14]
    NC 1981/09/13 – Rioting NEXTs are referred to as X’s, the cause is believed to be a disease affecting only NEXTs. Fortress Tower X incident. Subaru helps Thomas and Ruby reunite. [S2E16]
    NC 1981/09/14 – The NEXT evacuation starts in Stern Bild. Anju Kaburagi accompanies Kaede and Saroja to Evacuation Camp D. All hero activity is suspended and Hero TV cancelled. [S2E17]
    NC 1981/09/15 – Thomas decides to quit and move to Pleiades to live closer to Ruby. Gregory slips into Evacuation Camp D. [S2E17-18]
    NC 1981/09/16 – Gregory Sunshine causes an X incident in Evacuation Camp D. Wild Tiger and Barnaby get a tip on Gregory’s involvement. [S2E18]
    NC 1981/09/17 – Wild Tiger and Barnaby try to appeal to the Mayor. Rosicky bodyjacks Mattia Ingram. [S2E18] The heroes find information about Mission A. Lucas Byrne and Henry Lime murder Olga Petrov during a robbery. Wild Tiger and Barnaby chase Byrne and Lime. [S2E19]

    NC 1981/09/18 – Lunatic kills Byrne and Lime shortly after midnight. The heroes are put under surveillance. Yuri Petrov tells Kotetsu and Barnaby about Mr. Legend. [S2E20] Mission A begins in the morning. [S2E21-25]

    • Little Aurora arrives in Stern Bild. [S2E21]
    • 10:50 AM Gregory Sunshine starts freeing the convicts in Abbas Prison. [S2E22]
    • 11:30 AM Agnes returns the suits to the heroes. Barnaby reveals the extent of his injury to Kotetsu. [S2E21]
    • 12:00 PM The heroes head out to stop Mission A. [S2E21]
    • Gregory finds L.L. Audun and sets him free. Rosicky bodyjacks the Mayor [S2E22] and attempts to kill Little Aurora. Lunatic stops this, and Rosicky then bodyjacks Lunatic. Thomas returns to join the heroes. [S2E23]
    • Rosicky reveals her motive, but her new host is murdered by Gregory Sunshine and she dies.
    • Gregory X’s L.L. Audun, Wild Tiger and Barnaby team up with Lunatic. [S2E24]
    • Wild Tiger tries to get Gregory to free the X’s, but is instead X’d himself. [S2E24]
    • Wild Tiger’s NEXT power burns out within minutes and he comes to his senses. L.L. Audun mortally wounds Lunatic. Barnaby’s suit is destroyed and he wears Wild Tiger’s suit to stop L.L. Audun. Blue Rose and Golden Ryan arrest Gregory Sunshine. Aurora is saved. Lunatic jumps to his presumed death. Ouroboros kills Gregory in a car crash. [S2E25]
    • Barnaby decides to continue as hero, with Kotetsu promising to support him. They’ll always be partners. [S2E25]

    NC 1981/09/19 – Ivan Karelin’s birthday.

  • NC 1982

    NC 1982/04/13 – Kotetsu (now operating under Wild Tiger Anything Consultation Office) and Barnaby are on a stakeout in a park in Bronze Stage. [Katsura’s S2 oneshot]

To be continued?

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