Easter Eggs in T&B fanvideo translated

Not sure if someone’s translated this before, but we decided to do it anyway. This little gem of a video is packed full of things hidden in the first 12 episodes. Translations by Aki_the_geek.

The city where the action takes place – Sternbild – is divided into three levels.

Starting from the highest level:
Gold Stage
Silver Stage
Bronze Stage

There are statues in the Gold Stage, like a Pegasus and a Dragon, representing different heroes. And by the way, Kotetsu’s home is in the Silver Stage, Barnaby’s in the Golden Stage. This picture was drawn in 2009, so we know that the creation of Tiger & Bunny took two years. [TL note: Kotetsu lives in the Bronze Stage according to official books.]

The guy piloting the balloon in ep 1 appears again in the bar in ep 4.

Same thing with the family in ep 1, they appear again in ep 11.

When Fire Emblem, Dragon Kid, Origami Cyclone and Blue Rose use their powers, symbols and characters appear.

In the scene where Kaede almost gets crushed, there is only one frame in which you can see Barnaby rescuing her.

The company Blue Rose is affiliated with – Titan Industries – has a an employee who’s in charge of the hero department. He looks very similar to a character from the Iron Man movie (his name is also Robert).
(Smaller picture: Robert Downey Jr.)

Besides him, there is a teacher in the school Karina goes to who looks like this movie director.
(Smaller picture: Steven Spielberg)

Barnaby’s bridal rescue moment
Small picture: Justice League episode 1
The same elements are in the animation and the American comic-based productions.

Ep 2 The structure of the bank is the same
(left side) Dark Knight – (right side) Kotetsu’s past
The same elements are in the animation and the American comic-based productions.

There are also theories that the prison is similar to the one in Watchmen and that the character in the prison grounds resembles the actor who played Rorschach.
There is a theory that the scene with the battle machine with its lid taken off was inspired by the Ghost in the Shell.

There are small things in the anime that are similar to the ones that exist in the real world.

Kotetsu’s cologne: L’Eau Par Kenzo pour Homme (Refreshing young scent)

Barnaby’s glasses: DARTS sunglasses, model 2006

Bunny plushie: Craft Pillow Cushion

Legend Beer
Australian Four X Beer

Records in Kotetsu’s room
Burnin’ (Bob Marley and The Wailers)
Peaches Records (a record company from New Orleans)

Drinks brought by Kotetsu
Perrier Mineral Water.
People drink it in restaurants all over the world, one of the most popular brands of mineral water.

The beer Antonio is drinking
Bavaria – product from a beer company based in Holland, created in 1719.

Kotetsu’s watch
Red Monkey (the director’s favourite)

If you look closely at the car plates, a lot of them have “KS1218” written on them.
KS stands for Satou Keiichi (the director) and 1218 is December (12) 18th, his birthday.
There are other variations of that plate, like KS2118 (2 and 1 changed places).

Then we have KT0929, which stands for Tamura Kazuhiko.

Three characters are printed on the bottle you can see on the table. You can read them as Ba-Na-Bi, which sounds like Barnaby.

On the Sternbild One Dollar bill, you can see the Ourobouros’ mark.
(TL note: This was changed in the BD/DVD release and the Ouroboros was removed.)

K (“kei”) and “one” (“ichi”) = Keiichi
The director’s face is printed on the reverse side.

You can see Sky High on the computer screen.
If you play around with layers, you can even see the characters written next to him.

There is a girl with a scarf who always gets caught in different accidents.

Year 1932 – Appearance of NEXT.
Year unknown – Legend, started as the first hero.
Year unknown – Kotetsu was saved by Legend in a bank robbery.
Year 1957 – Barnaby’s (4) parents were murdered. It probably happened during Christmas.
Year 1962 – Jake was arrested by Legend.
Year 1963 – Barnaby (10) started gathering information on the streets.
Year 1967 – Wild Tiger debuted.
Year 1968 – Kaede was born.
Year 1972 – Kotetsu’s wife died of illness.
Year 1976 – Agnes Joubert took up the position as HERO TV’s producer.
Year 1977 September – Season Ends (MVP: Sky High).
Year 1977 October – Tiger & Bunny formed.
Year 1977 December – World Figure Skating Championship was supposed to be opened.
Year 1978 – Ending’s Emblem

[Updated and revised timeline here.]


10 comments on “Easter Eggs in T&B fanvideo translated

  1. I don’t see how the timeline works, since they have iphones and cars that aren’t clunky…But everything else was great! Thanks for translating it!

    • The timeline is not “our” timeline, but an alternate one. The current year in Tiger&Bunny is NC 1978. It was originally supposed to be set in the future but they changed it to an alternate universe.

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  6. That’s awesome, thanks for that!! One thing I found too (or maybe you can correct me). I was looking up the kanji for Kotetsu’s name – he said the first character meant Tiger. I started searching for kanji for ‘ko’ that means Tiger and I found one. When I looked at the full definition, I found it also means “drunkard.” Notice that there are always booze bottles, empty and otherwise all over the place at his home and the tray of booze at his parents’ home when watching Barnaby on tv. I thought that was pretty funny.

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