1st Anniversary Event: My Favourite Thing

Happy anniversary, Tiger & Bunny fans! It’s been a year since we got sucked into Sternbild. And even though our wallets are suffering, we just don’t want to leave yet… so here’s to another year!

Thanks and thanks again to everyone who sent photos, and a special thanks to Pilar who sent us an amazing header image. It’s been added to our header rotation! \|宜|/

10 comments on “1st Anniversary Event: My Favourite Thing

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  2. Happy anniversary Tiger & Bunny! 😀 There is so much awesome T&B stuff!
    I really wish I could’ve participated in this but I’ve recently moved to Japan and all of my T&B merchandise had to be left behind at home because I didn’t want to risk having it damaged by bringing it with me. T_T

    • Oh you’re there now? Think of it this way: you get to be on the frontline now and you can get your hands on a lot of stuff that is hard to acquire from abroad… ^^

  3. Oh the joys of being a Tiger & Bunny fan :3 Only TB fans will truly know how remarkable the experience is of being obsessed with one of the greatest animes of our generation.

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