Tiger&Bunny The Beginning: a review


And now a break from our regularly scheduled program – aka posts written by derpchan – to bring you some first-hand info about Tiger&Bunny: The Beginning.

First thing you need to know about the movie: it starts with fried rice.

And then it just keeps getting better.

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“The rumours of my demise…” etc.

I’ll take this chance to disrupt the normal service to do some personal blogging. So if you couldn’t care less about non-T&B stuff that gets posted here, just stop reading this post now, and go check out the latest info on Tiger & Bunny -The Beginning- U.K. premiere!

This post is mostly to clarify what happened last week, in case people were still worried about me.  Anyways, on Monday 23rd of July I woke up with a bad dizzy spell. And I mean really really bad. About 10 years ago I suffered from vestibular neuritis. It was – all things considered – pretty mild since I recovered almost completely within a month. Ever since then I’ve had occasional mild dizziness and sometimes trouble with balance, and one case of remission. Until Monday a week ago when I got a really bad case of remission and had to go to the ER to get some medication for the nausea (constant feeling of vertigo and the world just going around and around me like in a carousel, etc.) and also to get a proper diagnosis because I had been living abroad when I got it for the first time and they didn’t have my medical files.

As a result I have a packet of nausea meds that will probably come in handy if I ever have trouble sleeping (they did help with what they’re prescribed for but they also made me very tired), and a huge ass painful bruise on my left wrist where the nurse was trying (and failing several times) to locate a vein to stick an IV into. I also have a new experience of getting to ride in an ambulance.

Right now I’m pretty much back to normal, but the Twitter and Facebook updates were scarce for the past week because for days I was feeling too weak to keep up with what was happening. Sorry about that.

Normal service will resume now. Thanks, and thanks again for all the get well wishes!
– derpchan

Ozaki’s tweets about the movie premiere

Our favourite moe oyaji, executive producer Ozaki went on one of his tweet sprees about the movie premiere. At the same time, the official site was updated with the new main visual and the new trailer featuring UNISON SQUARE GARDEN’s song written for the movie is also streaming.

The new main visual.

Aki translated the tweets from Ozaki. Original tweets: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

“We’re organizing large-scale events on the first day of screenings including the movie viewing (in the event venue and during the live viewings), codenamed “World Premiere” (twice during night and day). Even looking at this from a global perspective, it’s a unique thing we’ve never tried before, but I hope everyone will be able to enjoy it together.”

“Of course, since it’s the movie premiere, you’ll be able to see it in the regular cinemas as well. I guess it’d be easier to imagine what it’s going to be if I say it’s a movie screening event including live talks and a really great on-scene greeting for all the fans. The event will be about 4 hours long, including breaks.”

“Right now we’re trying to reserve an event venue that’d be as big as possible. However, there’s a high possibility that no matter what kind of a place we reserve, we might still have problems with accomodating all the people interested in seeing it – so to satisfy the wishes of fans from different places, we decided to prepare the live viewings in the cinemas all around Japan.”

“I recommend our event both to those who’d like to see it in the venue, and to those who’d like to enjoy it during the live viewings in cinemas while watching the movie on a big screen and with the cinematic sound effects. For those who’d like to just enjoy the movie, I recommend going to a regular cinema.”

“When we decide where the viewings and the event itself are to be held (probably somewhere in the outskirts of Tokyo), we’ll announce it on the official site. Same goes for the ticket sales schedule. Please wait for the announcements from the cinemas.”

“We’d also like to let those who live in the places where the movie screenings start from October see the live viewings in their home area. Thanks to people from TJOY and Shochiku, I think we’ll be able to provide live viewings in about 100 places around Japan.”

The second version of the advance tickets is also available now, you get a pair of mascots with your purchase. The first version tickets came with Wild Tiger crapsuit card.