Comparing the TV and BD versions

Sunrise have been advertising about fixing the animation for BD/DVD release, but they’re not just fixing derpy character animation. I was skipping through the 2nd BD last night and noted a few additional changes because these scenes really bothered me in the original TV airing. Click the image to view it in full size.

So the Ouroboros symbol on the dollar bill was just a derp changed because people read too much into it, and here we were trying to figure out why the hell it was there…

(By the way, Tiger & Bunny looks really good in full HD and the BDs have English subtitles.)

And in totally unrelated news, HLJ are getting undersupplied with their figure preorders, our Deformeister order was just cancelled. щ(゚Д゚щ)


12 comments on “Comparing the TV and BD versions

  1. Small details but very important details. Ouroboros in our notes? Don’t want to imagine that Jake and his “girlfriend” were controlling even Sternbild’s economy xDD
    I don’t know if the Bluray will correct the “Let’s believe HEROES” into “Let’s believe in HEROES” or something like that. And very happy to know that there are English subtitles in the DVDs, are them of good quality?

    • The Ouroboros in the banknote was pretty baffling, so glad they fixed it. XD

      As far as I know, the BD subs are the same as on Hulu. I can’t vouch 100% for it since I can’t actually watch stuff on Hulu because I’m not in the USA, but I’ve been told they’re the same. The Japanese DVDs don’t have English subs, it’s just the BDs.

  2. OMg , i’m sorry about the Deformeister set :__( too bad

    Btw, lol’d so hard with the piano, and the oroboros symbol,is everywhere
    * think i saw it in other place *

    I hesitated for official releases but know what, fuck it. /goes to order the BD

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