Getting E-mail Is Nice

I was this close to doing a spit-take at my screen this morning when I was checking our email and found this thing that Team Kaburagi sent us. (Aki on the other hand got a warning from me first, she’s thankful for that.) This suggestion for a new fried rice poster is just too glorious to not share.

Team Kaburagi wrote:
there – fixed it for you (bc crack image is… well)

Happy Year of the Dragon Kid, everyone ~!

– TK

(Just so happens I got the PASH! with the actual fried rice poster today. Nice timing!)

16 comments on “Getting E-mail Is Nice

  1. Bwaahahahahha My god! I’m gonna die! XD
    BTW, doesn’t Kotetsu in a shirt like that Hirata is wearing above in the Kaede’s episode?

  2. wow – my crack creation made it to front page! glad you guys enjoyed it!

    @donapeppa – you’re right, he does wear something similar in Kaede’s episode.

    • Ah, so you made it! Do you have some tumblr account? How about to share it there! Girls will love see it there too! If you don’t, can I do it? would you mind, please?

        • Oh, thank you! Your manip is SO amazing that deserves to be shared out there! I’ll do it only in the Tumblr, ok? And I’ll give the appropriate credits, of course! XD

          • thank you! feel free to share as you see fit w/ credits – glad you enjoy it 🙂

  3. Oh god haha! That’s amazing. In my mind it was Morita who was filming that video…

    I got my copy of PASH! yesterday too! I think the reason why Kotetsu looks kind of upset in the poster is probably because Barnaby didn’t put any mayo in.

    • I really feel like something is missing in my life…
      THAT poster! I need it ;_; … where can i buy that magazine? i remember than i saw an entry with that info but i can’t find it anywhere! ;_;

      And… geez, i think we all wanted Morita-san to be there XD ( and for some reason… I wanted Gou-san to be there too )

      • I also bought my copy from CD Japan. I’m pretty sure also had it when I was looking, or you might be able to find a copy on eBay. Just remember it’s the 2012 January edition that has the poster! 🙂

        • I checked CD japan… it’s to expensive! it would cost me more than twice the price of the magazine itself D:
          And I checked ebay already… i guess i’ll buy it from there… well, i’m gonna check yesasia before to take a decision.

          daww thanks for all the info Kokocho and Derpchan, i really appreciate it ♥

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