Information On “BEST OF HERO” Character Song Album (Updated)

Mr. Ozaki has decided to spoil some info about the upcoming character song album BEST OF HERO over the week on Twitter. So far we’ve learned that the album will have 11 tracks, 9 of them are songs by the heroes and 2 are bonus tracks by other characters. One of the songs will be another Wild Tiger & Barnaby duet.

Song titles:

  1. 「生涯ワイルド宣言」 (Shougai wairudo sengen) by Wild Tiger. Ozaki says that it will give “a bodily sensation of a persistent soul”.
  2. 「轟け☆カンフーマスター」 (Todoroke☆Kung-Fu Master) by Dragon Kid. Ozaki calls it a Chinese rhythm that’ll go through your body, and he also gives an electrocution warning to nearby areas.
  3. 「ICE DOLL」 by Blue Rose. It should show the “heart” behind her icy mask.
  4. 「Thanks, and thanks again!」 by Sky High. It’s supposedly a very fitting song for the character, and will get stuck on loop in your head.
  5. 「No Farewell」 by Barnaby Brooks Jr. A tender and slow ballad.
  6. 「恋するヒロイン」 (Koisuru Heroine) by 『乙女☆クラブ』 or Girls☆Club. Ozaki says it’ll make your chest tighten with feelings. (Girls☆Club equals Fire Emblem, Blue Rose and Dragon Kid.)
  7. 「見切れ桜」 (Mikirezakura) by Origami Cyclone. It has Japanese spirit.
  8. 「酒と仲間と男のバラッド」 (Sake to nakama to otoko no baraddo) by Rock Bison with Wild Tiger. It has an “old man flavour” according to Ozaki.
  9. 「You are the HERO!!」 by Tiger & Barnaby, co-starring the other six heroes. Ozaki says it’s a powerful song that’ll make your spirit rise and make you do your best.
  10. 「タナトスの声を聞け」 (Tanatosu no koe wo kike) by Lunatic (Bonus Track)
  11. 「嗚呼、HERO SUIT」 (Aa, HERO SUIT) by Doc Saito & Ben Jackson (Bonus Track)

The CD is coming out on February 8th, and it’s available at least in CDJapan, Amazon Japan, and Hobby Search. Lantis has a special page for the CD with samples for songs already played on Hoshizora Sunrise starting January 9th. The bonus tracks aren’t scheduled for sampling, you’ll have to listen to them on the CD.

Sampling schedule was added to the official site:

1/8 Sky High and Blue Rose
1/15 Wild Tiger, Girls☆Club, and Rock Bison
1/22 Origami Cyclone
1/29 Dragon Kid
2/5 Barnaby Brooks Jr. and Tiger & Barnaby duet

Samples will be played on Hoshizora Sunrise radio on FM NACK5 on the listed Sundays from 23:30 JST.

10 comments on “Information On “BEST OF HERO” Character Song Album (Updated)

  1. Thanks for the information! 🙂 I did some quick translations of the titles that were in Japanese:

    「生涯ワイルド宣言」 “The Declaration Of Wild’s Lifetime Career”

    「酒と仲間と男のバラッド」”The Ballad Of A Man Who Drinks With Friends”

    「見切れ桜」”Sakura Are All I Can See”

    Ah, I am really looking forward to hearing these! Character songs are always interesting or amusing in some way, and I am sure these ones will be no different.

  2. Thanks for the info! Listened to Sky High’s song (I don’t have a Nico account to listen to Blue Rose’s orz) and I quite like it. I even set it on loop all day long. :DD

  3. Awesome, can’t wait for this set. I would have loved it if they did a daughter- father song between Kotetsu and Kaede. That would have been so adorable, but I’m still happy with the bonus content.

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