Ustream Special Lag And New Sponsors

Hirata: *photobombs*
Morita: “Ojisan!”

I did my best to watch the special on Ustream, but the extreme lag made it really difficult. Seems that they didn’t show the trailer, but I’m not 100% sure because the stream blacked out for minutes at one point, exactly when they were talking about the movie. Ozaki, Hirata and Morita were chatting and they seemed to have a lot of fun but the stuttering and constant freezes made it impossible to keep up with what exactly they were talking about.

New Sponsors

The movie will have the heroes with some new sponsors. The official movie site has them all listed with pictures of the placement, but here they are for convenience:

Wild Tiger: SoftBank, S.H. Figuarts, FamilyMart (new)
Barnaby Brooks Jr.: Bandai, Crusade,
Blue Rose: Pepsi NEX
Rock Bison: Gyu-Kaku, HYBRID Futomen Doudou (new)
Sky High: Ustream, Tamashii Nations, T-Joy (new), MOVIX (new)
Dragon Kid: Calbee, DAM (new)
Fire Emblem: Animate, Domino’s Pizza (new)
Origami Cyclone: Takasu Clinic, Namu Kyara Ouendan, minimini (new), Bandai Visual Club (new)

So only Barnaby and Blue Rose didn’t get any new sponsors. To me the FamilyMart logo on Wild Tiger’s suit looks weird since the old advertisements blended so well with it. Anyways. Brace your wallets because you do realize what these new sponsors mean?

Yeah. Tiger & Bunny S.H. Figuarts The Movie Edition are looming in the future.

Also, Morita will be a guest in Hoshizora Sunrise radio tomorrow, and starting April he’ll also be a personality hosting Hero Radio on Ustream. (Again, region locked.)


3 comments on “Ustream Special Lag And New Sponsors

  1. Seriously, I almost died when I saw the Domino’s Pizza logo on Fire Emblem’s left shoulder! I guess they’re set to put the “Bourgeois Open Flame Broil Pizza” on the menu. Everybody is starting to get as cluttered as Origami. Except for poor Rose. Well, can’t really see her schlepping ads for tampons, can we? Aaawkward. Have to go with you on the FamilyMart logo on Tiger’s shoulder guard. It’s quite offsetting. They need to make the white either transparent or silver to blend with the others.

    The show has certainly set the precedent where corporation intervention is concerned, hasn’t it? And the rush to slap logos on everyone seems indicative of the show’s success and continued (if not growing) popularity. If this isn’t an indication that a Season Two is on the horizon, nothing is, as well as the article referenced below.

    Final Tiger & Bunny BD volume sells 21,757 copies to rank at #1 on Oricon’s weekly chart. As of January 27, 2012: Tiger & Bunny Anime has sold 233,000 Total Blu-ray Discs

    Pretty darned impressive.

    • I believe Pepsi got Blue Rose exclusively for them, they used her in a commercial after all and they wouldn’t want her to be carrying other ads.

      But I don’t understand why Barnaby wouldn’t get a new sponsor, I thought he was popular.

      I hate too how the Family Mart logo ruins Kotetsu suit… They could have agreed to use another version of it or something. It looks really off.

      • I think Bandai pretty much owns Barnaby, Crusade is a subsidiary of Bandai too. And Amazon probably has a nice deal with them because they were running huge campaigns. It’s not that he ain’t popular, his sponsors just don’t want to let him go.

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