Friend Rice Event Gallery

Thank you, and again thank you for your hard work!

To everyone in the staff&cast of TIGER & BUNNY.
A message from fans from all around the world.

Thank you for working so hard.
Thank you for believing in yourself.
Thank you for making TIGER & BUNNY.

We would love to make fried rice for all of You.
Please let us show You our love for TIGER & BUNNY with these photos.


~ありがとう! そして! お疲れ様でした!~





Thank you for participating, everyone!

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64 comments on “Friend Rice Event Gallery

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  2. Is it really cheesy if I say I actually have tears in my eyes right now?

    Thanks everyone for making this anime such an enjoyable and great experience.
    All of you that are in some ways or another related to Tiger&Bunny I love you and again, I love you!

  3. I have tears in my eyes too. This is amazing. I can’t believe how many people submitted and how much love went into each dish. I feel very fortunate to have found Tiger and Bunny this summer. I can’t tell you how happy seeing this makes me :D.

  4. I’m crying tear of happiness, it was the bitter-sweetest week of my life ;w;
    Thank you so much for creating this event~~!! T&B Fandom forevuuur ;^;

  5. I don’t usually leave a comments but I must say that I just love all the fandom, and it was so heartwarming waiting for every episode, searching pictures on tumblr/pixiv and other sites and also now watching this gallery. Even if I didn’t take a part in fried rice event and I did not talk with all of you or being active on this site [but still checking it like mad for some news] I’ve got that feeling like being a part of one happy family and it really makes me , cheerful, especially now when autumn says hello behind my window ;__; thanks and thanks again~<3

  6. Every picture is so amazing, it shows so much love for T&B! I wish I had time to send my own, but it was a really busy week. Still I wanted to thank you for making this great event, seeing all that friend food and love for every character was a great way to say goodbye to Tiger and Bunny, hopefully, just for now!

  7. *Tearing up as well* Best fandom ever. :’D
    And thank you for using my image for the gallery image!! <333

    Until season 2, dear T&Bros (and merchandise in the meantime 8D)!!

  8. Awww.. these is adorable. Congratulations and again congratulations on getting so many submissions. This thing was HUGE!

    By any chance have you heard any feedback from the T&B cast or crew about this? I’m sure they got a kick out of it.

  9. Oh god, I can’t describe how much I love this fandom. ;o; All the photos … this is absolutely amazing (and there are some really creative ideas)! *o* I’m glad I’m part of such a wonderful fandom! Love for all the T&Bros in the world! ❤

  10. Oh my gosh, so many pictures! I didn’t have the opportunity to participate but I’m so glad that so many people did! Love this series and it’s fandom, *hugs for everyone!* !!!
    (And thank you for arranging this event! )

  11. In all my years of fandom I’ve never had so much fun! I ate fried rice every week before the T&B finale and I’m still eating it for lunch today (hey, it’s good!) THANK YOU EVERYONE! Love to all T&Bros and especially creators, staff & seiyuu! Let’s always BELIEVE HEROES!

  12. This is so awesome! Seeing all the pictures just gives me this really heart warming feeling. Knowing that there are people who love this series as much as I do. Thanks for sharing the pictures and thanks T&B staff for your hard work. \o/

  13. 1. Nishida commented about it in his blog:

    “It’s been a while since I got teary-eyed.
    The line about the rice was one that had a lot of thought put into it. Towards Kotetsu it wasn’t a plea “please don’t die”, but a very Barnaby-like attempt to both encourage him and to tell how much he wants him to live.
    Barnaby has lived for nothing but revenge and unable to accept people, yet the extent to which Kotetsu’s has humanized him is clearly seen in ep24. That line also expresses much gratitude.
    All that rice that the fans created kind of makes me feel very rewarded and as a member of the staff I am very grateful.
    My deepest thanks to you, and again, thank you.”

    2. also here’s Ozaki’s tweet!/masa_ozaki/status/116183079298666496
    and “I’m so proud of citizen of Sternbild! To reciprocate your affection, I’d like to realize T&B CAFE in near future. Thanks, and thanks again!!”

    3. Satou’s twitter: 炒飯だらけじゃないか(笑)ありがとう!そしてごちそうさま
    Basically “that’s a shitload of fried rice (lol) thanks and (thanks for the food)


    • Thank you for translating! ;v;
      The fandom responses were really touching and fun, and the fact that some of the cast and the director himself actually saw this and appreciated is really… woah.
      I did giggle at the contrast of your translation for Satou’s twitter and Google’s though.
      Google’s: “Not fried or covered (laughs) Thanks! And enjoyed the meal! ”

      Thank you again.
      And thank you, bloggers of Sternbild, for arranging this lovely event!

  14. in the end i didn’t participate, but still guys…. *crying*

    seeing this fandom, god, you’re all the best!

    best fandom ever!

  15. Seeing all the reactions this event got makes me EVEN happier!
    First of all… I participated because it sounded like a lot of fun to me and yeah… I was right: It WAS a lot of fun! Cooking the rice, taking the photos, deciding which one’s the best. >3<

    I was looking forward to seeing all the others' photos for a whole week and when I finally got to see the whole gallery… well… I haven't been this glad in a while (yeah, I was really, really touched).

    Satou, Nishida and Ozaki. All of them replied to this event. Just: OMG.
    THIS is amazing! They really saw our rice and they actually took their time to comment on it. Just wow. Wow wow wow! *sob*

    I feel exactly the same as everyone else here: This is the best fandom ever!
    Wow, guys, really! I've never been this proud of any other fandom.
    What I want to say is: You guys make T&B even more awesome for me!
    I'm glad to be a fellow T&B fan! But I just HAVE to thank you!
    So: Thank you, guys! And again! Thank you!

  16. This makes me unbelievable happy and warm inside. Honestly, this fandom is wonderful, makes me so proud to be part of it. And the people behind this show are so wonderful.

  17. TIGER&BUNNYは世界中から愛されてるんだなぁと改めて実感して感動、そして感動!!

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  19. So much love for T&B! I have tears running down my face out of love for this series. I thought I was the only crazy one. All of you did an incredible job. Thank you for showing to the staff and the rest of the world how much we love this series and how much we’ll miss it.

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  22. wow – so much love from everyone! i am so moved by how many responses this project got, how many submissions were received, and by how the staff reflected so fondly on our effort.

    thank you, This is Sternbild, for organizing this project; thank you, staff and cast, for making Tiger & Bunny such an amazing show. but most of all – thank you to all the fans who have made this series such an unforgettable and enjoyable hit.

    i am so proud to be part of this fandom!

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  25. Months later I’m looking through this gallery again thinking about how much fun this was, and all the friends I’ve made because of Tiger & Bunny and have tears in my eyes.
    Keep up the good work everyone!
    T&Bros for life! ❤

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