All I Want For Christmas Is…

‘Tis The Season

The Christmas season is a very important time in TIGER&BUNNY. Though, not all of it is merry…

  • Barnaby’s parents were murdered on Christmas Eve, leading to him losing 20 years of his life to revenge.
  • The events leading up to the showdown at Justice Tower take place in the week before Christmas.
  • At the end of the first series, Wild Tiger and Barnaby reunite in the Second League on Christmas Eve.
  • The second series part 1 resolution takes place, again, on Christmas Eve.

There’s not even a mention of Christmas in Part 2 of TIGER&BUNNY 2, so why am I typing this while being plagued by the spirit of Mariah Carey?

In case you have missed it, the weekly watch party streams that discuss (or more often than not, discuss everything else) one episode per week are winding down for part 2. The final one will be streamed from Marunouchi Piccadilly theater on Christmas Eve, with live audience. Hosted as usual by Hiroaki Hirata (Wild Tiger) and Masakazu Morita (Barnaby Brooks Jr.) the guests for the event are Atsuko Kase (T&B2 director), Masafumi Nishida (story director and screenwriter) and Masakazu Katsura (character and hero designer). With a lineup like that, we can’t help it, we get our hopes up. Part 1 final watch party had the same guests, and they announced the Part 2 release date there.

What If…

If there is an announcement for continuation, what are we likely to get?

If we had to bet on something, we’ll get a promise of a new project but it will be undetermined at the time and contents announced later. Betting on this further, a movie is the strongest possibility – these things tend to come in trilogies after all. OVAs are the second contender, with a third season coming in last on our list of most likely outcomes. It’s also possible they announce a stage event, which then will announce the new project. After the first season, Hero Awards 2011 stage event was held and the movies were announced there.

While T&B2 ended in a way that could be the definite ending, it also left possibilities open for exploring the characters and their future, not to mention the numerous timeskips also allow for stories to be told in the gaps. There’s also the scrapped first draft for T&B2 which involved Kotetsu and Barnaby going to another city to help with the hero system there, which could be brought back and rewritten to continue after the events of T&B2. This is all just pure speculation though.

Still, our Christmas wish is more TIGER&BUNNY. Have we been good enough for that this year? đŸ„ș

Text by derpchan, art by Tania.

Vote for TIGER & BUNNY 2 part 1 at Tokyo Anime Awards Festival 2023

Tokyo Anime Awards Festival 2023 voting for the best 100 anime series and movies is open, and you can vote for TIGER & BUNNY 2 Part 1 on it! Voting is open until December 2nd, 2022.

How to vote:

Go to

Scroll down a bit to the start of the listing of qualifying anime series and movies. You can vote for up to three series and three movies. To quickly find TIGER & BUNNY 2 part 1 on the list, tap on た.

Tap on the button to the right to select the series.

In the bottom of the screen you can see how many of each type you have selected so far. If you just want to vote for TIGER & BUNNY, proceed to next step, else select more titles until you’re satisfied.

Tap on the large pink button at the bottom of the screen.

A pop up will appear to confirm your choices, tap on the pink button if you want to proceed with your selection. Next step you need to authorize the vote through Twitter, just tap Authorize on the Twitter page that opens and you’ll be redirected back to the voting site.

If you want, you can tweet your votes by tapping the wide pink button (it will open your Twitter client), or you can tap the grey button to close the pop up.

And you’re done! Now to wait for results…

Wild Tiger’s Birthday Events

August 14th sees a bunch of events to celebrate the birthday of Kotetsu T. Kaburagi / Wild Tiger. Below are the ones we currently know of, let us know if we missed any!

Official Event

There’s a WILD TIGER Special Birthday Party live stream on August 14th, with Hiroaki Hirata (Kotetsu), Masakazu Morita (Barnaby), Kenji Tominaga (Wild Tiger’s suit actor for The Live) and Hikaru Takahashi (Sky High’s suit actor). The stream is paid, 2800 JPY + 100 JPY fee, and the archive will be available until August 28th. Fans can send birthday wishes and submit questions through a webform (in Japanese) to Hirata and Tominaga, and also leave other messages for the series creators, or request specific merchandise to be made.

Japanese Fan Event

The Japanese fans are arranging an event on Twitter, and tweeting birthday messages and fan art to Kotetsu using the hashtag #ăƒŻă‚€ăƒ«ăƒ‰ă‚żă‚€ă‚ŹăƒŒç”ŸèȘ•ç„­2022.

This is Sternbild Event

And of course there’s our own event, Wild Birthday Party! Please check the link for details, we’ll have both a gallery event (Friend Rice style, if you took part in those in the past you know the drill), and a Twitter hashtag #wildbirthdayparty for the celebrations.

Let’s party WILDLY!

Episode 13 Watch Party Round-up!

Episode 13 watch party was just streamed, and in the end of the broadcast they had some announcements to make!

  • Special livestream on August 14th to celebrate Kotetsu’s birthday. Hiroaki Hirata, Masakazu Morita and the suit actors will appear.
  • Second cour ending theme will be Pilot by Taichi Mukai.
  • Bluray release of first cour is in the works, it will include a new audio drama. There’s no information on the release date or international versions yet.
  • And most important of all…


Third Time’s The Charm, Eh?

Among the things we didn’t see happening this week was the press release announcing that the Tiger&Bunny English language live action project is back.

As detailed in the press release (link in Japanese) and the article in Variety, this time they’re planning to adapt it as a series instead of a movie. The timing of the announcement makes sense, season 2 has brought back attention to the series, but at the same time it also raises the worry that it’s just riding on the popularity to make some money. Add to this the fact that anime adaptations in the West haven’t exactly been successful, and we aren’t holding our breath for a good reimagining.

The reception on Twitter has been mixed to negative – and that’s saying it nicely. Of course in our own Twittersphere we’re mostly interacting with fans, and many of them have been following Tiger&Bunny since the original 2011 release. The crowd is going to be tough, and we long time fans are fiercely loyal.

You can easily pick a couple of guys, slap them in costumes in front of the camera and make them fight a few bad guys. And that’s where we fear the adaptation will completely miss its mark. In its core Tiger&Bunny isn’t about superheroes catching bad guys. It’s about the characters, their interactions, relationships and personalities, which all happens to have the superhero gig as a backdrop. The showrunner has to understand the charm points of the source material, and it has to reflect in the script and casting. The original script of the series sets a pretty high bar, and we don’t expect the adaptation to get anywhere near it. The best we can hope for is that they respect the source material, and don’t just treat it as inferior because it’s animation.

Casting is going to be challenging and it could potentially make or break the adaptation. The actors need to look the part (unless they go the Netflix Death Note route and change a character’s appearance completely – but we really don’t want to talk about that adaptation and drag our spirits down even more).

Screenshot of Tiger&Bunny The Live stage play with Masakazu Morita playing Barnaby and Hiroaki Hirata playing Wild Tiger. Also in the picture are the hero suit actors for Barnaby and Tiger, and the actors for Dragon Kid and Blue Rose in hero suits.
When Tiger&Bunny The Live stage play was running back in 2012, they cast the original voice actors Hiroaki Hirata and Masakazu Morita to play Tiger and Barnaby on stage because no one else would have felt right. That’s the level of association they’re going to be up against in this project.

They also need to have chemistry. You can’t wing chemistry, you either have it or you don’t. Is it a better option to choose actors that look right for the part, but don’t feel right when you put them together in the scene – or pick actors that feel right, but may not look like what the people watching the finished product will expect? How will the fans respond to the latter option? Often anime adaptations go more for the appearance in everything. Deviations from the appearance do cause backlash, as was the case with Ghost in the Shell – but going on about that would open an entirely different can of worms and we’re not here to discuss Scarlett Johansson (unless they cast her as Blue Rose).

On the other hand working in favor of the project is that the setting of Tiger&Bunny should make it easy to adapt to a Western version. Stern Bild is already based on New York and the characters have a variety of ethnicities among them. The overall design should translate well to live action, the hero suits are no different than what MCU has been putting out for the past decade. Another point in favor of the adaptation is that Masayuki Ozaki, the producer of the original anime is on board with the project. At the same time there’s no guarantee, he was also the producer on Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop and that wasn’t well received. Though Cowboy Bebop gave us more music by Yoko Kanno so maybe we’ll get a new soundtrack by Yoshihiro Ike?

In the end, we would like to remain hopeful that against all odds Tiger&Bunny will get a good Western adaptation. The change of format is a welcome one, if made for streaming it will make it more approachable for a new audience than trying to compete in the box office.

We love the series, we love the characters, and after all you want to see the thing you love do well. Time will tell.

Text and editing by derpchan. Opinions by This is Sternbild team. Art by Tania.