MG Figure-Rise Wild Tiger – build your own Ojisan

I’ve got some history with model kits. I built model airplanes as a kid (the ones that you had to paint yourself and everything). I’ve built gunpla, though mainly the 144:1 scale HG kits. Figure-Rise Wild Tiger is my first Master Grade kit, and probably the biggest one I’ve built to date. I was going to take really detailed progress shots of my building the kit, but I got a bit carried away and forgot. I’m not going to do step by step instructions here, because Bandai kits have really clear and good instructions that are easy to read even if you don’t know Japanese, but I’ll try to include some things that I have seen people ask about. Continue reading

Kotetsu & Barnaby chibi-arts PV

I’ve posted this on our Twitter and on our Facebook page, but I’m going to post it here too because… because…


All I have in my head after watching this is kawaii fluffy things and I think I’m making “uguu” sounds. I can’t help it, I want to roll in the cuteness.

Update: Some lovely person got to the translation before we did.