Thank You Edition: Nathan’s Fiery Room 01

Hi guys! It’s Aki, the member of Sternbild who has something special for you today!

But first – huge thank you to everyone reading our blog! Today, we hit 100,000 pageviews thanks to you all! Thank you, and again, thank you! We didn’t believe so many people would be reading our blog!

To celebrate this, we prepared something for you – with extra help from Zwill, who timed our little surprise.

Without further ado – enjoy the translated version of the first Nathan’s Fiery Room!

(With special love to this one Anon who’s been sadfacing since forever that there is no translation available. <3!)

DDL | Torrent

Derpchan’s upload is a little slow, so it’d be lovely if you could take the ddl first and then helped seed this fiery show~ Seeding should be ok now, thanks everyone! -derpchan