So you want to buy merchandise…

It's all mine.

We got some questions on Twitter about buying merchandise from Japan, and I figured I’d be able to answer them better here. This is all based on my experiences so your mileage may vary. Note also that I live in Europe. It is cheaper and faster for me to order directly from Japan than wait for American sellers to stock these items – and eventually some of the merchandise will get a release in the States for the fans there, it has been confirmed by Viz.

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Meet the Sponsors

An advertisement in a newspaper in November 2010, seeking sponsors for the heroes.

I was at a loss over what to spend today’s time killing post on, but then I got a suggestion from the guys on #sternbild chat to talk about the companies sponsoring the heroes. For placement of the advertisements on the hero suits, please refer to the official site.

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Who is Masafumi Nishida?

I’ve seen more than a few comments about Masafumi Nishida, the screenwriter and co-creator of Tiger & Bunny in the lines of “no one knows who this guy is”. True enough, if you just look at anime sites you won’t find anything on him. Tiger & Bunny is the first anime he’s worked on but he’s far from rookie.

Disclaimer: Translations from Japanese sources are by me. I’m far from a pro, so if you spot any errors please don’t hesitate to comment so I can fix them.

Masafumi NISHIDA (西田征史) born May 22, 1975 in Tokyo is a screenwriter, actor and director. He’s a graduate of Gakushuin University law school. He was part of a Horipro Inc. comedy duo from 1995 to 1999, and after that he has worked on numerous movie, TV drama and stage productions.


Web Drama:

  • Kikikomi (screenplay, director)
  • Yuu-kyan Shikaku Movie (screenplay)


Stage plays:

  • Dorobo Yakusha (script)
  • Ame no Hi no Mori no Naka (script)

He has also acted in a number of stage plays, and appeared in some educational programs on NHK. He wrote the novelization of Gachi Boy.

He has a blog which can be found here (in Japanese).

Sources: IMDB, Japanese wiki.

Release dates (updated October 26)

This list will no longer be updated. Please visit Sternbild Central Market for merchandise listings.

Bluray/DVD vol. 3
Official Hero Book (Ichijinsha)
25: TIGER&BUNNY Official Mook HERO TV FAN Vol.1 (Shufutoseikatsusha)

03: NOVELS – MISSING LINK (2nd OP single)
24: Character Song CD: Wild Tiger & Barnaby Brooks Jr.
25: Comic Anthology (ID Comics/DNA Media)
26: Bluray/DVD vol. 4

07: Tamaki – Mind Game (2nd ED single)
Tiger & Barnaby Key Chains
22: Bluray/DVD vol. 5
23: Wild Tiger figure (S.H. Figuarts)
26: Hero TV Gossips (Kadokawa Shoten)
26: Tiger & Bunny anthologies vol 1-2 (Asuka Comics)
27: Tiger & Bunny Roman Album (Tokuma Shoten)
30: Tiger & Bunny GO! GO!! Anthology 1 (Movic)

19: Original Soundtrack
25: Comic Anthology 2 (ID Comics/DNA Media)
25: Tiger & Bunny 4-koma Kings (ID comics/DNA Media)
26: Bluray/DVD vol. 6
Deformeister Petit figure set
Katsura Masakazu Original Drawings Regular Edition
Barnaby Brooks Jr. figure (S.H. Figuarts)
31: Tiger & Bunny GO! GO!! Anthology 2 (Movic)
Stereo Headphones

05: 2012 Calendar
Official Hero Book 2
Hero TV Fan vol. 2
Deformeister Petit Rubber Collection
Bluray/DVD vol. 7
26: Tiger & Bunny anthology vol 3 (Asuka Comics)
30: Tiger & Bunny GO! GO!! Anthology 3 (Movic)

07: Tiger & Bunny Character Song Album
Rock Bison figure (S.H. Figuarts)
Bluray/DVD vol. 8

January (2012)
27: Bluray/DVD vol. 9
30: Blue Rose Chibi Arts

February (2012)
10: Masakazu Katsura Illustration book + Wild Tiger Figuarts original coloring version