Wild Birthday Party 2022!

Thank you everyone who took part in celebrating Kotetsu’s birthday!

Now, let’s sing all together… 🎶

🎵 Happy Birthday to You
🎵 Happy Birthday to You
🎵 Happy Birthday Dear Kotetsu
🎵 Happy Birthday to You

From KIB.
“Have a WILD Party Kotetsu-san!”
From Path.
“Happy Birthday Wild Tiger!”
From Jazzy.
“Happy birthday to the one and only Kotetsu!”
From Lupin.
“Happy Birthday to one of my favorite characters on the show. Don’t give up being a hero if it makes you happy. My submission was originally going to be a handmade replica of your new mask, but due to certain things that kept me busy, this Kingstagram post was all I could come up with on such short notice. I just hope it’s liked. Thank you.”
From Mort.
“Kotetsu you are my hero! Thank you for eleven years! And thank you again!”
From Kitarin.
“Happy Birthday, Kotetsu!”
From Kong.
“On Wild Tiger’s birthday, I wish for a half-day or a day off for all the Kotetsus on this earth so they can spend some time with the Kaedes in their life ✌”
From YGOdemoron.
“To the best!”
From Orin.
“And many happy returns!”
From Lizzlybonk.
“Happy Birthday, old man! Enjoy this affectionate bullying from your daughter.”
From Vania.
“Happy First Birthday to our fave 38(?) year old man!!”
From Kaitou-al.
From Cordy.
“happy birthday to my favorite quirky old man :)”
From Brocheta de pollo.
“thanks tiger, for teaching me never to change my ideals <3”
From KΔi.
“Presenting! Fried rice with mayonnaise and Wild Tiger candles to Mr. Kotetsu T Kaburagi xD Happy birthday! Keep being a hero as always!!!”
“Happy birthday Wild Tiger/Kotetsu! I started to grow sansevieria like tiger-tale. I watch over your growth. Wish you the best of luck!”
From Zepwich.
From Amy.
“To my favorite hero of all time; I’m glad we can finally celebrate your birthday!”
From Cerise.
“Happy birthday Kotetsu ❤️ Thank you for the strength you give me ❤️
From Lotus.
“Eat until your stomach bursts from mayo, pickles, hot dogs, panini, fried chicken, sushi, pp water, and fried rice you OG moe-oyaji •✧*+:•*.”
From 20bees.
“Happy 1st Birthday to Sternbild’s favourite dad and hero!!”