Review: Hero Awards 2011

The event everyone wanted to go but couldn’t was released on BD/DVD on April 20th. This review is about the DVD version, the Blu-ray has the exact same contents in HD. Neither have English subtitles.

TIGER & BUNNY Hero Awards 2011
Format: DVD (region 2) / Blu-ray (region free)
Runtime: 2 hours 39 minutes
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: N/A
Extras: pamphlet, final episode event recording, movie announcement trailer

Hero Awards 2011 was held at Kanagawa Kenmin Hall on November 13th, 2011 and the recording is from the evening event. Almost all of the main cast could make it, only Tsuda Kenjirou (Fire Emblem) wasn’t able to join until at the very end of the event. Despite this he wasn’t entirely absent, there were video messages and he did the “commercial breaks”. All the rest of the heroes’ seiyuu are there, also including Lunatic’s who was the MC for most of the event. Continue reading

BD/DVD vs TV comparisons from volume 9

This is the last volume, so last batch of fixes, too. Most of these are pretty minor corrections, and Blue Rose has again been a subject for repeated bust-size reduction.

Click the images for full-size versions, our layout resizes them automatically so they look a bit blurry here. Continue reading

Hero Awards 2011 BD/DVD Contents Listed On The Official Site

Hero Awards 2011 cover art by character designer Hayama Kenji.

Hero Awards 2011 BD/DVD release contents were added to the official site today.


  • Skits
  • OP & ED artist performances
  • Hero introductions
  • Urgent Special Project: Let’s Connect With The Whole Country~ Origami-Rock-High live tweeting with everyone
  • Hero History
  • NEXT Project Step 2 announcement
  • Live viewing cast comments


  • Last episode live viewing talk digest
  • Pocket-size pamphlet (this is marked as subject to change on the official site)
  • Cover especially drawn by character designer Hayama Kenji

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