Welcome to our Tiger&Bunny specific anime blog. Your hosts are derpchan and Aki_the_geek who are the original creators of the blog, joining us for season 2 is jazzyjazz1702, and we can’t stop talking about this series. All opinions expressed here are our own, we don’t make any money out of this, and we are in no way affiliated with Sunrise Inc., Bandai Namco Pictures Inc., or any of the creators of Tiger & Bunny.

Connect With Us

Twitter – Our main social media channel.

Discord – Join our community of Tiger&Bunny fans, who (like us) just keep talking about T&B.

Instagram – Backup social media channel, currently a work in progress.

YouTube – Mainly playlists of Tiger&Bunny things, we don’t currently have our own video content.

And our email is mail[at]thisissternbild.com.

Jazzy also runs the Bonjour Heroes – T&BFTW Tumblr blog.

What is Tiger&Bunny?

Tiger&Bunny is a superhero anime by Sunrise Inc. that first aired in 2011. The story focuses on a group of superheroes starring in a reality TV type show, Hero TV, and competing to catch criminals. The story is heavily character driven and focuses a lot on relationships between them.

Why the name then?

So one evening derpchan and Aki_the_geek were again minding their own business (read: rewatching Tiger&Bunny) and talking about how good it was:

Aki_the_geek: i was pretty fangirlish over durarara but this? this is
derpchan: no no no
Aki_the_geek: … pepsi feels really funny when it’s up your nose
derpchan: ….sorry
derpchan: I can’t stop laughing
Aki_the_geek: … i need a tissue brb
derpchan: sorry sorry
derpchan: I didn’t know you were drinking

And then they decided to make a blog.

2 comments on “About

  1. I can’t stop talking about Tiger & Bunny either,but I won’t be blogging about it. Well, I will probably mention it on my own blog, but I’ll leave the T&B blogging for others. Glad you are! Thanks for this!

  2. I’m so touched to find the 100 questions from Gossip here! after one night searching in vain in the T&B Chinese fandom.. I will definitely keep watching! Thank you very much for the excellent work, and thank you again!!!!

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