Happy Third Taibaniversary!


Today it’s been three years since the final episode aired. Happy Taibaniversary and thanks, and thanks again!

We’re still here, although it’s hard to blog actively when so little is happening, a.k.a. still waiting for S2.

Meanwhile, I’m browsing through all the fried rice.

Singalong: Happy Birthday to me & us

I haven’t done a lyrics post in a while! We were asked on Twitter about romaji lyrics for Barnaby’s Happy Birthday to me & us so I decided to transcribe it myself for funsies. Original kanji and romaji under the cut. And as usual, if you spot errors, please do point them out. I checked this twice so I hope I got everything right. ♪(´ε` ) Continue reading

Interview with Nishida Masafumi from Sum Up!! Tiger&Bunny

Hello guys! The doomsday is drawing near so I prepared something to celebrate – an interview with the Tiger&Bunny writer, Masafumi Nishida, from Sum Up!! Tiger&Bunny (also known as Interviews: The Book). There might be more stuff coming from us soon, so keep yourself tuned!

Without further ado:


Staff Interview 02

Scriptwriter & Story Director

Masafumi Nishida

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Interview with Morita Masakazu (Barnaby) from PASH! 11/2013

Hi guys, it’s Aki again! Since it’s Barnaby’s birthday, we have something for the grand celebration: an interview with his voice actor, Morita Masakazu! Japanese scans were provided by one of our lovely Twitter followers (who also requested the previous interview with Ryan!).

I decided to keep “-san” when Morita refers to Kotetsu, because, well, Morita.

 Without further ado:

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