Just according to Ozaki’s keikaku

The above tweet from Nikkei Marketing Journal quotes Bandai Namco’s CEO Ishikawa, who said that they are putting effort into Tiger & Bunny and new toys and games are in development for the movie premiere this Fall.

Executive Producer Ozaki retweeted it with a short response:

Yes. He said “just as planned”.

What this means (apart from the fact that they want the money we so willingly shovel at them) is that Tiger & Bunny is selling really, really well. It has been – along with Gundam UC – a focus franchise of Bandai Namco for the past year. At this point Tiger & Bunny is not funding just itself, it and Gundam UC are also helping to financially cover for the franchises that aren’t making any profit. Some people might get upset over the money they spend on Tiger & Bunny paying for Sunrise’s flops (Gundam AGE, I’m looking at you), but this is simply how business works. I’m going to keep my business nerd restrained so I won’t bore you to death, but according to the so called 80-20 rule, 80% of profits are created by 20% of the products a business sells (or in this case, maybe 80% of profits come from 20% of the customers could be more accurate). Bandai Namco has many, many franchises, and although Gundam UC and Tiger & Bunny are just two lines on the long list of titles they’ve produced, they are currently the big selling ones. The big sellers allow the smaller, niche franchises to continue existing and keep the fans of those titles happy. This 80-20 rule isn’t applied just to making anime. It has many other applications, and not just in business. If you’re interested in learning more, look up “Pareto principle”.

I’m stating the obvious, but Tiger & Bunny is a true success story, considering how new it is and that it is an original anime. That is also why the merchandise sales are so critical for it, because the related merchandise is exactly where the profits are. BD&DVD sales are critical only to a certain breaking point. Speaking of BD sales, the anime BD&DVD sales in Japan are generally low because of their high pricing system. It’s not just anime that suffers from high prices, a Hollywood movie released in Japan on DVD costs easily twice as much as the European release. An anime title that sells over 10 000 copies per volume can be called a hit. (For the record, Tiger & Bunny sold around 25 000 copies of each Limited Edition BD volume.) “Why the prices on DVD and BD media are kept so high?” is a question I don’t have an answer for. If someone has an answer, please do share~

This post was actually longer first, but then there was a herpderp and I lost the whole thing. Also, at first I was going to just blog about Ozaki being “keikaku doori” and my initial point was that they seem to be investing proper money in the movie production. Instead it came out this way. I guess it couldn’t be helped. And I guess we might never see QUALITY gym again. *knocks on wood*

(TL note: keikaku means plan)

Tiger & Bunny New Years Special On Ustream (Updated)

As it says on the topic, the official Twitter announced that there will be a New Years Special on Ustream, at 25:59 JST on December 31st, and 13:59 JST on January 1st. There’s no more information yet whether the second airing is a rerun or not, nor is there information on exactly what the show will be about but Mr. Ozaki promises in his tweet to give more information later.

I think my plans for New Year are pretty much covered with this!

Update: New Years Special is planned to feature the following, and the same material will be on the 2nd broadcast:

  • Movie sample (probably the same that was shown at Hero Awards 2011 but I’ve heard they have also a longer promo video of it)
  • Live-action hero suits
  • Hero Awards 2011 BD/DVD promo video
  • Making of simulcast (this was previously shown at NYCC but for the Japanese audience it’s new material)

And in a totally different topic, Koubutsuya added more items to the T&B crystal dome cellphone charm line: Antonio, Nathan, Paolin, Yuri and… Maverick.

I don’t know about others, but I’d steer clear of a person sporting a Maverick charm on their cellphone. (∩゚д゚) The reaction on Twitter was roughly 90% horror and “WHY?!” with amusement mixed in.

Hero Awards live viewing event to be held (Updated 2011/10/21)

The official Twitter of Tiger & Bunny announced earlier today that a live viewing event would be held together with the first part of NEXT PROJECT, the Hero Awards 2011 event on November 13th. Executive producer Ozaki Masayuki just posted a series of tweets, explaining more details about the event. Due to issues with scheduling and other events, they couldn’t get a bigger venue for the Hero Awards but because the interest for the event tickets was so great, a nationwide live viewing event was decided. The tickets will be available for preorder on 10/13 and as I understood there won’t be a raffle for them this time – scratch that, the official Twitter just announced they will be raffled. There’s a live viewing planned for both the daytime and the evening show of Hero Awards.

The other week, Aki told me that she’d heard the amount of people who wanted tickets for the Hero Awards event was 150 times the amount of available tickets. Kanagawa Kenmin Hall seats 2488 people, and with two shows that day… Well, the number just felt too huge, way too huge even for Tiger & Bunny, and I couldn’t find a source to confirm it anywhere so I just shrugged it off. Now, with the live viewing events planned it doesn’t seem all that far fetched anymore.

I really hope they record these events and release them on BD or DVD later. I want to see them!

Update #1: This tweet seems to confirm that the amount of applicants for the Hero Awards tickets was indeed 750,000. (2011/10/08)

Update #2: Official Twitter announced that the tickets will be raffled. (2011/10/10)

Update #3: e-plus has listed the theaters where Hero Awards 2011 live viewing is available. Aki counted over 100, I got mixed up with my count before I got very far so I’ll just take her word for it. (2011/10/11)

Update #4: Otanews has compiled a more manageable list of the theaters from e-plus. The event will be broadcast to 103 theaters, of which 61 will show both the daytime and the evening show. (2011/10/12)

Update #5: Ozaki is currently visiting New York Comic Con, and he said there that “the studio is hoping to announce the “next step” for Tiger & Bunny at the November 13 event”. Also, English dub for Tiger & Bunny was announced in the same news post at ANN. (2011/10/16)

Update #6: More theaters have been added for the live viewing event, total number is now 107. It’ll be the biggest live viewing event in Japan so far. (2011/10/21)

Tiger & Bunny at Tamashii Nation 2011

Tamashii Nation 2011 site has some Tiger & Bunny items as exlusives only available at the event. The blue and purple see-through Sky High superdeformed figures are items given away with the tickets; blue ones when you buy your ticket in advance through e+ and purple ones with tickets bought at the event.

In addition to the Sky High figures, there is also event exclusive, commemorative Deformeister Rubber Collection charm set with Tiger’s crapsuit & Bunny plushie. I’m guessing that “crapsuit” is now an official name for Tiger’s original blue suit since the official tweet announcing them also used it.

And Go Inoue (aka. Go-chan aka. the Real-Life Keith) mentioned on his Twitter that he would like to get those straps too, and that Director Satou was the one to design Tiger’s crapsuit and Mr. Legend’s hero suit. (He also said that Satou is probably grinning widely every time he sees “crapsuit” written somewhere.)

Tiger & Bunny final episode live viewing event

The news section on official site was updated after episode 21 aired with more information about the all-night live event “Tiger & Bunny ~Thank you, and again, thank you!!~” that’ll take place on September 17th from 23:00 to 05:00. Guests at the main event in Shinjuku, Tokyo will be Hiroaki Hirata (Wild Tiger/Kotetsu T. Kaburagi) and Koji Yusa (Lunatic/Yuri Petrov) along with staff members. In addition to that, the last episode of Tiger & Bunny will be screened in movie theaters across the country, along with episode 24. More information on the locations and prices on the event page. Twitter is also being strongly involved in the event, the announcement on the official site wishes for “the whole world to experience the final episode”.

If you’re in Japan and going to the event (at any location) we’d love to hear your comments from it, so please don’t hesitate to contact us! (I’d definitely go if I was still in Japan.)