Tiger & Bunny at Tamashii Nation 2011

Tamashii Nation 2011 site has some Tiger & Bunny items as exlusives only available at the event. The blue and purple see-through Sky High superdeformed figures are items given away with the tickets; blue ones when you buy your ticket in advance through e+ and purple ones with tickets bought at the event.

In addition to the Sky High figures, there is also event exclusive, commemorative Deformeister Rubber Collection charm set with Tiger’s crapsuit & Bunny plushie. I’m guessing that “crapsuit” is now an official name for Tiger’s original blue suit since the official tweet announcing them also used it.

And Go Inoue (aka. Go-chan aka. the Real-Life Keith) mentioned on his Twitter that he would like to get those straps too, and that Director Satou was the one to design Tiger’s crapsuit and Mr. Legend’s hero suit. (He also said that Satou is probably grinning widely every time he sees “crapsuit” written somewhere.)

Tiger & Bunny final episode live viewing event

The news section on official site was updated after episode 21 aired with more information about the all-night live event “Tiger & Bunny ~Thank you, and again, thank you!!~” that’ll take place on September 17th from 23:00 to 05:00. Guests at the main event in Shinjuku, Tokyo will be Hiroaki Hirata (Wild Tiger/Kotetsu T. Kaburagi) and Koji Yusa (Lunatic/Yuri Petrov) along with staff members. In addition to that, the last episode of Tiger & Bunny will be screened in movie theaters across the country, along with episode 24. More information on the locations and prices on the event page. Twitter is also being strongly involved in the event, the announcement on the official site wishes for “the whole world to experience the final episode”.

If you’re in Japan and going to the event (at any location) we’d love to hear your comments from it, so please don’t hesitate to contact us! (I’d definitely go if I was still in Japan.)

The Saga of Maverick’s Mole from Satou’s Twitter

It’s amusing to follow Keiichi Satou, the director (aka. Kantoku Man) of Tiger & Bunny on Twitter for numerous reasons…



“If you press Maverick’s mole, it says “Stop that!”


Then he suspects that those who want to press on Maverick’s mole will find it harder than playing ding-dong-dash – one might even die.


He draws it. (The text reads “Stop that!”)

(I admit, I laughed. Maverick makes me rage but this was still kinda funny.)

Tiger & Barnaby’s character song on Hoshizora Sunrise radio on August 21st

Tiger & Barnaby’s duet will be played during the Hoshizora Sunrise radio show that airs August 21st at 23:00 JST. According to the Twitter update, the song should play around 23:30 JST. You can find instructions how to listen to the radio here.

Tiger & Barnaby’s character song single is coming out on August 24th, more information with samples of the solo songs here.

(I’m looking forward to this!  ✧・゚:*o(≧ω≦)o*:・゚✧ Both Morita and Hirata are pretty good singers so I have great hopes for the duet!)

Artist lists for Asuka Comics anthologies

As I posted earlier, there are more manga anthologies coming from Asuka Comics. The artist lists for them were announced earlier on the Asuka Comics Twitter.

#1 It Takes Two to Make a Quarrel will feature Asami You, Ichimiya, Ono Tsutomu, Oda Suzuka, Kano Ayumi, Sakazuki Ran, Kuriyama Kiyoshi, Sakusaka Min, Tegoshihara Toru, Tomo, Nagao Uka, Nijou Kuro, Fujiwara Ryo, Fujioka Youko, Pochi, Matsuo Hazuki, Mikimaki, Mitsushio Mamika, Yamashita Nanao. (Street date: September 26.)

#2 First Catch Your Hare will feature nap, Ishida Souji, Kaneshiki Suisu, Kusunoki Jun, Sakurai Aya, Sawa Ike, Shion Akira, Shinjou Mayu, Soma Kazuki, Takarai Rihito, Tomo, Nagao Uka, Nokia, Matsuo Hazuki, Matsumoto Temari, Mitsushio Mamika, Yoshimura Takumi, Watari. (Street date: September 26.)

#3 [title undecided] will feature Kurahana Chinatsu, Matsumoto Temari, Sugimoto Iqura, and more. (Street date: November 26.)

I tried to check the romaji for all those artists, please don’t hesitate to comment if I got someone’s name wrong!

And in other merchandise news (I can barely keep up with this stuff anymore), looks like there’ll be some character scents. I don’t really get the interest the Japanese have in these scents, but maybe that’s just because I’m hideously allergic to everything scented!

(ETA: Word on the boards street says that it’s Kenzo or nothing! Kenzo probably smells way better than these anyway, I’ve heard that the character scents aren’t that awesome…)

Oh and please do check out the translated interview with screenwriter Masafumi Nishida that Aki posted just earlier! (He’s the guy you can thank for Keith being Keith among other things.)