Tiger & Bunny New Years Special On Ustream (Updated)

As it says on the topic, the official Twitter announced that there will be a New Years Special on Ustream, at 25:59 JST on December 31st, and 13:59 JST on January 1st. There’s no more information yet whether the second airing is a rerun or not, nor is there information on exactly what the show will be about but Mr. Ozaki promises in his tweet to give more information later.

I think my plans for New Year are pretty much covered with this!

Update: New Years Special is planned to feature the following, and the same material will be on the 2nd broadcast:

  • Movie sample (probably the same that was shown at Hero Awards 2011 but I’ve heard they have also a longer promo video of it)
  • Live-action hero suits
  • Hero Awards 2011 BD/DVD promo video
  • Making of simulcast (this was previously shown at NYCC but for the Japanese audience it’s new material)

And in a totally different topic, Koubutsuya added more items to the T&B crystal dome cellphone charm line: Antonio, Nathan, Paolin, Yuri and… Maverick.

I don’t know about others, but I’d steer clear of a person sporting a Maverick charm on their cellphone. (∩゚д゚) The reaction on Twitter was roughly 90% horror and “WHY?!” with amusement mixed in.


20 comments on “Tiger & Bunny New Years Special On Ustream (Updated)

  1. Ohh, have any buying sites added the new charms yet?
    because I’d really like a Nathan one…
    oh also, is there any way to watch ustream stuff when you don’t live in japan? :S

    • ^ oo gee! does WordPress has a ‘delete comment’ button? =A= the comment above is posted at the wrong place and is a bit inappropriate…

      anyway! i am actually more amused by Antonio’s manly chest charm than Maverick charm. LOL so amusing, awesome and wtf at the same time xDD

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