What’s in the official books?

I haven’t received my books yet (Official Hero Book is in transit from Japan to me, might have it on wednesday, Hero TV Fanbook is in shipping process) but I found reviews on Amazon.jp that listed the contents. Here’s some summarized translations of the main contents in the books. If there’s errors in the actual contents, I’ll point at the Amazon.jp reviewers. Any translation errors are mine and mine only.


  • Character Introductions (color, 29 pages): Kotetsu, Barnaby 4 pages each, other heroes 2 pages each, 7 pages for the rest of the characters.
  • Story introduction (color, 15 pages): summaries and highlights of episodes 1-13. OP&ED 1 page each.
  • Sternbild Guide (color, 10 pages).
  • Mini articles (color, 2 pages): Find Origami Cyclone!! and focus on the girl who keeps turning up. (Not entirely sure on the second one, but from the wording I am guessing it’s about Scarf-tan.)
  • Storyboards (color, 8 pages).
  • Interviews (b&w, 7 pages): director Keiichi Satou 3 pages, producer Kazuhiko Tamura and designer Masami Ozone 3 pages, original creator&screenwriter Masafumi Nishida 1 page.
  • Cast comments (b&w, 3 pages): mini interviews with the heroes’ voice actors.


  • Poster. Same picture as on the book cover.
  • Character profiles (21 pages): Kotetsu, Barnaby 3 pages each, other heroes 2 pages each, 3 pages for the rest of the characters.
  • Story introduction (26 pages): episodes 1-13, 2 pages per episode. Summaries, staff comments, highlights, previews, etc.
  • Special interviews (12 pages). Interview with Hiroaki Hirata (Kotetsu) and Masakazu Morita (Barnaby) 4 pages, reprint of the interview that was in Cool Voice issue 5 (that one can be read in English here). Interview with Taiten Kusunoki (Antonio), Kenjiro Tsuda (Nathan) and Go Inoue (Keith) 4 pages, originally printed in PASH Deeep!! issue 4. New interview with Masakazu Morita (Barnaby) and Kouji Yusa (Yuri Petrov/Lunatic), 4 pages.
  • Sternbild Guide (4 pages).
  • Machine Guide (2 pages): machines and transportation used by the heroes and Ouroboros.
  • How Tiger&Barnaby’s partnership has developed (2 pages).
  • Enemy profiles (2 pages): Lunatic, Jake Martinez, Kriem, Hans Chuckman.
  • Director Keiichi Satou’s interview (4 pages). Not the same interview that is in the Official Hero Book.

More on all of this once I get the books myself. I’m pretty happy that I chose to order both, from the look at the contents Official Hero Book has more interesting interviews, but the Hero TV Fanbook has a poster which will go on my wall immediately.

4 comments on “What’s in the official books?

  1. Thanks for the info! I love artbooks and was wondering what these were about.
    Will you be posting some sample scans/photos once you receive your books? 🙂

    • I’ll be reviewing both books once I have them, so far only Hero Book has arrived. No scans, but there’ll be some photo samples.

      Cosplayers will probably love the Official Hero Book, the character sketches are very detailed.

      • Awesome, thanks! I’m an artist so I’m very interested in the character concept sketches and any background paintings, etc. Look forward to your reviews! :3

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