Tiger & Bunny Timeline (Old Version)

An updated and revised timeline based on the one that was in the Easter Eggs fanvideo. The series uses an alternate timeline, so their year NC 1978 isn’t the same as our 1978.

UPDATE: A fully revised timeline including S2 and both movies is now available.


  • Numbers in 【 】 refer to episodes where the events happened or were displayed the first time.
  • Grey text is approximation; we know the likely order in which something happened but we don’t know the exact year.
  • Red text is confirmed dates.
  • I could place the approximated births of the other heroes on the timeline, but there is too much uncertainty of their ages.
  • It is possible that day 2 of Ouroboros attack is actually split over two days, but when watching it, it seems like it all takes place over a single day.


  • NC 1910 – Samantha Taylor is born.
  • NC 1913/11/4 – Barnaby Brooks Sr. is born. 【25】
  • NC 1915/7/28 – Emily Brooks is born. 【25】
  • NC 1932 – Appearance of NEXT. 【1】
  • NC 1935 – Alexander Lloyds is born. *****
  • Year unknown – Jake Martinez is born.
  • NC 1939/01/21Cloud Carter is born. 【7】
  • NC 1942 – Kotetsu Kaburagi is born. *****
  • Year unknown – Antonio Lopez is born.
  • Year unknown – Kriem is born.
  • Year unknown – Yuri Petrov is born.
  • Year unknown – Legend starts as the first hero.
  • Year unknown – Kotetsu is saved by Legend in a bank robbery. 【2】
  • NC 1953/10/31 – Barnaby Brooks Jr. is born. 【25】**
  • NC 1955 – Barnaby gains 100 Power. 【15】
  • NC 1957/12/24 – Barnaby’s parents are murdered. 【19】*
    Jake Martinez kidnaps Kriem. 【18】
  • NC 1962 – Jake Martinez is arrested. 【10】
  • NC 1963 – Barnaby starts gathering information on the streets. 【9】
  • Year unknown – Legend dies. Yuri Petrov gains NEXT power. 【16】
  • NC 1967 – Wild Tiger debuts.
  • NC 1968 – Kaede is born.
  • NC 1972 – Kotetsu’s wife dies of illness. 【17】
  • NC 1976 – Agnes Joubert takes up the position as HERO TV’s producer. 【1】
  • NC 1977 September – Season Ends (MVP: Sky High). 【1】
  • NC 1977 October – Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr. team up. 【1】
    Incident with Tony at the skating arena on the same day. 【2】
  • NC 1977/10/31 – Barnaby’s 24th birthday. 【5】
  • NC 1977 November or December – Lunatic’s first appearance. 【6-7】 ***
  • NC 1977/12/11 – World Figure Skating Championships. 【2】 ****
  • NC 1978 January – Ouroboros attack. 【10-13】
  • NC 1978 September – Season ends (MVP: Barnaby Brooks Jr.). 【14】
  • NC 1978/10/31 – Barnaby’s 25th birthday.
  • NC 1978 November – Kotetsu’s powers start dwindling. 【14】
    Android incident involving Cis. 【15】
  • NC 1978/11/30 – Kotetsu’s 100 Power time limit is at 3:45. 【16】
  • NC 1978 December – Lunatic kills Lady Killer (Benoit Depardieu). 【16】
  • NC 1978 first week of December – Kotetsu goes to visit his family. 【17】
  • NC 1978/12/07 – Kriem dies. 【18】
  • NC 1978/12/08 – Kotetsu and Barnaby visit the skating rink, truth about Barnaby’s parent’s murder is uncovered.
    Maverick changes Barnaby’s memories again. 【19】
  • NC 1978/12/09 – Maverick attempts to change Kotetsu’s memories and fails. 【20】
    Samantha is murdered. 【21】
  • NC 1978/12/10 – Kotetsu wakes up as a wanted criminal. 【21】
    Kotetsu avoids the other heroes trying to capture him, first appearance of H-01. 【22】
    Confrontation on the bridge in the evening. 【22-23】
    Battle against H-01 later that night. 【24】
  • NC 1979/12/24 – Kotetsu and Barnaby return to hero business. 【25】

* Exact date confirmed in episode 19.
** Confirmed in episode 25.
*** November is more likely, no Christmas decorations appear in these episodes.
**** Advertisements shown in episode 2, it’s likely the event was cancelled due to the skating arena being demolished.
***** This is semi-unconfirmed, but Hirata mentioned on the Voice Star (?) programme that the original first episode script had ages for all characters and that Kotetsu was 35 when the series started.

Ouroboros attack timeline:

  • Day 1: Heroes get a holiday. Kotetsu goes to buy a Mad Bear plushie for Kaede. Barnaby discovers the file on Jake Martinez.
  • Day 2: 08:00AM first explosion on Brooks Bridge. Barnaby turns back from his route to Abbas Prison. Kriem appears to make demands to release Jake. Origami Cyclone goes undercover. Seven Matches begin. Sky High, Rock Bison and Wild Tiger lose their battles.
  • Day 3: Barnaby beats Jake Martinez, who dies in a helicopter crash.

13 comments on “Tiger & Bunny Timeline (Old Version)

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    • Excellent, added it now.

      I hadn’t added it before because we weren’t sure if he discovered his power then or if he’d known about it earlier. Nishida’s recent comments seem to point to that it was the first time he used his power.

  3. I find it really interesting how much attention they paid to the timeline,
    three/four episodes for September, October, November,
    and then 9 episodes right in December,
    4/5 of them occurring all in one day

  4. Suggest an addition for a time when Wild Tiger was King of Heroes? It’s a bit hazy on the WHEN, though, but you can see it (according to the Wiki) at the end of episode 8. It’s AT LEAST two years ago, and probably more like 5. Thoughts?

    • If you’re referring to the scene where Yuri is looking through Tiger’s file, it doesn’t specify that he was KoH. The file says he was “ranked at the top” in his early hero years. This isn’t the same as being KoH, I think if he’d been KoH the file would have stated so.

  5. Because Ivan Karelin (Origami Cyclone) is 18 in episode 1 and Barnaby is 23 in episode one, that makes Ivan’s year of birth NC 1958… yeah, I’m just saying this because I wanted to know his year of birth, haha. I have a question though, what does NC mean?

    • NC is their way of separating the T&B timeline from our own, real world timeline. Other Sunrise shows have used the NC prefix too, like some Gundam series.

  6. Exactly where do we find out that Barnaby gained his hundred power? I’ve gone over that episode three times and I keep missing it.

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