Dub cast completed!

Viz finished the announcements on the Tiger & Bunny English dub cast on their official T&B Facebook page. I figured that instead of the mess that is the ongoing discussion post, I’d compile them all in a tidier list. Some smaller roles are still missing, but this is what the main cast looks like:

Viz also published two short video clips from the dubbing studio on their Facebook page. Here’s Yuri Lowenthal as Barnaby and Wally Wingert as Wild Tiger.

We are really looking forward to the dub now. How about you guys?


16 comments on “Dub cast completed!

  1. Psst, you left Laura Bailey’s name without a link.

    I’m okay with this cast except Kotetsu’s one. He just doesn’t sound like him at all. I’m really picky about his voice because a bad one could potentially ruin the dub since he is the main. But we’ll see, his takes probably aren’t the final version anyway.

    • Laura Bailey is listed twice (she plays both Paolin and Mary) and the 2nd listing is not linked, it felt redundant.

      I’m looking forward to hearing this dub, I don’t expect them to sound similar to the Japanese voices, but I do expect them to deliver a good performance!

  2. “I don’t expect them to sound similar to the Japenese voices, but I do expect them to deliver a good performance!” Amen! This is exactly how I feel, especially that “sound similar” bit since some people seem to think they should. (When they CAN’T)

    I am also hoping for some outtakes on the DVDs simply because I have fun hearing some of their reactions to other lines/scenes ect.

  3. I also looked up stuff on Wally on youtube and I’m pleased to find out that he’s a huge collector. I wonder if he’ll enjoy the series enough to get any Wild Tiger merch.

    And I really wish I could go to the Anime Expo so that I could try and get these guys to sign some cards. ;_; (like the Metal Hero cards)

  4. There was a small part in my heart that WAS hoping it would be good. Now that part has died completely died and cannot be brought back to life. The japanese cast created the T&B fandom through their superb voice acting and the english cast will never be able to do what the the japanese cast did.

  5. We’ve got a pretty good cast here; the only thing that’s been bugging me is how people have been so quick to put Wally and Yuri down… especially when we’ve only heard clips Viz might not even use.

    • Ditto. Looked like practice/try out lines to me, but either way… I thought Yuri did a nice Bunny. 🙂

      • Agreed, I thought the 2nd try he did on the line sounded good. I’m sure he’ll do great.

        A lot of people seem apprehensive because they love the original cast. I love the original cast, too, but watching the dub doesn’t mean I love them less. And sometimes a dub can bring something new to a character, especially if the original Japanese voice is by a seiyuu you don’t like at all (true story, I couldn’t stand Lockon in G00 until I watched the English dub).

  6. I’m not a dub fan, but kinda looking forward to it as an excuse to rewatch Tiger & Bunny (yes I know i can rewatch the Japanese version). I’d love to see how the Englilsh VAs portray the multi-racial characters in T&B.

    Oh yes, would love to hear how latino Antonio is and Ivan! Especially Ivan!! His weeabo-ness, I look forward to this!!

    • I’m kinda hoping Ivan would have some Russian accent. I think it’d be fun if he’d speak English with a Russian accent while mixing in some Japanese words. Not sure how they’ll do his Ye Olde Japanese speech patterns in the dub, but I hope they’ll try to preserve at least the feeling.

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