Masakazu Katsura artbook up for preorders

Character designer Masakazu Katsura‘s Tiger & Bunny artbook special limited edition is up for preorders now at RakutenOtacute and Hobby Search. Amiami, CDJapan and seem to have sold out already. It comes with a special original coloring S.H. Figuarts Wild Tiger figure.

The price might slow preorder sale a bit this time, 6800 JPY + shipping. Though chances are that it’ll be hard to get on release date if you procrastinate.

There’ll also be a regular edition without the figure but it hasn’t been made available for preorder yet.


Update: All preorders closed early.

4 comments on “Masakazu Katsura artbook up for preorders

    • Seems this one’s not selling out as fast as the other figures, probably because of the price.

      Good luck getting yours! (I wish I had the money, oh well. I’ll just get the book since I’m a book collector, not figure collector.)

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