Contents of Hero Gossips book

Tiger & Bunny Official Guide Book

Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
ISBN: 9784048547123
Size: A4 / 112 full color pages
Price: 1050 JPY
Buy: [CDJapan] [Hobby Search] []


  • Two-sided poster.
  • 100 questions to the eight Heroes and answers to them – everything from first crushes to sleep wear and current interests (written by Masafumi Nishida).
  • 48 hours with the Heroes – private lives of the Heroes for two days (written by Masafumi Nishida).
  • Staff & Cast interviews:
    • Staff: Keiichi Satou (director), Masafumi Nishida (screenwriter), Masayuki Ozaki (executive producer), Kazuhiko Tamura & Chinatsu Matsui (producers).
    • Cast: Hiroaki Hirata (Kotetsu) & Masakazu Morita (Barnaby) Hero partner talk, round table discussion with the other six Heroes’ voice actors.
    • Photos of the eight main cast members taken for this publication.
  • Scenes of choice for all Heroes.
  • Guide to all 25 episodes of the series with pictures and commentary.

The publisher is also running a campaign where buyers within Japan may also opt in for a lottery for 500 commemorative pins and 100 Apollon Media business cards.

(Source: Yaraon)


20 comments on “Contents of Hero Gossips book

    • I know dat feel, I’m getting all the books…

      I think that from comparing the contents of this and the Roman Album from Tokuma Shoten that this Gossips book might be the best overall guide. The other guide books I have from Kadokawa Shoten are all high quality and very nice. Of course it’ll depend a bit on presentation, but I’m going to review the next set of guide books too once they arrive.

  1. It was a real inner debate happening in my mind yesterday evening as I were deciding whether to get the gossips book or not. Since I’m too lazy to actually start learning Japanese more seriously (and since gossips contain more text than pictures), I’ve minimized my order to Roman Album and TV Hero Fan vol.2 only. But damn. Now I really want this book too.

  2. I’m glad I ordered it, it looks very promising! The cover is gorgeous, Kotetsu looks *so* sexy, and even though Barnaby looks awfully feminine, he is handsome as always! The poster is a nice bonus, my new room is craving some posters on its walls, lol.

  3. HNNNNG do want ;_; . the hundred questions and the two days do entice me XD. But yes, if and when Aki decides to do the tl I’ll have to rely on your tl to enjoy it…
    And the cover is just :Q___ *grabby hands at Kotetsu*

    • I do plan to review it when it’s out but CDJapan actually has a really good description of the contents.

      Special book release from anime series “TIGER & BUNNY” including story guide (all 25 episodes), two pin-ups (Kotetsu and Barnaby), character file, setting guide (art & original drawing), illustrations, cast & staff interview, and more.

      I’m waiting for them to release the cover picture for it and maybe more detailed information that’d warrant a post on its own.

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