King of Catchphrases poll or “It’s so hard to choose!”

There’s a “King of Catchphrases” poll on Sunrise’s website about which lines from each Hero (and Lunatic) in Tiger & Bunny are people’s favourites. Results will be given at the Hero Awards on November 13th. The voting is open until 23:59 JST on October 26th, and you can vote once a day.

Even though there are seven days for voting and seven lines for each character – so you could technically vote each once – it’s still so hard to choose. Especially with Sky High because I’d like to vote all of his lines every day. And while Sky High has the best selection of lines, I feel kinda sorry for Rock Bison, his lines aren’t that memorable and two of them are just screaming. (If I remember correctly, his seiyuu said something about “gyuu” and “moo” not even being proper catchphrases in the show that was on Bandai Namco Live channel earlier today.)

You can also add your own lines, and because Barnaby’s line about fried rice is there by default already, I’m so very tempted to add Kotetsu’s line about eyelashes… Hehe.

Translated catchphrases from the poll under the cut, most of them referenced from the official subs. (Tho I gotta admit some of the wordings in English sound kinda derpy now that I see them out of context.)

Oh and updated Hero Awards live viewing event shenanigans are here.


  • Wild Roar! (episode 1)
  • He said, “Your power is meant to save people.” (episode 2)
  • That’s… a building… That’s also a building. Also, the thing next to it is a building and the thing in front of it is also a building. All the building-like structures you can see here are buildings. (episode 3)
  • Well, because… I believed you would trust me. (episode 13)
  • You know, Tomoe… I can still go on as Kaede’s hero. I’m not going back on our promise, right? (episode 17)
  • It’s not very funny, though. (episode 20)
  • Aren’t we friends who have fought alongside each other? (episode 21)
  • Other (type it in the box)


  • Let’s go, old man! (episode 1)
  • I’ll never forget that you wasted three minutes of my life. (episode 2)
  • I don’t trust you. (episode 2)
  • My name’s not Bunny! It’s Barnaby! (episode 2)
  • It’s been a while since I princess carried you like this. Have you gained weight? (episode 10)
  • Let’s go, Kotetsu-san. (episode 13)
  • I’ve been learning how to make fried rice, so you have to try it someday! (episode 24)
  • Other (type it in the box)


  • Thank you! And again, thank you! (episode 1, and more)
  • Huh? Huh? (episode 3)
  • SKYYY HIIIIGH! SKYYYY HI-HI-HIIIGH! (episode 5, and more)
  • I wanted to say my catchphrase, too. I was standing by the whole time. Alone, in a back alley… It was lonely. (episode 5)
  • Upsy-daisy! Sky High! Hahaha~! (episode 9)
  • Today, my wind speed is off the scale! (episode 12, and more)
  • Welcome back, and welcome back again. (episode 18)
  • Other (type it in the box)


  • Y-You idiot! Get away from me! (episode 1)
  • HYAHAA~ [while he’s being fired from the catapult] (episode 2)
  • Don’t die, Kotetsu. (episode 3)
  • Ushi! (episode 10, and more) [tl note: ushi means cow]
  • That idiot. Brushing it off… (episode 13)
  • Shut up, you lowlife! (episode 22)
  • UWAAAH! [about to push the bomb collar button] (episode 24)
  • Other (type it in the box)


  • I’ll try to bring the spotlight onto the company name (de gozaru)! I mean, I will.
    [tl note: the official translation for this line is so lame]
  • All right! I made it into the background! (episode 2)
  • I mean, all I ever do is stay in the background. I’m the lowest ranking Hero. All I do is stay in the background. (episode 8 )
  • I’ve even been getting bashed on my blog! (episode 8 )
  • I’ll protect Edward… I’m going to protect him! (episode 8 )
  • From now on, I won’t just stay in the background! Shu, shu! (episode 8 )
  • I’ll do it! I’m a Hero, after all. (episode 11)
  • Other (type it in the box)


  • My ice is a bit cold, but your crime has been put completely on hold! (episode 1, and more)
  • I want to save those who are in trouble. Isn’t that enough of a reason? (episode 4)
  • Take this! You filthy pig! (episode 7)
  • Who do you think I’m doing all this for? (episode 7)
  • I wonder if I’m in love? (episode 14)
  • Umm… I’m going to treasure this forever! (episode 14)
  • I can’t… I can’t see this person as being a murderer. (episode 22)
  • Other (type it in the box)


  • Saa~! (episode 9, and more)
  • I’ll do my best to stand out! (episode 9)
  • I’ll do anything else. That’s out of the question, though! (episode 9)
  • Sorry, is it because I’m a tomboy? (episode 13)
  • Did you already say you like her? (episode 15)
  • If I was her, I would like it if someone said something nice about me. (episode 15)
  • This is embarrassing. (episode 25)
  • Other (type it in the box)


  • Your butt always feels nice~ ♥  (episode 1, and more)
  • Fiiire~ (episode 6, and others)
  • Say. Want me to sleep next to you tonight? (episode 6)
  • Bastard! What the hell do you think you’re doing?! (episode 6)
  • Come back safely, and I’ll give you a big kiss. (episode 11)
  • Let’s show them some girl power! (episode 13)
  • Oh, my! Then it worked out?! Go get ’em! Fire! (episode 15)
  • Other (type it in the box)


  • My name is Lunatic. I follow my own code of justice. (episode 7)
  • I will be glad to help. (episode 7)
  • Hear the voice of Thanatos. (episode 8, and more)
  • I shall see where your sense of justice leads you. (episode 8 )
  • The destiny of Evil is to be annihilated. (episode 13)
  • You made two mistakes. First, I’m not a Hero. And second… This is my idea of justice. (episode 16)
  • Reflect carefully upon your actions. (episode 21)
  • Other (type it in the box)

Statistics bit in the end:

Gender: male / female
Age: (type it in the box)
Location: (last option 日本国外 in the drop down menu is for “outside Japan”)

Left side button sends you to confirmation screen, press left button there again to send your vote. Right side button resets the form.


10 comments on “King of Catchphrases poll or “It’s so hard to choose!”

  1. I have no clue how to type it in Japanese, but my personal favorite from Rock Bison was when he went to the concert in episode 14 and said something like, “I came to see you dance, damn!”

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