Magazine spoilers for the finale (Updated)

Cover of Otomedia with T&B feature.

I don’t usually post stuff I can’t confirm first hand, but since these are from October’s magazines I figured it’ll be all right.

Tiger & Bunny’s finale is featured in several magazines; Newtype has a 32 page booklet, Otomedia has a poster and a 16 page feature, Animage has also a poster and a feature with staff interviews, Animedia has an article, and PASH! Deeep!!! has a 9 page feature.

Click the cut for the stuff I’ve managed to find so far (mostly from Yaraon and /a/). I’ll keep updating with more stuff as it turns up.

Most of these are from Animage (I think):

  • An action scene with Origami.
  • Final battle will be a fierce one (lit. “struggle to death”).
  • Expect Fire Emblem in his “serious and scary” mode.
  • The depth of trust between Kotetsu and Barnaby is going to be tested once again. Both of them carry a lot of emotional baggage; can they overcome it together? Please watch what comes out of their bond.
  • Kaede is not going to become a Hero (controlling her powers is difficult and Kotetsu is against it).
  • Blue Rose will mature during the climax of the series.

Blu-ray news and other stuff:

  • 8th bonus drama CD might slightly reward Antonio’s feelings towards Agnes.
  • 9th bonus drama CD will shed some light on Sky High’s feelings towards Cis.
  • The slap in ep19 was an unconscious one and Kotetsu was acting on impulse. He just wanted to stop Barnaby from telling him those things.

Manga art by Mizuki Sakakibara.

About the Newtype Ace manga:

  • 54 pages and it generally follows the events of ep1 up until the reception after the award ceremony.
  • There are action scenes.
  • Yuri makes his appearance, but Scarf-tan and one important person are missing.
  • There are scenes with Barnaby that weren’t in the anime.
  • A two-page spread of the Princess Carry.

More news regarding anime:

  • Ep25 is going to be aired at 2:13 AM.
  • Tiger & Bunny is going to have a rerun starting from October.
  • Nishida suggests people keep an eye on Lunatic from now on – this could possibly hint to plans about sequel.

From an interview with producer Kazuhiko Tamura:

  • Tiger & Bunny was basically unheard of before it was broadcast. Awareness of it was raised thanks to word of mouth, and because of the fans, it gained recognition. It means a lot to Tamura since it’s his first work, and he wants to repay the fans somehow.

From the interview with Nishida:

  • When writing Barnaby during the second cour, Nishida kind of ended up disliking Kotetsu. That a person can change so much is both interesting and somewhat sad (about Barnaby).
  • The “dere” side that could be seen in the second cour is the reaction brought by the tight emotional self-control that Barnaby had maintained until then.
  • As far as Nishida is concerned, the fact that his affection was forcibly turned into the same hatred that he felt towards the Ouroboros is even sadder than what Kotetsu experienced when looking into Barnaby’s eyes at that moment.
  • Barnaby’s trust is absolute. Within his heart there’s very clear dividing line between the people he can trust and those he can’t.
  • Nishida was very careful about the following: Barnaby has never eaten Kotetsu’s rice.
  • The obvious distance between Karina and Kotetsu is deliberate; Kotetsu doesn’t and can’t notice her feelings.

More from the interview with Nishida, about characters:

  • Kotetsu
    • The first thing Nishida thought of was the Tiger from the zodiac.
    • He wanted to write a character who would give some encouragement to the middle-aged people.
    • There was some opposition towards giving him the same power as Barnaby, but it was also a good way to showcase their differences.
  • Barnaby
    • The theme of all the 25 episodes was the changing distance between the two of them.
    • Barnaby’s personality was created first, the revenge motive was created later.
    • Barnaby dislikes associating with people and is fundamentally prone to verbal slips, but his core disposition is very warm.
    • A lot of thought was put into how to show this innate warmth without showing too much of it.
  • Blue Rose
    • At first he just wanted a character that hates their catchphrase.
  • Rock Bison
    • He thought Antonio was kind of adorable at the beginning, and so ended up sticking him into plenty of unfortunate circumstances.
  • Dragon Kid
    • He had a lot of ideas for her, but unfortunately there was no way to integrate her into some of the more serious developments.
  • Fire Emblem
    • A person who acts like a bridge between the Guy Team and Girl Team.
    • The unsung hero of the Hero business.
  • Sky High
    • Used him to showcase the harsh expectations that can be placed on the people in the Hero business.
  • Origami Cyclone
    • A person dead last in the rankings but still willing to help when the need arises.
  • Lunatic
    • First he envisioned his outward appearance; the idea he got was a person who received a palm-shaped burn from the first victim of his powers.

No idea which magazine these are from:

  • Barnaby’s Arms
    The arms that princess-carried Kotetsu twice. During the second carry he even managed to identify a slight change in Kotetsu’s body weight, regardless of the costume. Also, judging from Agnes’ reaction, those arms turn even mature and experienced women into maidens.
  • Barnaby’s Hair
    His hairstyle is characteristic because of the upward turned curls. Since his hair has quite a lot of volume, no wonder he doesn’t wear hats. Are those curls actually natural, or is a perm?
  • Barnaby’s Legs
    Barnaby specializes in kicking and his kicks pack considerable power, so his leg muscles are obviously well trained. At the first glance however he seems rather slender, so one could say he is a slim macho.
  • Barnaby’s Heart
    Normally cool and composed, Barnaby tends to heat up considerably when the Ouroboros gets involved. Unexpectedly straightforward in his emotions, he’s very different from Kotetsu who wears a mask of an easy-going adult.
  • Kotetsu’s Legs
    Kotetsu seems to run rather well even without using Hundred Power, so it can’t be said that he neglects to train. Stylish, long and slim, his legs don’t resemble those of an old man very much.

From Pash! Deeep!!!:

  • Suzuki and Takahashi’s comments on each hero and the various hardships of drawing them.
  • How the 7 scriptwriters worked with each other.
  • Mainly it is the untold story about how episode 19-21 were made.
  • Some interesting inside stories
    • the animators laughed when they read that Bunny’s jump was nicknamed “handsome escape” on the internet
    • when Kotetsu went back to his hometown in ep17, they wanted to include scenes in which Rock Bison keeps calling him out of worry but the idea was scrapped due to time constraints
    • Ben’s hot dog scene was Nishida’s and the director’s idea – they wanted to show that heroes are human too
    • in the bike chase, the place where the good luck mode fight takes place was discussed by all the staff
    • Legend’s and Lunatic’s father-son relationship wasn’t planned at the beginning
    • the reason Muramasa reclaims 2 dollars from Kotetsu in ep17
    • they wanted Hero TV to show Kotetsu being chased when he was made a wanted criminal

*NEW* More from Pash! Deeep!!!

  • Kotetsu tends to lower the other people’s opinion of himself so they wouldn’t bother with him (though it seems he’s doing that unconsciously).
  • Barnaby is so used to being alone that he’s even incapable of actually feeling lonely anymore; the first deep human relationship that he’s ever bothered to build is the one with Kotetsu.
  • Barnaby is normally eloquent and quick-thinking, but when it comes to talking about the more personal issues he’s not as self-assured.
  • Dragon Kid will probably forever remain a kid at heart; the nuanced, unfair and complex adult world just doesn’t fit her very well.
  • Nathan is sensitive and understanding, but people like that are also rather easy to wound.
  • Karina is easily impressionable and can change her opinions rather quickly.
  • Keith is almost incapable of hurting people, in both speech and conduct.
  • The scenes with Heroes after they got manipulated by Maverick show how brittle their friendship and trust is; especially telling in Antonio’s case, whom Kotetsu knows since high-school.
  • The scene about the 2 dollars between Kotetsu and Muramasa was meant to illustrate the difficulties even his own brother has when communicating with him. Since Kotetsu is so dishonest, asking him straight away tends have little effect, so some pointless distractions become necessary to loosen him up.
  • Barnaby’s memory has been edited quite extensively; even the memories of his family are affected, though the sense of warmth there is real.
  • Even if Barnaby regains his real memories someday, nothing can return the lost time and destroyed bonds. Just who can fill this sense of loss for him?
  • Lunatic’s character illustrates how justice is neither absolute, nor necessarily right.
  • The scene in ep2 where Kotetsu irritates Barnaby by imitating him is important because it illustrates Kotetsu’s ability to draw the sense of humanity out of him, even though they are practically strangers at that point.
  • The scene in the restaurant in ep3 (“building-like buildings”) illustrates how avoidant and closed they are when it comes to their real thoughts and feelings. Nevertheless, lock them up together and the truth starts coming out.
  • Ep9 was very heartwarming and the writing team liked the content very much. The writers came up with enough material for three episodes, but alas.

(Most of the translations from /a/ with minor edits for prettying it up.)


28 comments on “Magazine spoilers for the finale (Updated)

  1. I wish these interviews gave more information about Kotetsu, but they never do. Thanks for the spoilers. Kaede not being a hero is interesting, but welcome.

  2. Thank you very much for the spoilers. Aww Nishida’s insight on every character is so precious especially concerning ep 23 ;____;

    Otomedia’s cover art just killed me, Kotetsu’s having a beer while Bunny’s holding a glass of milk XDD

  3. Oh my Gooooood, Barnaby’s smile on the cover warms my heart~~~~ It is such a beautiful and sincere smile!

    Now I really can’t wait for the last two episodes. T__T
    Oh, and is it me, or is the final aired later than the episodes are usually aired? I wonder if there is a reason why…

    • It’s just 15 minutes later. It may be due to fitting everything into the schedule with the live viewing event since it airs simultaneously on MBS, Ustream and in theaters.

      • Oh, okay, I thought it was usually aired at midnight or something!

        … I just ordered all those magazines, wtf is wrong with me. I’m not sure, but isn’t Otomedia a magazine for fujoshi? That would explain why Karina and Pao Lin aren’t on the poster…

        • The usual airing time is 01:58 AM JST. And yeah, Otomedia is a female oriented magazine. Apparently the feature in it is just about the male characters so girls aren’t included in the poster either.

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  5. My KeithxIvan senses are tingling so I definitely want to get this volume of Otomedia. XDD
    And is it just me but does Bunny looks like a kid? SO adorable~ *w*
    The spoilers are so damn awesome and so are everyone involve in TnB. ^^

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  7. Thanks a lot for all of your translations. I’ll never be able to understand japanese so your blog is just awesome ^^
    (a french fan of Tiger & Bunny)

  8. Hello derpchan. I’m a T&B fan who comes from Hong Kong. I’m so glad that I have found such an informative and up-to-date fan blog 🙂 And I find myself stick on this blog everyday to see if anything new is updated!

    Um…actually, I’ve shared the latest updated part of this article (“More from Pash! Deeep!!!”) to some of my net friends. You know…We’re Chinese speakers (which means we learn English as a second language), and none of us own the original copy of Pash Deeep, so eventually it ends up with arguing the actual meaning of one of the lines – the line about Barnaby & Kotetsu.

    There’s two suggestions. One says that the line “Barnaby is so used to being alone that he’s even incapable of actually feeling lonely anymore” means Barnaby is lacking the ability to feel loneliness anymore since he starve for a prolong loneliness. The other one argues that it should be saying Barnaby cannot stand of (or tolerate) becoming lonely again anymore. And I just have no idea who’s correct. Could you please explain more on that particular sentence? My net friends and I all love Bunny so much that we just don’t want to misunderstand him 😦 Thx u a lot!

    • oh sorry I find sth wrong in the 3rd para. The first suggestion should be Barnaby is lacking the ability to feel loneliness anymore since he “has being suffered form” a prolonged loneliness. Sorry for causing any inconvenience 😦

    • Unfortunately I don’t have the magazines either, all of these translations from magazines are translated by anons on /a/ on 4chan.

      The way I’d understand that sentence is that because Barnaby has been alone for so long, he didn’t really long for company because he got so used to his loneliness. I suspect it might have changed now that he’s gotten used to having Kotetsu around and he’s finally gotten a taste of having close relationship with another person.

      • thx u derpchan:) it really makes the sentence much more clear for my fds and I to understand:)

        Actually I’ve the same feeling on Bunny’s character. He maybe just don’t want to accompany with anybody at first since he is always alone and is used to be alone. But however when it turns out to become closer and closer to Kotetsu as the story continues, he cannot stand for loneliness anymore because he doesn’t think he should be alone anymore.

        Maybe I’d better to go for the contact method of anons from 4chan? (I know the site but seldom visit it.) hahaha…

        • I don’t know if anyone there has the magazine at hand, either. These snippets are posted on 2ch and there’s always someone translating them to English on 4chan.

          • I’ve got some impression about the content posted on 2ch (of course in Japanese), however I couldn’t find them out again :sigh:
            Well… the more important thing is, I dunno Japanese quite well (while I’ve already studied English for over 20 years), so I have to rely on translation:)
            Should I give up? (In my mind Kotetsu yearning “Never give up”…)

            Anyway, let’s wait for the last episode broadcast on the coming weekend.

            And…yes, I’m so regret that I “intelligently” not be able to join the fried rice event:) I can neither cook nor draw well…I do not want our beloved Kotetsu suffers from some kind of dark matter…(remind: Otae’s fired eggs in Gintama series)

          • If you want to take part in the event, you can make something else than fried rice. It just has to have something to do with the series. How about serving some tea or other drink to your favourite character? We have gotten quite a few entries with tea and Pepsi so far.

            (Even Kotetsu’s stamina couldn’t survive Otae’s eggs, I’m afraid.)

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