For Fun: Christmas Event – Design A Memorial Pin 2011

It’s the time of the year when the people of Sternbild buy memorial pins. Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to design a memorial pin for the year 2011.


  • You can use digital art or traditional art to make your design.
  • Pins come in different shapes and sizes, your design doesn’t have to be round like the pins Kotetsu bought.
  • The year 2011 must be included in your design, and it should also include Tiger & Bunny in some way.
  • Unlike Derpchan in the example above, be ~fiery~ creative.

As usual the entries will be published in a gallery, but this time is a bit different from the previous events. Since it’s Christmas, we want to give something. It was a bit hard to decide on what because everything tends to be SOLD OUT and because we want to give something good. We managed to get one Hero Gossips book, and we’ll randomly draw one lucky person from among the participants to receive it (no country restriction, everyone is eligible). Note that this is not a contest! We want to see some amazing entries, but you don’t need to be a world class artist to have a chance.

Please send your entry to
by 12:00 (noon) Central European Time on December 17th, 2011.

Please don’t include your address with your entry, but make sure you can be reached via email because we’ll contact the lucky person for their shipping address.

Origami Cyclone not included, he just couldn't be kept away when there's camera action.

Q&A from Twitter:

I want to take part in this for fun, but I already have Hero Gossips. Can I opt out so others who don’t have it can get a chance?
Of course, just mention it in the email when you send us your design.

Can I submit more than one design?
Yes, you can submit as many as you like.

Privacy notice: No names or email addresses will be shared with a 3rd party, and the emails for the event will be deleted once the entries are published.

15 comments on “For Fun: Christmas Event – Design A Memorial Pin 2011

    I’m so tempted D: but I have no tiiiiiiiiiime ;; Whatever, I’ll find some >:|
    (Oh T&B, the things you do to my studies….)

  2. A question! Mmm, if I’ll be going with digital art for my pin design, does it have to be done completely by me, from scratch, or is it all right for me to use stock images and/or screenshot-ed stuff? Like, for example, I’m trying to make pin designs using Tiger’s and Barnaby’s emblems (the icons on their suits)…would that be plausible?
    I’m designing another submission traditionally, just in case! ^^

    • You can use stock images in moderation for emblems and such. We’d like people do their own designs instead of taking a screencap and putting “2011” on it, but it’s not against the rules.

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