Translated tidbits from the Newtype booklet

A kind anon on /a/ was translating snippets from the booklet that came with the October issue of Newtype magazine. (I’ve not had time to look at magazines – they’re still where I put them after I leafed through them the day they arrived.)

  • The hotblooded aspect of Kotetsu’s personality was created to complement and contrast Barnaby’s nature.
  • Hundred Power was created because of the idea that he would prefer a hands on approach.
  • Kotetsu loves fried rice, so that’s why he doesn’t bother learning to cook anything else.
  • Nishida’s favorite Kotetsu scene is when he “healed up” and hurried to Barnaby in ep13, while him searching for Kaede with super-hearing in ep17 is second.
  • Barnaby wasn’t too happy about the pins; he prefers making memories by spending time together, instead of having mementos.
  • Kriem’s testimony and subsequent influx of contradicting memories gave him a huge shock; normally he would repress his emotions, but with his mind in complete chaos that was not an option, so that’s why he chose to isolate himself at home.
  • Nishida’s favorite Barnaby scene is his hopeless fight with Jake; no matter how many times he is downed and what is done to him, he will rise as long as he has something to accomplish.
  • Both princess-carry scenes have a lot of meaning; the one in ep10 showcased Barnaby’s tendency to prioritize Kotetsu’s safety above all else, while the one in ep1, although thoroughly embarrassing for Kotetsu, foreshadowed the nature of their relationship (?!) [Note: the “?!” is in Nishida’s own comment.]
  • Karina was created from the concepts of disliking the catchphrase, disliking the Hero job and having her parents worry about her. Hero or not, she’s a typical high-school girl who can’t decide what she actually wants, be it with love or with her aspirations.
  • Antonio was created to give Kotetsu a bro, but although he’s very manly and seemingly intimidating, the writers found him kind of adorable and thus subjected him to a bunch of misfortunes.
  • Despite all that he’s the side character that the writers really want to explore more.
  • Him and Kotetsu only started going out for drinks after entering the Hero business.
  • With her disposition, Pao-Lin could be a shonen hero.
  • She was created to contrast with other females within the show; she’s also the youngest and so her perspective is rather different from the rest, but despite having a lot of ideas the writers didn’t really get the opportunity to showcase that aspect in more detail.
  • Pao-Lin still dislikes girly things, but out of respect and love towards her parents she’s willing to make some concessions.
  • Nathan’s “okama” look is partially a mask; he’s also the character who probably has had the richest life experience.
  • Antonio is his favorite groping target, though Kotetsu and Barnaby are also occasionally subjected to the same treatment.
  • Keith was created with the idea that despite his KOH title and popularity he’s not a jerk.
  • As the second cour showed, the Hero business can be very harsh and unforgiving; Keith’s position as the former KOH was made worse due to his previously unassailable status
  • Keith is surprisingly shy: even holding somebody’s hand is a big deal for him.
  • Ivan’s change of heart wasn’t just due to his reconciliation with Edward; the academy visit reminded him just how much more successful he is in comparison to other students. (Normally the other Heroes overshadow him so much he tends to forget that and suffers from an inferiority complex.)
  • The kanji effect that appears when he’s using his powers is one of the features of his suit.
  • In contrast to other characters whose appearance says little about their real nature, Lunatic is the same inside as he is outside.
  • Yuri’s unable to reconcile the sheer gap between Legend the hero and Legend the father; this also what has twisted his sense of justice.
  • To Kotetsu, who was at a loss about what to do with himself, meeting Barnaby was the turning point in his life.

8 comments on “Translated tidbits from the Newtype booklet

  1. I find the parts about the writers having lots more ideas for Pao-Lin the most interesting…………fodder for season 2 please? ;-;

    (also hnnnnnnnngh keith could he be more adorable)

    • Judging by the startling proportions of Gay to Straight doujinshi coming out of Japan with T&B, I think it’s safe to say that T&B is just beloved by lots and lots of women who like yaoi. It’s got everything.

      Doomed romances, manly fighting, justice-wielding villains with a sympathetic side, and a good balance of pretty boys to handsome men, and enough UST it melts off of the screen. There’s a good bit of everything for everyone.

  2. aww I love it when you post stuff like these ! Please keep posting them !
    also, from reading this; it appears that the more the producers like a character, the more they seem to abuse him…

    poor antonio..

  3. “To Kotetsu, who was at a loss about what to do with himself, meeting Barnaby was the turning point in his life.”

    Wow… that one sentence kind of entirely shifted my worldview of T&B. We all focus (or at least, I do) so much on how incredible Tiger is for Bunny that I never stopped to think about what meeting Barnaby did for Tiger. It’s so true–he was an unpopular hero, waning in effectiveness, losing sponsorship and money for his company, kind of a joke overall in his work and going nowhere fast in his personal/social life. Meeting Barnaby gave him a challenge and “project” as well, after he discovered how much help Barnaby needed. Meeting someone younger and in need like B gave him a role as both a protector/teacher despite being so inept in so many ways, since it was emotional growth that Barnaby needed most. And when it comes to good, old-fashioned caring about people, nobody tops Kotetsu. 🙂

    I also like to think that if they have gotten/will get to a romantic place in their relationship, the scars and loneliness of losing Tomoe, the love of his life, will start to be healed as well. At the very least, we can thankfully say that Kotetsu will have a real companion to live out his life with. 🙂

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