Two Tiger & Bunny movies confirmed for 2012

Hero Awards 2011 is over, and the big news is out! People had been requested to hold off posting information from the daytime show out of consideration for those who are going to the evening show so we don’t know much yet, but the movies were announced at the event with planned release in 2012. From what I could follow on Twitter, seems like the events were a lot of fun and many people were hoping they would be released on BD/DVD later. I’m hoping for that, too, because I really want to see what went on there. Also – in true TaiBani style – the official pamphlet that was sold at the main venue and the live viewing theaters actually sold out before the evening show at many of the theaters.

More on this, and also our thoughts on the movie project later!

Update: Hero Awards 2011 will be released on BD/DVD in April 2012 and it’ll also include the last episode event recording as an extra.

King of Catchphrases poll winners (full list in Japanese here):

  • Wild Tiger: “Wild Roar!”
  • Barnaby Brooks Jr.: “I’ve been learning how to make fried rice, so you have to try it someday!”
  • Sky High: “Thank you! And again, thank you!”
  • Rock Bison: “Ushi!”
  • Origami Cyclone: “All right! I made it into the background!”
  • Blue Rose: “My ice is a bit cold, but your crime has been put completely on hold!”
  • Dragon Kid: “Sorry, is it because I’m a tomboy?”
  • Fire Emblem: “Let’s show them some girl power!”
  • Lunatic: “Hear the voice of Thanatos.”


18 comments on “Two Tiger & Bunny movies confirmed for 2012

  1. Sold out? Are they serious? i think they should have reserved some pamphlets for the evening shows to avoid such thing.
    The events seem a lot of fun, i can’t wait to see it in BD/DVD (if they will exist) 🙂

    • I think they had enough reserved at the venue, but I don’t know if they regulated the sales at the movie theaters doing the live viewing – or if pamphlets were more popular than usually, since not everyone usually buys a pamphlet at the movies.

      • the popularity makes me wonder if Sunrise can sell literally every junk under the sun like peanuts as long as it is labeled ‘Tiger&Bunny’. It is such a cash cow franchise. xD

  2. It’ll be really cool to see T&B on a big screen (I missed the finale viewing event) but I’m still hoping for S2 :C…

    Any word on whether there was anything said about that video game they announced months back…? I seriously havent heard a peep about that since they first announced it (and that announcement was only that there’d be a game, they never even said what platform…)so I’m still really curious…

    • I was hoping for S2, too, but it seems the movies will be new content and not recap so I’m totally okay with them.

      I haven’t heard anything about the game since that first announcement, either. Developing games can take a while, so I guess we just gotta wait.

  3. Two… TWO MOVIES?! YES YES YES YEEEEEEEES!!!! I seriously can’t wait! Still hoping for a seaons 2 later, but this is still jsut as epic!!!!!

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  5. TWO MOVIES? Hell yeah, people! I’m so hyped for this…! If they ever release a game, it’ll probably be the only anime-based game I’ll buy, ever. (I DON’T EVEN CARE FOR WHICH CONSOLE IT’S GONNA BE IT BETTER MAKE IT TO EUROPE)
    Still kinda hoping for a season 2 though

  6. movies make the most sense because it would be too tight for time for S2. i’m both happy and nervous with this route. hopefully they come out w/ new material so they don’t butcher the existing storylines.

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  8. late comment is late but i just saw the photos from the event. the life-size hero suits – i’m impressed! wish this was something all the fans could have attended.

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