In which we get teased again

Ozaki sure likes to tease with the “future development”. Not entirely sure which magazine this is interview excerpt is from, though. (As usual, there were Tiger & Bunny features in several magazines this month.)

There’s enough to develop with Barnaby. Even in episode 25 there was a temporary separation, but during that time there was also something he has gained. Their relationship is once again different from what it was before they reunited and I think we can depict that. Moreover, even Kotetsu has plenty of room for further growth, so it would be nice to show that as well.

That “something that he gained” could refer to what producer Matsui talked about in another interview, how Barnaby dealt with severe depression during the last timeskip while he was trying to come to terms with all the stuff that happened with Maverick. You don’t go through an experience like that without changing in some way. What exactly it could be… guess we’ll find out when these guys do their stuff and stop teasing us and tell us what they’re planning on Sunday.

Yep, Hero Awards 2011 is this Sunday. My body isn’t ready. How about yours?

22 comments on “In which we get teased again

  1. They are really Master in trolling us…. lol
    This is obviously innocent but at the same time, teasing…
    Barnaby has gained faith in him and in his possibilities… but I didn’t think about eventual contacts between them during that sabbatical year… this is indeed enough interesting…

  2. Eh, don’t want to sound pissy, but I don’t care about Barnaby anymore. Seriously, he got all the development that he could get in the first season; the first season was Barnaby’s story, with a bit of Kotetsu. Make the second season about someone else!

    • Nishida has stated he has no interest in writing Tiger & Bunny without Kotetsu and Barnaby as main characters. They’ll probably give more screentime to the other characters now, though.

  3. …this Sunday is my birthday.
    I hope for an awesome present in regards to T&B news 8D

    While not quite as harshly, I second the comment above to a certain extent just in the vein of ‘more focus on others’. I only recently realized that besides Kotetsu and Barnaby and Karina, we don’t actually see anyone else’s house as far as I remember. Where does everyone live? Especially the younger ones, is there a dorm or something? I cant stop wondering about that now.

    also I want an episode about Antonio I dont care if the plot is boring it can be about him entering a knitting contest for all I care he just needs his episode D:

  4. @ the two above.

    While I agree that it would be nice to show some about others, in a previous article, it’s already been said that Tiger & Bunny projects aren’t going to happen WITHOUT Barnaby and Kotetsu. They will show the others alot more I’m betting, but I am hoping for Barnaby to SOMEHOW be able to find out just how far Maverick messssed up his memoried.

    • It wouldn’t be “Tiger & Bunny” without Kotetsu and Barnaby.

      And I’m terribly biased because Barnaby is my favourite character, but I too want to find out more about him.

      • I must admit I may be a little biased too… My friend likes to tease me because I have a tick where if she says “Bunny-Chan” I will quote Barnaby’s trade make line XD

    • Oh no, I didn’t mean ‘change the focus entirely to people that aren’t Kotetsu/Barnaby’, I meant just give the others some more spotlight episodes. especially Antinio.

  5. so let’s hear about the gap year, because there’s enough material there for at least 13 episodes – then let’s have a few more about the other characters. especially Antonio because the bestfriend must have his moment in the sun!

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