Cast comments from the Roman Album

Hi guys, it’s me again! Both Hero Gossips and Roman Album got delivered safely to our greedy hands, so I have more translations for you today.

This interview was published in the Roman Album, and consists of eight questions each of the interviewed seiyuus answered usually while being very in character.

Hirata, Morita, Kotobuki & Inoue (Kotetsu, Barnaby, Karina and Keith) didn’t answer these questions because they had full interviews, also published in the book. (Inoue’s interview can be read here, and the abridged version of Hirata & Morita interview here, translated.)

Disclaimer: not a professional translator, doing this for fun, etc. Standard fantranslation rules apply.


  1. Please tell your impression of the character you play?
  2. Is there a scene or line that you remember well?
  3. Aside from something that was relevant to your character, is there a scene that left an impression on you?
  4. Is there a NEXT power you really like or would really like to be able to use?
  5. What do you think about the main duo, Tiger and Barnaby?
  6. With which character would you like to be paired as a duo, Tiger and Barnaby style?
  7. What would you like your character to do if there was a continuation?
  8. A message to your fans!

Origami Cyclone

Okamoto Nobuhiko

  1. I think he’s a complicated character who tries really hard to always do his best. He has this ninja, or maybe rather weeaboo image to him, but I think what you’ll remember the most about Ivan is his photobombing.
  2. Maybe my “All right! Made it into the background!”? I really think he focuses all his power on photobombing. I don’t think there’d be anything left for him if you took his photobombing away! (laughs)
  3. When it turned out Kaede’s power is copying powers, I was surprised. It was like level-up from Ivan’s own power. Oh, and the crisis just before the last episode when it seemed that Kotetsu might retire.
  4. I’ve mentioned it already a few times in different interviews, but Sky High’s! He’s the former King of Heroes, and his power itself is so strong. I’d love to be able to fly through the skies!
  5. They really trust each other. They build up so many things between them, I think they’ll stay together for the rest of their lives.
  6. Sky High. He’d fight at his own pace, and I’d observe his actions. Because I’m just a simple human!
  7. I’d like to see him fight one-to-one with one of the enemy heroes. I think it’s inevitable that someday, he’ll stop photobombing so much and seize his place in front of the cameras.
  8. It’s a show that’s been supported by so many people. Please, keep cheering us on also in the future!

Rock Bison

Taitem Kusunoki

  1. He’s a man of great strength, but he’s also very kind!
  2. The way I was instantly KO’d in Jake’s fight… It’s a miracle I didn’t get killed. (laughs) It ended very quickly, so I like to imagine and laugh that Bison’s skin was still stone hard when he got crucified. (laughs)
  3. That scene when Kriem dies after talking about her memories with Jake.
  4. Origami’s NEXT power. With my work, I think I could use it somehow.
  5. Hot-blooded Tiger and cool Barnaby. I was predicting they’d make the strongest team possible, and I’m not talking only about their NEXT powers.
  6. Dragon Kid. I think Rock Bison could team up with anyone. He’d become their shield.
  7. I want to peek at heroes’ private lives. Besides that, I’d love to see Rock Bison finally getting some points.
  8. To everyone who loves Tiger and Bunny, thank you for cheering for us. Let’s keep on being excited about this show, with lots of love!

Fire Emblem

Tsuda Kenjirou

  1. Big Sis! Or eventually Big Sister! The name is Nathan!
    [TL note: he makes two puns here: a) Nathan’s name sounds similar to “nee-san” which means “older sister” and b) he writes it using two different kanjis, so I went with Big Sis and Big Sister to preserve it somehow]
  2. My “FIIIIIRE!” line that I use when attacking. At first it was my ad-lib, then it got officially approved. When I use it, I feel like I define my character’s position better somehow.
  3. There were so many scenes that left a huge impression on me… Let’s say the first scene in Tiger & Bunny, episode one, when all the heroes appear in the opening.
  4. Sky High! I want to yell his “HIIIIGH!” line.
  5. Trust and friendship that won against the generation gap! They’re the greatest duo possible, they support and help each other overcome their weaker points.
  6. Blue Rose and Dragon Kid, our trio, our Girl’s Team. I bet we’d spend most of the time on talking about girly things…
  7. I’d like to know why some of the characters started working as heroes. Why Nathan decided to become Fire Emblem? I’d like to see a story about that. And to see him experience the pain of living, to see his hopes!
  8. Thank you so much for always supporting Tiger & Bunny. Keep on cheering us on. Thank you, fiery thank you!

Dragon Kid

Ise Mariya

  1. She admires boys so much, I think she’s totally cute. And she even refers to herself using masculine pronouns! ❤ She’s so strong, a real warrior!
  2. That line I used when the heroes regained their memories and united against Maverick. “We can be Heroes because we’re humans with hearts! “
  3. Just before the last episode, when Barnaby was holding Kotetsu in his arms and crying – the words he said back then have a special place in my heart… Fried rice… He wanted Kotetsu to eat his rice. And his “Let’s go, Old Man!” at the very end. I think this line carried a lot of meaning.
  4. Maverick’s memory altering power… would be nice, but I would have no idea how to use it, so I’d be ok with Dragon Kid’s electric power. I could use it to protect myself! Awesome thing for girls!
  5. I could feel their love and bond. So cool!
  6. Totally Blue Rose. We’d protect the world’s peace as a girl team!! Oh, maybe we should take Fire Emblem, too…
  7. What really is Ouroboros, and Lunatic?! There are so many mysteries left! I’d love to see more of the heroes’ bonds, and stories about their private lives would be nice! I’d love to see an episode on why Dragon Kid admires boyishness so much.
  8. There are still many things to come for us all!! Without taking a break, keep on being excited about Tiger & Bunny – and I mean not only people in Japan, but everyone all around the world! Please, give us even more ❤ love <3!!

Albert Maverick

Fukuda Nobuaki

  1. This is the first time I ever played a villain, so towards the end it was really hard for me to play Maverick. (laughs) He’s a poor man, way too straightforward in his actions for his own good.
  2. “Good night, Barnaby.” It was really hard to show both love and his calculating side in such a short line…
  3. I like the moment when the heroes, even with their memories altered by Maverick, remember some good things and are almost remembering Kotetsu’s real persona.
  4. In this bad and terrible world, with my power to alter memories, I’d like to erase all bad things from your poor minds. ❤
  5. After his parents got killed, Barnaby became twisted and closed his heart – but here comes the amazing Tiger, embracing Barnaby with his great love! When it comes to the human relationships, in the end, it simply really is just “love”, isn’t it? ❤
  6. Well, it’d be hard for Maverick to get paired up with someone now… Well, he got what he deserved… Oh, so sad…
  7. Well, he’s dead… But Ouroboros won’t end…
  8. A lot of people mentioned to me that they’re watching T&B. But it’s still not end for this show~


Yusa Kouji

  1. I found him scary, and I honestly thought he’d be the bad guy. (laughs)
  2. My line when I appeared for the first time as Lunatic and looked down at the heroes. He was trying to provoke the heroes and trying to deny them, but you could tell he felt accomplished with his actions, supported by his own beliefs. I think he came through as a person with a really strong will.
  3. The heroes all feel very human. They’re working as heroes, but they’re all the same – human. They have their own problems, you can feel your fellowship with them.
  4. There are many NEXT powers, so this is a hard question. I think it’s better to not have any special powers. Personally, I don’t need it. But if I were to choose, it’d be nice to have something like the Hundred Power, but less powerful, around 1.5 x maybe? When I have problems with opening a bottle or something.
  5. It’s a clash between an old-fashioned guy and a child of modern times. I think this kind of difference between people’s ways of thinking happens a lot these days, so it felt real. It also made me terrified to think that maybe someone thinks I’m old-fashioned, too! (laughs)
  6. I’m bad at working in a group, so I probably wouldn’t pair up with anyone. But well, if I had to, I wouldn’t want to be paired up with a dude. (laughs)
  7. There is still a long way for Yuri to go. I wonder where his beliefs will take him?
  8. I myself also enjoyed this production greatly. There are many things that haven’t been mentioned yet in the show, so please keep cheering us on so there would be more episodes!

Doc Saito

Iwasaki Hiroshi

  1. Very charming!
  2. Episode 23, when I appear with that big megaphone on my head. I thought that now I can talk normally!
  3. … No idea… I was too focused on Saitou!
  4. Wild Tiger’s Hundred Power
  5. Very cool! And photogenic!
  6. Blue Rose. Because Saitou could sing and dance!
  7. Aiming for appearing in every episode!
  8. Keep enjoying this show from now on too!

Kaede Kaburagi

Hidaka Rina

  1. When I saw this character’s design, I thought that she’s very cute, but after reading the scenario I understood she’s a very strong girl. It surprised me.
  2. After Kaede was trapped in that shrine and her father came running to help her, there was a scene in which he carried her crying. It left an impression on me, because Kaede showed her weak side, even thought she always seemed very collected.
  3. I love Sky High’s episode. It really moved me. But I also love all of Sky High’s repeated lines! (laughs)
  4. I think Kaede’s power is very nice. Since she has a copying power, she can use many different abilities, I find it very… useful. (laughs)
  5. They’re so different, but always support each other, I think they make a great duo. Very cool!
  6. Of course with Tiger! Father and daughter duo, it’d be so great~ But Kaede would probably get lectured by her father often… (bitter laugh)
  7. I’d like to see Kaede become a hero! Also maybe Kaede being all dere around her father~?
  8. Thanks for always supporting us. It was an original work, so I always looked forward to reading the scenario every week. Keep cheering on Tiger & Bunny, please!

Agnes Joubert

Kaida Yuuko

  1. Very sexy and confident career woman. I’d love to show a cool side like hers while also showing my inner feminine side!
  2. Last episode, a real turnabout! I made a great entrance!!
  3. Kotetsu’s “Why don’t you remember me!”. I really liked it when I saw it in the scenario, but Hirata-san made it even better.
  4. With Kaede’s power I could use different powers, that seems like fun! Besides that, Origami’s mimicry power. I’d try to be a spy!
  5. Oh, when I watched them, I couldn’t help but smile, or maybe rather smirk? Very good duo. I’m so envious of Barnaby, though.
  6. Fire Emblem. I’d love to open a Worries Consulting Room with him.
  7. There are so many mysteries left! I’m really looking forward to more!! I’d love to see both the “feminine” Agnes and the weaker side of Agnes.
  8. I was so excited about this show, it’s great! I was not only playing in this show, but also enjoyed it as one of the viewers every week. I’d love to see more, so keep cheering us on!

10 comments on “Cast comments from the Roman Album

  1. All the seiyuu are really adorable♥
    …and they seem to ship T&B just as hard as most of the fans (which is understandable, their relationship is just beautiful)
    Thank you very much for this translations!

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  3. It’s just me or Okamoto Nobuhiko and Yusa Kouji sound really boring? I mean, come on, it’s a fun job, you should sound more excited. Just a thought.

    I LOVE the rest of the cast, though, they are as adorable as it gets.

    • Yusa Kouji more so than Okamoto Nobuhiko but I definitely agree, c’mon guys!
      Maybe it’s unfair because we’re comparing them to the rest of the cast though, they’re just moe as fuck.

    • Tbh Okamoto seems enthusiastic to me, but I have to kind of agree with Yusa Kouji. Maybe it was his bad day or something, because he’s absolutely adorable in the other interview I translated (Yusa + Morita). He makes hilarious jokes about Lunatic.

      But yeah, the cast is beyond adorable.

    • If I remember correctly, he said “和テイスト” where 和 means something like Japan, Japanese style, テイスト means “taste”; he basically meant Ivan likes everything in Japanese style, so I used the weeaboo word since it kind of fits this and is often used by eng fandom to describe Ivan.

  4. Wow, thank you so much for this!!! I can’t say how much hearing the seiyuus’ love for T&B (both the show and the pair ;D) enhanced my currently raging love for the show. (Wish certain seiyuu over in the Soukyuu no Fafner camp could take a lesson from these guys *bitter*) These questions were SO AWESOME–I’m so grateful to the production staff for knowing just how to get our moe going~

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