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So, two movies. There’s no news yet on what they’ll be about, nor have I seen who’s in the staff (but I hope Satou will be directing again, and Nishida writing). I have a bit mixed feelings about that it’s going to be movies instead of S2 or OVAs, because I haven’t seen that many good movies based on TV anime.

My biggest worry is that the movies will be a recap – or even worse, recap that retcons the story. Recap movies tend to be boring since I’ve already seen the anime and I know what’ll happen, better graphics doesn’t really make it that much more interesting for me. The retcon movies on the other hand make me rage. Let’s take the Macross Frontier movies as an example; I saw the anime and I enjoyed it even though it had flaws and my favourite character got killed. The movies retconned so much of the story and characterization that I wasn’t even sure what I was watching – and I just couldn’t like them even though my favourite character survived in them. I really, really do not want to see retcon happen to Tiger & Bunny and its characters.

(To clarify: I don’t believe they’d take the recap/retcon route, especially if S2 is in the works behind the scenes; it makes more sense to do a proper lead up to it with the movies. It’s just something I wanted to note because many anime movies pick the easy way and recap the story.)

The new footage that was shown at the Hero Awards 2011 event may indicate that we’ll get a new story. The staff have stated on more than one occasion that they have a lot of material they couldn’t fit into the anime, so the possibility of all that being used for the movies is pretty high. They could do a lot of stuff with just the 10 month timeskip, but if I’d have to make bets I’d say at least one of the movies will be set after the anime ending because of what Ozaki mentioned in a recent interview. It’s also more than likely that the movies will get new sponsors since the sample pictures had the hero suits blank of advertisements. New project, new sponsors.

The other major gripe I have with anime movies is that I’m not in Japan and have no chance to go there just to see a movie. They can take up to a year to be released on BD/DVD, and the wait is going to be agonizing. The likelihood of getting spoiled for plot is pretty high, too, since I know many Japanese fans and I doubt I can avoid all the spoilers… I don’t know if I even want to avoid them because I’m dying for more Tiger & Bunny. I’ve seen some speculations about the movies making it to the USA pretty fast because the streams were so popular, which is great for the American fans. I’m European so I’ll probably get the Japanese version faster, though.

I’m pretty hopeful we’ll eventually get S2, and the movies’ job is to tide us over until then. Ozaki wanted to do a continuation fast, and a S2 wouldn’t have been ready until 2013. It’s understandable they want to make more when Tiger & Bunny is so popular. Too long wait would be bad in business sense, and Sunrise (and Bandai) are doing this for business after all. The movies are only step 2 in NEXT Project (Hero Awards was step 1) so who knows what we’ll get… I’ve heard there should be four steps in it.

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  1. I actually don’t have mixed feelings at all about the movies. I’m quite certain that they aren’t going to go the recap or recon route.

    Also, though this may only be for America and Viz, but when it comes to Tiger and Bunny Viz has been *very* interactive with the fans, asking what they would like to see and want in a DVD release and really taking into account the thoughts and feelings of the fans when it comes to the dub and what have you. So, between that and the fact that the Japanese voice actors and actresses and creators are very much so aware of the rather large foreign fan base, I have a feeling they are going to try and figure out a way to get the release of the movie out rather quickly (or, perhaps, some kind of streaming option will be available? Who knows.)

    Tiger and Bunny has been breaking records and expectations all over the place, so I have faith that it will continue to do so with the movies, too.

    And I also agree with you that we will eventually get a S2, it would only make sense. If we don’t get a S2 then there are going to be OVAs, at least. The movies will be used to keep the fanbase going and to keep the hype for the series high until the S2 gets greenlit and released.

    No matter how you look at it though, there is a lot to look forward to and to speculate about for the T&B fandom and community right now, and that should be really fun!

    • The little series that no one believed in (except the people who made it) has sure come a long way. I doubt they’ll recap/retcon, but it’s just one worry I wanted to lift on the table because a lot of anime movies take that route.

      I don’t really follow what Viz is doing because it has very little impact here, but I’m glad to hear they’re being interactive with the fans. (Kinda emphasizes what Ozaki said, that we’re all citizens of Sternbild – apparently we have some democracy!)

      • Exactly, Tiger and Bunny really is like the Little Series that Could, or something like that! XD But, yeah, I completely understand the concern over the movies being recap/retcon, because that is what many fans are fearing about right now. Though, it certainly seems as if that is not what we are going to be getting, thankfully.

        And yes, Viz is actually doing a really great job of being very interactive with the fanbase. They have a Facebook page set up that asks questions on what the fans would like to see being packaged along with the DVD releases, what fans would like to be brought over merchandise wise, and so on and so forth. So that, plus the amount of dedication they put into the Hulu simulcast makes me think they’ll try and do something to bring the movie over as quickly as possible.

        • Just want to say that is nice to know about Viz’s response on facebook.

          I guess I don’t have much faith in Viz based on how the handled other anime series. But if they want to prove themselves with Tiger & Bunny well as a fan I am all for it.

          • I’m not someone who was ever a big fan of Viz, simply because most of the anime and manga that they picked up was not something to my interest (or, it was something that I had a fleeting interest in but then got dragged out to the extreme, as Shonen Jump series tend to do, so then I dropped it). I only really have experience with the way Viz handled their Shoujo series.

            So, I’m not overly familiar with how Viz treats series, but I try to be optimistic and am basing my thoughts on how they are going to continue to handle Tiger and Bunny based off of how they handled it in the past and have currently been handling, which has been extremely good so far.

            Tiger and Bunny is different from the series that they usually deal with, especially with the sponsors concept making the series a bit more problematic when it comes to being placed on TV and such. So, with the amount of effort they are going to have to invest in this series, I think they are trying to do this correctly. So, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. ^^

            Tiger and Bunny

  2. A movie was a logical choice to fill in the blank. I just have some reservations for being two of them. Anyway, I´m pretty sure they´ll have something leading to the S2 on 2013, so, no recap, nor retcon.
    From the images available, I think the movie was already pretty much on board, even before the finale. It appears also that they might start the first movie with a training scene, a “fight” between the HEROes.
    I just hope they don´t get the wrong idea that they can put anything up that the fans will be buying. Because I won´t. Let´s set the bar higher, please.

    • The wait for S2 could take as long as Autumn 2013 depending on scheduling, so two movies is better than one to fill the gap. And as a T&B fan I expect to get something well-written, regardless of what form of media it comes wrapped in – because that’s what I’ve learned to expect from T&B.

  3. You pretty much echoed my thoughts & fears about a movie. I’ll be more excited when I hear it is confirmed that both movies will be completely new stories (no retellings or recaps please) but I am still worried about the long wait until I see these movies and the possible spoilers (which I know I won’t be able to stay away from. I have no will power).

    Unlike a lot of people here I don’t think I have so much faith in Viz bringing these movies over in timely fashion to the US. I would like to be wrong but the series isn’t even on TV yet, which I think really needs to happen to sell Tiger & Bunny here (and not at the worst time slot either).

    Finally I was hoping for season 2 as well (and maybe that will still be announced) but there was always a chance that a season 2 could have dragged the story out. If they want to tell the continuation of the story in movies, there is way less of a chance of that happening. In that sense I am optimistic that two films can tell a really good story.

  4. well, hopefully the movies will be on new material and not a hackneyed rehash of the previous storylines. but the way TB has played it cards, hopefully the original cast and staff can be onboard so they can continue the success of this series.

    i’d be curious to see what the reaction is, once it airs in the States. will it translate to the greater audience in the same way it did for its fervent fanbase?

    i find the lack of logos this time surprising. so if Amazon and Softbank dropped out of the game for the movies/S2 (unlikely), would that mean a whole new line of toys to be released?

    • You have to take into account that Sunrise is a subsidiary of Namco Bandai, so if there’s a chance for new figures to be made I’m sure they’ll grab it. Right now the figure releases are so spaced that I am not sure if they’ll manage to release them all before the first movie hits the cinemas.

      It’s of course possible that (some of) the current sponsors will return, or they’ll do the movies without sponsoring. I think some heroes will get more sponsors if they do use sponsoring, think of how Origami got decked out for 2nd cour.

  5. I’m also fairly confident that the movies won’t just be recaps. There’s so much potential for what they could do with the story and the characters so it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to make two recap movies. I hope I’m right about that anyway. I think that the two movies could actually create a pretty good set up for a second season so I still haven’t lost hope for S2 just yet.

    What I’m also really interested in is the dates they’re going to come out. I’m really hoping it’s sometime after March because by then I’ll actually be living in Japan. It’d be awesome to be able to see them straight away!

  6. I am worried about the movies being recaps or not living up to our standards, isn’t it awfully fast to push out two films after only spending a year and a half on them at best? I still believe in them as long as the original staff (minus animators for obvious reasons) is behind the work. Maybe we might get really lucky and somebody will camrip the films otherwise please no eight month wait just to have the DVD/BD available.

  7. Macross is a completely different beast considering Kawamori’s take on canon in the universe. The MF movies were never meant to be the same story completely. There are so many different takes on the same universe (movie, light novel, manga…) but all basically end in the same way. I wouldn’t expect the same thing to happen to T&B. I would dread something like TTGL, which I never liked the movies though I loved the series. Though I kind of half expect a recap for one movie and then a different story for the 2nd movie. The movie won’t live up to some standards, just like a 2nd season wouldn’t have lived up to some standards. I’m going to go in with an open mind and hope for the best. A movie is the best thing right now for them to do imo. It’s quick and keeps up interest in the series.

    • My stand on MF in general and Kawamori is that he has no idea what he actually wants to do with the story and the characters. I saw the first TTGL movie but I’ve never gotten around to watch the second, mostly because I didn’t like the first.

      I agree, movies are a good way to keep up interest. Right now they have a lot of stuff lined up to keep the franchise rolling for at least a few more years.

  8. I have faith in Sunrise and Bandai after the phenomenal success (well deserved) of Cowboy Bebop: Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door some years ago. I have a feeling the new movies will run in much the same manner. Maybe one of the movies will take place sometime during season one, and maybe the second will take place after season one leading in to the end of Tiger & Bunny or a season two.

    I honestly wouldn’t mind if they ended the series after the movies either. Granted, I LOVE Tiger & Bunny to no end but there is such a thing as overkill and I’d hate to see it get overdone.

    Hopefully VIZ media will hook the U.S. up for the movies like they did for the series. I think they should have a paid event on the computer or TV to be able to watch a subbed version of the movies. That would be really super. Fingers crossed!

    Just some ideas swirling around in my head c:

    • I feel the same and I really like that idea that you brought up for the movie (what Viz could possibly do). And speaking of Viz and the movie, on the Tiger and Bunny FB page they added a status today about the movies. Someone in the comments asked if it would be possible to have some kind of live Hero Awards event in NYC in 2012. The reply they got from the Tiger and Bunny was:

      “its a little hard to bring everyone over to NYC, but we have requested to get some footage of the event. If we can air it we’ll let you know when its available for viewing.”

      This is a very nice response and definitely gives me hope that they will try to make the movie transitions from Japan to America less of a wait than it usually is. ::Crosses fingers::

  9. I am at least hoping that they try with the movies to at least explain what Ouroboros is and maybe even have Barnaby find members of his family still alive.Too bad there isn’t going to be a second season,which is what some people were hoping for.

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