Translations from the article in Newtype November

Quick translations by Translatorbros from the Tiger & Bunny article in Newtype:

Kotetsu & Barnaby Synchro Check!

In the previews, they introduce themselves as “the one who”, but are there any quirks that actually apply to Morita and Hirata?

The following apply to both:

  • putting mayonnaise on everything
  • brushing teeth in the bath
  • saving the favorite thing for last
  • using two tissues
  • cutting nails short
  • using electric toothbrushes
  • reading the fan-letters at home
  • reading the advertisements first

The following quirks apply to only one:

  • crunching the candy (Morita)
  • eating the ice (Hirata)
  • liking the actresses that appear in dreams (Hirata)
  • having a mole on one foot (maybe Hirata?)

Favourite episodes:

Hirata: ep 17, followed by the final two, 24 and 25.
Morita: ep 17, and also ep 8 [Note: He talks about Barnaby getting drunk with Kotetsu, isn’t that ep 9?]

As for ep 17, Morita mentions it as the episode where Kotetsu goes back to his hometown and that he uses his powers to save his kid and that resonated with the fathers watching, and Hirata says this was around the time T&B started to get really popular, and when the tree was lifted it was like he could hear all the fans cheering.

Hirata’s harsh towards his character. As far as he is concerned, Kotetsu cries too much. [Note: He isn’t being serious about this, he’s laughing when he says it.]

Morita calls Barnaby after the timeskip “serene, warm and snuggly”.

Hirata liked Barnaby screaming over Kotetsu in ep24, since normally he only really raises his voice out of anger and rage.


One comment on “Translations from the article in Newtype November

  1. I thought the drunk episode Morita was talking about was actually from Drama CD 3, because Barnaby sounded like he had a bit of a hangover there after drinking with Kotetsu and that chairman of a company they were trying to get as a sponsor. XD;;

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