Review: Official Anthologies

I’m a bit reluctant to title this post “review” because it’s pretty hard to actually review these – the variation in art and stories is so great in each book. In the case of these anthologies, the word “official” just means that the stories were approved by Sunrise. These books don’t count as canon because the stories aren’t written by Nishida, but if you want more cute superheroes doing cute stuff, then there should be something for you in them…

TIGER & BUNNY Comic Anthology
Publisher: DNA Media Comics / Ichijinsha
ISBN: 9784758006491
Price: 890 JPY [CDJapan]

Cover art: Mikanagi Touya
Ichimaru Ano, Tsushima Shuu,
п-NEKO-R。, Mikawa Beruno, Yuzumame, RAMta, Risuno
Manga: Aiko, Arawa, Eikichi, Kari Erika, Kirai Yuu, Kugura Shiichi, Kukure Karei, Kurosawa Mao, Koutake Hiroyoshi, Secco, Nakatsu, Himeki, marina

DNA Media Comics is Ichijinsha’s label for manga and anthologies based on games and anime. Most of the stuff under this label is for shounen audience. The biggest name in this anthology is Mikanagi Touya (Karneval) who did the cover art.

Speaking of the cover, I just can’t get over how awkward the poses look like. There are other colour illustrations in the anthology and (in my opinion) they have much better composition. Overall the print quality of the book is excellent, the paper quality is higher than with the anthologies from Asuka Comics DX, and the font size is also bigger. I was a bit surprised that I didn’t enjoy this anthology as much as I expected. There are good stories, but I just felt like something was lacking – I just can’t put my finger on what it was. It could just be I was expecting too much since I really looked forward to this book.

Note: Has furigana for all kanji.


A 2nd anthology from DNA Media Comics has been announced, as well as 4-koma Kings anthology. They’re both coming out in October.


TIGER & BUNNY Official Comic Anthology #01
It takes two to make a quarrel.

Publisher: Asuka Comics DX / Kadokawa Shoten
ISBN: 9784048546966
Price: 600 JPY [CDJapan]

Cover art: Nishida Asako
Yamashita Nanao, Oda Suzuka
Manga: Ichimiya, Nijo Kuro, Sakusaka Min, Kanou Ayumi, Pochi, Mikimaki, Nagao Uka, Ohno Tsutomu, Fujioka Youko, Fujiwara Ryo, Kuriyama Renji, Tegoshihara Toru, Mitsushio Mamika, Matsuo Hazuki, Asami You, Sakazuki Ran, Hayato, Tomo

TIGER & BUNNY Official Comic Anthology #02
First catch your hare.

Publisher: Asuka Comics DX / Kadokawa Shoten
ISBN: 9784048546973
Price: 600 JPY [CDJapan]

Cover art: Nishida Asako
Tomo, Matsumoto Temari
Manga: Kaneshiki Suisu, Takarai Rihito, Kusuki Jun, Nokiya, Sawaike, Nagao Uka, Sakusaka Min, Kouno Suzu, Kuriyama Renji, Shion Arata, Ishida Souji, Matsuo Hazuki, Watari, Yoshimura Takumi, Mitsushio Mamika, Sakurai Aya, Soma Kazuki, Nap
Guest: Shinjo Mayu

Shinjo's message.

Asuka Comics DX (Deluxe) is Kadokawa Shoten’s shoujo label. Biggest names to appear in these two anthologies are probably Takarai Rihito (known BL mangaka) and Shinjo Mayu in vol. 2. However, if you’re a fan of Shinjo I’ll have to warn you: her appearance as a guest is only one page, and it’s just an illustration and handwritten message.

First impression of the covers was “Doesn’t this style look kinda familiar?” and after looking up the artist it changed to “Ha! I knew it!”. The covers are drawn by Nishida Asako, who’s an animator. She worked on Code Geass (I guess that’s where my “Bunny looks kinda geassy” impression came from) and she was also key animator on Tiger & Bunny episode 24.

These books are slightly smaller than the anthology from DNA Media Comics, and the paper feels a bit cheaper. Then again, the price is also cheaper. There’s – again – huge variations in art and stories. I liked these anthologies better although I didn’t like all the stories and a few artists were kinda off-putting for me. I was hoping there’d be more of the side characters such as Yuri, Ben and Saito, but the first volume had a story with John which was a nice surprise. Second volume had my favourite story so far, “Hero ga yattekita” by Sawaike, where Kotetsu plays with kids in a sandbox.

Note: There’s furigana for all kanji.

Samples from #01:

Samples from #02:

There are two more anthologies announced from Asuka Comics DX. #03 Hitch your wagon to a star. is coming out in November, #04 The age of miracles is past…!? in January.

Movic is also publishing a series of Tiger & Bunny Go! Go!! anthologies, but it didn’t say anything about “official” in the cover. I have no idea what’s going to be in those books but I ordered the first one anyway. It will probably arrive in a week or two so guess I’ll find out then.

TL;DR: I can’t recommend any single book, so just take a look at the samples (sorry about my QUALITY camera again) and artist lists and base your pick on those.

9 comments on “Review: Official Anthologies

  1. I own all of them and bought them as soon as they came out pft. I’ve only had the time to read the first one though. I’ll agree it’s not stellar but some of the stories like the Hero’s Kitchen one are just so ridiculous I can’t help but love them. (I think the cover pose is kind of unintentionally hilarious too; what is Barnaby even doing… also I love how Sky High seems to be kind of flailing like he’s lost control of his jetpack, while Ivan behind BlueRose just looks kind of confused about the whole cover) I’ve only flipped through ‘It takes two to make a quarrel’ so far but I already prefer it to the first comic anthology.
    I’m used to anthologies like this – the ‘mixed bag’-ness, because I’ve always loved DiGi Charat (which has many, many of these), plus I bought the Phoenix Wright ones as well. I personally enjoy these kind of things but I can understand how others might not.

    • My favourite story in the first anthology was the Girl Team going to the beauty parlor. Pao-Lin’s freakout was great, and I lol’d at Karina getting daughterzoned again in the end.

      I own some other anthologies, and usually there are only a couple of stories I really like, and at least one that I end up hating for some reason (usually it’s the art – I can be really picky about it), and the rest is just kinda inoffensive to me.

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