Translations of relationship charts from Gossips

I’m still suffering the feeling of our books sitting in the postal service logistics center in this town for all weekend because they didn’t get here early enough to be delivered on Friday.

In the meantime, thanks to translatorbros who have been luckier with the mail.

Kotetsu and Barnaby do not have relationship chart pages, although they are mentioned in other people’s charts.

  • Karina:
    • Crush → Kotetsu
      Since she has two personas (the dominant queen and the listless little girl), Blue Rose is often mistaken for being insincere. Yet Tiger noticed her real self and called her “surprisingly honest”, which charmed her immediately. But put together a dense individual and a dishonest one, and the day when the distance between them can be closed even a little is far away.
    • Rival → Barnaby
      Karina’s first impression of Barnaby was bad, since he’s blunt and outspoken despite being new in the hero business. But more than that, as he is Kotetsu’s precious partner, there is a lot about their closeness that worries her. Perhaps she would like to see herself on his place as the person closest to Kotetsu.
    • Girlfriend → Nathan
    • Woman she aspires to be → Agnes
      The competent producer of the HeroTV who manages the programme all by herself. She not only works hard, but also doesn’t forget her feminine image, so for Blue Rose she is the adult woman that she herself aspires to be.
    • A good person, but… → Keith
      Recognizing his strength and even hiding behind his back when troubled, Blue Rose is surprisingly trusting with Sky High. She also jumped right in when his own little love story appeared, but that might be because she doesn’t really see him as a member of the opposite sex.
  • Keith:
    • Can’t leave alone → Ivan
      To Origami, who was insecure and uncertain about what he should do as a Hero, Sky High was the first person who started talking to him and offering the words of encouragement. Origami admires strength, so King of Heroes and his tough body build have immediately earned his trust. Sky High himself on the other hand, perhaps felt sympathy for serious and awkward Origami.
    • Adult relationship?! → Nathan
      Knowing about his “night work”, he gives him a call when he’s feeling down…. Fire Emblem secretly supports Sky High. As expected of a relationship between fellow adults. It has been established that Sky High attends a certain club that Nathan manages to his tastes. It seems he mistook it for just a coffee shop… but they unexpectedly got along!?
    • Somebody who sets him straight → Kotetsu
      Tiger is the one who corrects air-headed Sky High the most often. Even when he got all excited about his catchphrase, Kotetsu flatly told him “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”. It is an important connection to have when everybody reveres you so much.
    • An important friend → Barnaby
      Both during the Jake incident and during the mistaken hunt for Kotetsu, the consideration for his comrade Barnaby lied at the core of Keith’s dedication. Also the one who got others to celebrate Barnaby’s birthday, Keith might be a real “quiet force”.
    • Well-matched? → Karina
      Perhaps it’s due to her experiences as an idol, but Blue Rose is rather harsh towards men, yet even she admires Sky High. Both beautiful, might they make a good match?
  • Ivan:
    • Aspires to be? → Kotetsu
      Taking Kotetsu’s appeal to heart, Origami faced Lunatic. The appreciative “Well done” he got after that undoubtedly made him very happy. He was also relived when he was told that Barnaby’s sudden disappearance wasn’t because of Tiger, so that’s another thing that illustrates that Tiger is somebody he both trusts and admires.
    • Ying and yang → Keith
      Air-headed, bright and solidly built Sky High is the direct opposite of small and negative Origami. Even in the rankings they are heaven and earth, so to Origami he is an unreachable existence, and his valor, as splendid as the Mt. Fuji, is something he undoubtedly envies.
    • Kouhai and sempai → Barnaby
      Younger than Barnaby, but went through the Academy first. It’s amusing that timid Origami is the only Hero whom audacious and brazen Barnaby calls “sempai”.
    • Same generation → Pao-Lin
      Since Blue Rose is too busy fantasizing about old men, for Origami Dragon Kid might be a better person to talk to. He calculatingly photobombs during her appearances and even looks after her as her senior.
      [Note: emphasis mine because it amused me.]
    • Kissing partner?! → Nathan
      Fire Emblem had said, “If you return safely, I’ll give you a kiss”. Origami, who certainly didn’t even have the self-confidence to kiss a girl, his First Kiss partner… a woman!?
  • Antonio:
    • Known for 10 years → Kotetsu
      Have known each other since high-school. Maybe it’s because they both know each other’s embarrassing escapades during the teenage years, but when they get together for a drink in the bar the atmosphere between them resembles that of two young boys. In this relationship where delicacy is not needed, attempts at putting on airs are probably seen right through.
    • Friend who understands him → Nathan
      He gets his butt groped a lot, but of course, that’s not the full extent of their relationship. Fire Emblem understands both Bison’s personality and his weakness. When the two of them go to a bar, the adult atmosphere that comes out is different from that when he’s with Kotetsu.
    • Friend’s daughter → Kaede
      He was the only Hero who had known about Kaede’s existence for a long time. But since he had never met her, he got rather excited when she appeared before the Heroes and pressed on Kotetsu to introduce her.
    • Friend’s partner → Barnaby
      As for Barnaby, who appeared as Kotetsu’s partner to form the first Hero Duo, Rock Bison considers him the partner of a close friend. While supporting the pair’s partnership, he watches over them.
    • Somebody who he should be like → Keith
      “If King of Heroes says so, I’ll follow”. As this statement illustrates, he really seems to acknowledge Sky High’s superiority. It’s obvious from both his words and conduct that he considers Sky High to be somebody extraordinary.
  • Nathan:
    • Good girlfriend → Agnes
      Two career people who live for their job, both brimming with confidence and swagger. When Kotetsu got involved with the two of them during the murder suspicion incident, the experience was cringe-worthy for him.
    • Out of range → Doc Saito
      To Fire Emblem, who likes men with strong personalities, somebody like Saito is outside of his defense zone? Or perhaps an unique phenomenon that piques his curiosity? Saito on the other hand doesn’t like the excitable Fire Emblem very much.
    • Fellow company owner → Maverick
      While they are the same from the position of being business owners, they both faced an entirely different fate. In ep. 25, “You’re a man who just doesn’t know when to give up!” were the words he threw at the form of cornered Maverick, who was trying to somehow escape.
  • Pao-Lin:
    • Opposite heroine → Karina
      On one hand, there is the sweet, singing and dance idol hero. On the other, there is the Kung-Fu master, boyish and youngest hero. While they could be said to have total opposite personalities, each one of them is level-headed. Wouldn’t it be good to hear more of the unique conversations between girls of this age.
    • Father and daughter → Kotetsu
      It is probably inevitable that Kotetsu, who himself has a daughter, sees something from her in Dragon Kid. This is also why he got sad when seeing how little Dragon Kid appreciates her parents’ thoughts. For Dragon Kid, he too is somebody somewhat resembling a father. Is he capable of providing her some support, since she lives away from her parents?
    • Looks after her affectionately → Nathan
      There are many scenes when the two of them plus Blue Rose get together with an cheery atmosphere of a girl club. Fire Emblem watches over her as she matures while maintaining her boyishness.
    • Unusual/Curious…? → Barnaby
      The scene in which Barnaby, who coolly deals with others, places the girl who had fallen asleep onto the futon was impressive. Doing such things as giving advice on how to communicate with her parents, shows a curiously kind interaction.
    • Good partner → Natasha
      Somebody who supports her in work, provides cheerful company during meals and even offers straight criticisms. They are not just work partners, but also people who fit well in their daily life.
      [Note since everyone’s asking about this: Natasha is Pao-Lin’s manager and guardian in Sternbild. She’s the blonde woman who’s shown in the beginning of episode 9 trying to get Pao-Lin to wear the hairpin.]

8 comments on “Translations of relationship charts from Gossips

  1. Thank you very much for sharing these! ^_^

    “as he is Kotetsu’s precious partner, there is a lot about their closeness that worries her”
    I found this to be very amusing. Barnaby, Karina’s rival (in love). XD Poor thing. It doesn’t seem like she stands a chance against Bunny’s bromance with Kotetsu. lol

    And what is this ‘adult relationship’ between Keith and Nathan?? I’m curious about what this “certain club” is like.

    Also, does this mean that Ivan’s first kiss was… Nathan? o_o

    “He gets his butt groped a lot, but of course, that’s not the full extent of their relationship.”
    This had me in stitches. XD

    There is so much… what’s the word, innuendo? in this. It’s great, haha. I think I found Fire Emblem’s relationship with the other heros to be the most entertaining. Too bad there aren’t ones for Kotetsu and Baranby though. I guess we’ll just have to leave it to our imagination?

    • The “certain club” is featured on the 4th Limited Edition Blu-ray drama CD. There’s a translation here, done by an anonymous translator.

      It seems Ivan really did get that kiss from Nathan that he was promised during the Ouroboros arc. Hehe.

      • Ah I see! Thanks!
        I think I love Keith even more now after reading that. Sometimes I really do wonder if he actually does know what’s going on… hehe.

  2. “Kotetsu and Barnaby do not have relationship chart pages, although they are mentioned in other people’s charts.”

    Nice trolling Sunrise,
    just as if we weren’t interested in reading about their relationship, like srsly.
    Does it mean that there’s something about their feelings towards each other that they want to keep in a secret? >: D Yeah, imagination, I hate you anyway

  3. No relationship pages for Kotetsu and Barnaby? Thanks Sunrise, thank you so much, I do enjoy a good trolling. -__-

    Thank you for providing this info. I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of that. I think I love Nathan more and more each time we receive some new information. Poor Keith though, Karina doesn’t think of him as one of the opposite sex…ouch.

  4. ahsdkjah I just typed a long reply and it was deleted,
    Anyway, just wanted to thank you guys for posting these- I find them highly enjoyable to read. ❤
    I was rather dissapointed that Barnaby and Kotetsu do not have their own relationship charts- perhaps its difficult to write for both of them without affecting significant character dynamics.

    Or we are being trolled again.

    I found this relationship chart extremely shippy/slash friendly? Im guessing that "adult relationship" might mean that Nathan feels most "woman-like/sensual" around Keith, haha.
    But then again Nathan seems to be sensual among every male hero.

    Also, I finally understand why Keith/Ivan is so popular. XD I thought they looked cute together before this; but having some sort of background/substance/insight to their relationship is nice.
    It's adorable how Keith feels overprotective over Ivan, and that Ivan looks up to Keith. Part of me thinks the producers caught up with the appeal of the pairing to fangirls and wrote these up.

    lol on Barnaby being Karina's "love" rival.

    I heard that the 5th Drama CD seems to ship Karina/Pao Lin as well.

  5. Many thanks to you guys and /a/ for these, I’m glad the fandom has such a wonderful central resource.

    Karina: Haha oh my god, Barnaby as her love rival confirmed in print.

    Ivan: Dat Mt. Fuji comment. Dat ‘Origami-senpai’.

    Nathan: My kingdom for onscreen/page/CD interaction with Agnes.

    Pao-Lin: As someone really sensitive to fiction denigrating female characters that don’t exhibit socially acceptable levels of femininity, I thought the show tried presenting her forays in to femininity as transient and only for her parents’ sake, not as something she needed to strive for in order to better herself. It perhaps wasn’t executed as well as it could have been, but it’s nice to have official confirmation on that front (Nathan, you are the best).

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