Heroes singing

It’s Superhero Saturday which means I gotta distract myself somehow while waiting for the new episode. So here’s some music by the heroes’ voice actors from their previous animes. I think that there needs to be a Nathan character song single, Tsuda’s voice is like honey to my ears. And speaking of character songs, there’s still no track listing for the Wild Tiger & Barnaby Brooks Jr. character song single that’s coming out in August. (I’m still hoping for that duet.)

A compilation of all the men’s singing voices:

Mariya Ise aka Dragon Kid:

Blue Rose’s character song single is out already, but here’s Minako Kotobuki singing as herself:

And some more Hiroaki Hirata aka Wild Tiger because he sounds so good:


7 comments on “Heroes singing

  1. Lately I’ve been listening to One Piece character songs, and The Great Blue ~ Dessert wa Kimi (sung by Sanji/Hirata) is pretty good. Although, since I’ve been watching T&B my mind has been correcting ‘honey’ to ‘Bunny’ which makes it very… interesting.

    • Sanji’s songs are really good! But then I found the full version of Hirata’s song on that medley and it’s been on loop ever since.

      Morita’s always been a bit of a hit-and-miss for me when it comes to his songs but he’s improved a lot from the Bleach days so I have hope for the T&B character song.

      • Yeah, he has. Everyone involved is really good, actually. I’m kind of surprised Blue Rose’s were kind of bland, I usually like Minako… oh well. I can’t wait.

        • Blue Rose’s songs were really in character, though. Sadly the end result wasn’t that good.

          I’m usually not very keen on character songs (some seiyuu are pretty bad singers) but T&B has some really good ones so I wouldn’t mind getting a full set of hero songs.

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