Artist list for Tiger & Bunny 4-koma Kings Anthology

Information about Tiger & Bunny 4-koma Kings anthology was posted at The anthology will be published by Ichijin-sha (like the first official comic anthology). Cover art will be by Takayama Shinobu (Amatsuki).

TIGER & BUNNY 4-koma Kings Anthology
Publisher: DNA Comics / Ichijin-sha
ISBN: 9784758006590
Price: 720 JPY
Release date: Oct. 25, 2011
Available at: [CDJapan] []

Cover art: Takayama Shinobu
Kyuugou, Kosumi Fujiko,
Manga: Aiko, Ari, Katou Michiru, Kari Erika, Kirai Yuu, Kuriyama Kiyoshi, Koutake Hiroyoshi, Sakazaki Mei, jam3, Setsurarima, Tokei, Nanten (?), Hazaki Yurika (?), Hama, Magami Kuriko, Kannagi Akira (?), Mikawa Beruno

Note: I did my best with romanizing the names but I am totally not familiar with the artists, so if you know correct romaji for the ones I’ve marked with a (?) please do let me know.

(I like the cover art so much more than for the first comic anthology. Less awkward poses for one thing.)


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