Speculation: Barnaby’s Memories part 3 (updated)

I checked the BD version, and the scene we talked about in the previous memory speculah post wasn’t changed in episode 6. The flashback scene in episode 7 got some added static and I also noticed something else when watching it.

Like hell this answers any questions we have, but it confirms that Jake was planted into Barnaby’s memories.

Unless EMS delivery derps, my Official Hero Book is gonna be here in the morning. So I’m gonna do like kids before Christmas and go to bed early. (*´∀`)ノ Rest of the speculah can wait.

Update: Jake Martinez’s design from the Official Hero Book. No tattoo.

4 comments on “Speculation: Barnaby’s Memories part 3 (updated)

  1. or the guy really could be jake. the fire *is* spreading, so perhaps the reason why he looks different as we get a closer look at his profile is because the flames are eating away at his features.

    • LOL. This made more sense than I would expect it to.

      Anyway, if he bunt his face that much, it would be damn hard to, erm, recognize any features of his facade, unless there’s no one else that got face-burnt. He could be dead too, if this was the case, anyways.

      But well, those flames on his facade really look like the beams Jake was capable of shooting, even though those weren’t really like flames whatsoever. And also, the way he portraits the act reminds me of how Lunatic bunt when fighting against his own father.

      • More like it should remind you of how Cis’ features(skin, clothes, her everything) burnt up when she started fighting Tiger and Barnaby. I read awhile back that someone mentioned the killer could have been an android. I think this is entirely possible considering Mr. And Mrs. Brooks would have been on the “science team” way back when.
        Even though Rogwart(?) said Cis was like the ultimate android..maybe she was just the best one HE had made?

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