So in the episode 20 post we speculated about Lunatic might be with the “real Ouroboros” – that is, if it even exists. Something kept bothering me about the whole thing, thought… And then I remembered that Lunatic killed that guy with the Ouroboros tattoo in episode 6. That guy – let’s call him Bob for the lack of a better name – was assumed to be with Ouroboros. But what if he wasn’t?

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Episode 20 or could this get any worse?

Things just keep getting worse and worse. And what makes it even worse than that is that there are still five episodes left and we’re not sure if our bodies can take all this.

This episode had some really horribly derpy animation in the beginning, but to be honest I think it just adds to the charm of the series. Tiger & Bunny is even more awesome considering how well it sells compared to many other series with better animation. These guys are doing it right, despite being so constricted by the shoe-lace budget. (And I have no doubt this episode will receive corrections for the BD/DVD release.)

20. Full of courtesy, full of craft.

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Speculah: Special “what is going on because I have no idea anymore” Edition

Okay, we can stop speculating about how Barnaby’s parents died and who killed them and why. That doesn’t mean that everything is solved. Quite the opposite, in fact. And the whole jazz with how Ouroboros plays into everything still isn’t resolved.

Cutting for spoilers, and because this got a bit long.

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Episode 19 or plot and tears

Another one of those “I don’t even know where to start” -posts. We thought that episode 12 was painful to watch but this was even worse now that we’ve gotten even more invested to the characters and so many bad things are happening. This episode had two major points: Kotetsu and Barnaby’s unsteady partnership, and the revelation of what really happened on that day 21 years ago when Barnaby’s parents died.

19. There’s no way out.

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