So in the episode 20 post we speculated about Lunatic might be with the “real Ouroboros” – that is, if it even exists. Something kept bothering me about the whole thing, thought… And then I remembered that Lunatic killed that guy with the Ouroboros tattoo in episode 6. That guy – let’s call him Bob for the lack of a better name – was assumed to be with Ouroboros. But what if he wasn’t?

Bob doesn’t seem like the type Jake Martinez and Kriem hung out with, and we first saw him before the bombing incident in episode 3, where he’d actually rigged that bomb. The whole thing was probably a set up by Maverick, since a) Barnaby had been trained to defuse bombs and b) it would boost his popularity. And it just happened to take place right when Barnaby was there.

So let’s assume Bob was with this “a certain organization” Maverick talks about. (Very likely some sort of mafia.) The Ouroboros tattoo could be fake, just to keep Barnaby on the chase that would eventually lead to Jake Martinez. He also had an exosuit similar to what the Mad Bears that Kriem controlled were piloting during the Ouroboros attack, so this points to the whole thing actually being orchestrated as well. We can also assume that Ouroboros is just a fake organization and Lunatic took Bob out in a random act of blue frames flames.

However, if we assume that Bob was with Ouroboros, and Lunatic is with Ouroboros – if it exists – Bob may have crossed the line and that’s why Lunatic got rid of him.

And well, I think you should just see for yourself what happened then:

[18:29] [derpchan] but if we go back to this thing… I guess we could assume the black guy was from the aru soushiki, not ouroboros (if it exists)
[18:29] [derpchan] … there’s so many things wrong with that sentence I just typed
[18:30] [derpchan] fabrication! total fabrication!
[18:43] [Aki_the_geek]:

[18:43] [Aki_the_geek] tl;dr fuck you satou

I rest my case. ( ゚Д゚ノ)ノ~┻┻

Wise thing to do now would be not to speculate anything before we know more. So Mr. Petrov working hard in the preview, get us some facts, please!

2 comments on “Speculah: BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

  1. I usually don’t leave comments but I couldn’t keep myself from laughing really hard this time.

    The Blue Frame reference was EPIC. Totally EPIC. \(; U ;)/

    And you know what? I heard that the Blue Frame is great when you’re trying to make a Bourgeois Open Flame Broil! /smacked

    I absolutely love this blog and I look forward to your next posts!

    • Thank you, and again thank you!

      (I actually try to tone down our innate crazy when I write speculah, but this whole Ouroboros mess makes our heads hurt.)

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