Tiger & Bunny -The Beginning- information from around the interwebs

Tiger & Bunny was featured on morning TV in Japan the other day, and new footage of the movie was shown. The theme song for the movie “Linear Blue wo Kikinagara” will be performed by UNISON SQUARE GARDEN who also performed the first opening “Orion wo nazoru”. The new NEXT appearing in the movie is called Robin and he’ll be voiced by Yamaguchi Kappei.

The new Cinema★Cinema magazine features Tiger & Bunny movies, and there’s information also in other new magazines on the movie.

From this month’s Otona Animedia’s interview with Yonetani:

  • Tiger & Barnaby’s suits will be explored in more detail in the movie.
  • Sky High, Origami, and Blue Rose’s suit gimmicks will also get some attention.
  • The scenes concerning T&B’s suits are somewhat prominent.
  • The way the other heroes interacted with the main pair at first will be shown.
  • Shadowing, mouth movement, and the way eyes are drawn have been revised and made more cohesive; the old footage has been fixed accordingly.

Animage, Yonetani’s interview:

  • The movie’s story is based on episodes 1 and 2.
  • From now on Nishida is not just the script writer, but the “story director”.
  • Among other things the movie contains scenes from the first meeting between Barnaby and the other heroes.
  • Close-up on Tomoe will be there as well.

Animage, Hirata’s and Morita’s interview:

  • The voice recording is all done.
  • The movie is 90 minutes long.
  • Plenty of “behind the scenes” material; for example the way Tiger & Barnaby’s suits work and how they put them on.


  • An interview with Hirata and Morita.
  • Next month’s issue will have Tiger & Bunny on the cover and it will contain a special novel.

Cinema★Cinema cover plus special: Tiger & Bunny The Movie:

  • Cover, insert and a double-sided pinup.
  • Opening special “Crazy About Partners”.
  • Interview with director Yoshitomo Yonetani and Ozaki.
  • Hirata and Morita talk “‘Buddy’ Only Knows”.
  • A look back at the partner masterpiece Tiger & Bunny.
  • Sneak peak at T&B The Live.

If you experience lust for the Cinema★Cinema magazine, I found it at least at CDJapan (though their rates for magazine shipping are horrible).

A new movie trailer will be available on July 7th in theaters in Japan, featuring the new song. I’m not certain if it will be available online simultaneously or if we have to wait a bit.

(Sources: T&Bros on /a/ and Tumblr.)

And totally unrelated, but I got my copy of KING OF WORKS and I’ll see if I can get a review together this weekend with plenty of pics!

Tiger & Bunny first movie to premiere in the UK on September 22

As I recall, Ozaki talked about wanting to bring the Tiger & Bunny movies to the West. And he has hereby stood behind his word.

MangaUK tweeted this image earlier today and when I saw the “Movie 1 Premiere” on the poster I thought “it couldn’t be…” but the U.K. fans – and consequently European fans since this brings the BDs and DVDs closer to our reach – are getting a really good treatment. The first BD/DVD combo volume is coming out October 29th in the U.K.

(I also noticed that Blue Rose is gone from the promotional poster. The poster looks so much better without her that it just underlines how pasted on she was in the previous version.)

I know I can’t be the only one planning a trip to the U.K. in September, right?

Update: According to The-O Network, Viz’s North American release of Tiger & Bunny on DVD and Blu-ray will be early 2013. It could mean that the dub will first be broadcast on TV in the USA, and it goes straight on DVD in the U.K.

Of course, the dates could be subject to change…

TIGER & BUNNY -The Beginning- Movie Trailer!

The movie trailer we’ve been waiting for is finally available at the official Tiger & Bunny site. As usual, normal servers aren’t built to endure a horde of T&B fans rushing to get the latest goodies, so if the video doesn’t load just wait a bit and try again.

The trailer is really short – too short in our opinion. We want more Tiger & Bunny! One thing is clear, though; they finally got some proper animation budget. The movement is so smooth. Most of the cuts shown on the trailer are new material, and we are really looking forward to seeing the rest.

Ozaki mentioned they are planning an international release for the movie, not just for the Asian market but also to the West. This probably means the countries where it was simulcast, so keep your fingers crossed…

Update: Youtube video added.

Ustream Special Lag And New Sponsors

Hirata: *photobombs*
Morita: “Ojisan!”

I did my best to watch the special on Ustream, but the extreme lag made it really difficult. Seems that they didn’t show the trailer, but I’m not 100% sure because the stream blacked out for minutes at one point, exactly when they were talking about the movie. Ozaki, Hirata and Morita were chatting and they seemed to have a lot of fun but the stuttering and constant freezes made it impossible to keep up with what exactly they were talking about.

New Sponsors

The movie will have the heroes with some new sponsors. The official movie site has them all listed with pictures of the placement, but here they are for convenience:

Wild Tiger: SoftBank, S.H. Figuarts, FamilyMart (new)
Barnaby Brooks Jr.: Bandai, Crusade, Amazon.co.jp
Blue Rose: Pepsi NEX
Rock Bison: Gyu-Kaku, HYBRID Futomen Doudou (new)
Sky High: Ustream, Tamashii Nations, T-Joy (new), MOVIX (new)
Dragon Kid: Calbee, DAM (new)
Fire Emblem: Animate, Domino’s Pizza (new)
Origami Cyclone: Takasu Clinic, Namu Kyara Ouendan, minimini (new), Bandai Visual Club (new)

So only Barnaby and Blue Rose didn’t get any new sponsors. To me the FamilyMart logo on Wild Tiger’s suit looks weird since the old advertisements blended so well with it. Anyways. Brace your wallets because you do realize what these new sponsors mean?

Yeah. Tiger & Bunny S.H. Figuarts The Movie Edition are looming in the future.

Also, Morita will be a guest in Hoshizora Sunrise radio tomorrow, and starting April he’ll also be a personality hosting Hero Radio on Ustream. (Again, region locked.)

Tiger & Bunny Special Broadcast on Ustream 3/24

To commemorate the start of ticket sales for the first Tiger & Bunny movie and the series landing in Hong Kong, Premium Bandai is presenting a special report on Ustream on March 24th. Hirata Hiroaki, Morita Masakazu, and executive producer Ozaki Masayuki are making appearances. They also plan to show the trailer for the first movie.

Broadcast times:

USTREAM: 3/24 at 23:40-24:10 JST (rerun on 3/25 at 11:40-12:10 JST)
TOKYO MX: 3/27 at 23:00-3:30 JST
BS11: 4/6 at 24:30-25:00 JST

As usual, the Ustream broadcast is probably region locked. I can understand why the series broadcasts were locked, but I don’t think it’d hurt them to unlock the stream for the promotion stuff. The trailer will probably pop up on Nicovideo and/or YouTube soon after, though.

And if you’re looking for more ways to spend money… Bandai Namco Live TV‘s shopping program Item Thursday had a T&B special this week and the reruns are this weekend at 20:15 JST on Saturday and 19:00 JST on Sunday. (Worth watching. They have more cake.)