Hey, do you remember?

Hello, this is derpchan, the member of This is Sternbild who’s been rewatching the series from the beginning with Aki! Seeing all those early episodes – when the series was a happy-fun-cute-superheroes-doing-cute-superhero-stuff kinda thing – feels a bit nostalgic. It also made me think of how I started watching Tiger & Bunny in the first place…

Remember this anime chart for Spring season? In March/April, I made lists of stuff I was going to check out when the new season would start, and here’s what I said back then:

  • Not terribly excited about the anime this spring, but there’s still stuff to watch.
  • [Tiger & Bunny] …sounds so preposterous it’s bound to be amusing.
  • What the hell kind of a name is “Tiger & Bunny”? Seriously?

A good beginning makes a good ending.

Then the 1st episode of Tiger & Bunny came out, and I realized I had watched it at least three times before the 2nd aired. I remember thinking that Sky High was pretty cool and that Kotetsu was kind of a derp. And Bunny? Oh boy, he rubbed me the wrong way right from the start. I thought he was acting like a huge dick (although he did get some points for that first Princess Carry).

The following I wrote in June:

  • When I started watching Tiger&Bunny my initial thought was that the whole premise of sponsored superheroes was utterly laughable. But I was sold after the first episode. The cast is excellent, and all the characters are amazingly lovable.

Little did I know that just a few weeks after I typed those sentences, I’d be starting this blog with Aki. I think that teaming up with her made me like the show even more – and we’ve had a ton of fun talking about it. In fact, whenever we talk about something else it doesn’t take long before the topic somehow gravitates back to Tiger & Bunny. (The tagline in the main page sidebar is not a lie!)


Then came the 2nd cour, and Summer season started. By this time I had – at first a bit reluctantly – started liking Bunny. This time I didn’t even bother to make a list for the new season, because of this:

While shopping for all that lovely merchandise that had finally started appearing, I realized that “Damn it, Barnaby is my favourite character. When did that happen?” I had also thought that Nathan was awesome pretty early on, but around that time I realized that he was my 2nd favourite character. I love all the characters (except Maverick), so ranking them is pretty hard beyond the Top Three. Kotetsu is 3rd by the way.

I’ll take the risk of sounding like a sad no-life and confess that the graph above is still accurate. I haven’t been this invested in an anime (or any series/movie/book/manga for that matter) before, despite being active follower of many of them over the years. It is kinda scary to think that in just a few days, the series will be over (save for possible plans for continuation of some sort). Granted, there’s the reruns, manga publications, lots of merchandise, BDs coming out… So it won’t really be “over” over. But the weekly wait for new episode won’t be there anymore.

These feelings I’m feeling

Another thing is how Tiger & Bunny has made all other anime seem bland in comparison. I’ve been an avid reader all my life reading novels from different genres, so I guess it’s not surprising that what I find most enjoyable in Tiger & Bunny is the human drama and how it’s written. The characters feel so real and their behaviour and reactions so natural. I have to agree with the voice actors that it’s a good thing to have an older protagonist. Looking at the Autumn season that’s about to start, I’m just not feeling much towards any series. Everything seems so generic, though it’s possible there’s a pleasant surprise hiding among them to fill some of the void. It’s too early for Tiger & Bunny’s possible influence to show in other shows, but there’s a lot more that you can do with anime series than just tell stories about high school kids.

The staff&cast of Tiger & Bunny kept believing in it even when the studio didn’t. They have earned their praise and I hope they’re proud of what they’ve created. The end result may not be perfect in every aspect, but in my opinion those imperfections (like QUALITY gym) give the series a kind of unique character.

Last but not least… Thank you, and again thank you to all T&Bros around the world for being an awesome bunch of people. It’s a pleasure to watch the show with you. \|宜|


31 comments on “Hey, do you remember?

  1. I cried when I read this wonderful comment.
    First, thank you and thanks again to you, who have made this series epic and unforgettable with your actions, always timely, perfect, and fabulous.
    Each episode is relived through the lines of your comment, and emotions are amplified throughout the week to the NEXT.
    It have been a strong path, lived together with the path of our heroes who have taken life and form through these pages.
    I feel like those who returned from a wonderful trip, is sighing with nostalgia, again with the memory and the best moments of intense journey.
    Because ours, was a wonderful trip, sometimes funny, sometimes bitter and painful, but for this indelible.

    I began to watch Tiger & Bunny because I saw a beautiful fan art of Barnaby and fell in love with him instantly.
    When I’ve seen Tiger for the first time, I did not think he was the protagonist, then I noticed his lower back, highlighted by the blue jumpsuit and left the head.
    The rest is history: Bunny has disappeared from my thoughts and my heart and my mind were captured by Kotetsu, the most funny, incredibly real character that anyone has ever described.
    I will miss everything about him, my 3D life will always be uncompleted from now on.
    The journey is over. Days like these do not come back.
    So long … T & B

  2. Pff I started tearing up when I read the last line. Again.

    You know, when I started watching, which I didn’t even want to do in the first place, I didn’t even like it, the first episode didn’t seem all that great to me. Kotetsu was. Kotetsu was being adorable and not too happy about his life and his work and I just couldn’t help but be drawn to him.
    As soon as we got to the second episode it changed entirely, I started to like Barnaby, to discover everyone else to get even more curious about their past and their feelings and the more it went the more addicted I became.
    Before I even knew it I lived for Saturdays.

    And fuck will it hurt when there won’t be any Saturday to look forward to anymore.
    Hell it already hurts so much only thinking about it

    • Yeah it’s funny how this show takes over your life. Weeks somehow turned into Saturdays and not-Saturdays. And soon there won’t be anything but not-Saturdays…

      • You sadist.
        DON’T REMIND ME!

        I think I’ll just rewatch one or a few episodes every Saturday because I’m not too sure I’ll be able to bear a life without Tiger&Bunny.

          • Well, I need them, it was an empty threat from the start.
            You can’t possibly update the blog without them, nor can you work on more doujin, you see.

            And my imagination is stuck on a single question : is he alive? So there’s no space anymore to think about torture. I’ll change that on Saturday I promise.

  3. That chart applies to me too, my gods! But I regret nothing :D. I love absolutely everything about this series. I’ve been gently winding down from my year and a half long obsession with Cowboy Bebop, so I was looking for something other than the generic scifi/moe/shonen stuff that’s out these days, something vibrant and fun but also with much more substance underneath. And Tiger & Bunny filled that role perfectly! Kotetsu especially is a character I will take with me for a long time. He’s the most human character I’ve seen for a long while, very easy to relate too and I also look up to him a lot. I think his never-ending enthusiasm, infectious optimism and strong belief in himself is so heart-warming.

    As the series progressed I did actually give up at one point around episode 11/12 mostly because of the weird character designs (seriously those sisters in episode 9?) and because I thought it was all going to be filler and I felt it was focusing too much on Barnaby (those were the days), but then I read about Yuri’s past and I quickly rushed back, and now watching those episodes again I really do wonder why I left. They’re so good! And Barnaby is awesome! And the second cour just kept getting better and better and better, and then episode 17 happened. I’m always partial to a good character development episode, and that one was beautiful. Oh Kotetsu, I’m glad you’re not real because I think I’d squeeze the life out of you with my hugging if you were. And it just kept getting better!

    Another thing I love about the show is the fandom. A lot of it seems to be fujoshi lol, but IMO that’s part of the charm (I personally dislike the Bunny/Kotetsu pairing though). It’s a very laid back fandom, and literally anything goes and I really feel like I’ve been a part of something, whether it’s through taking part in your fried rice event to watching the ridiculous Backstreet Boys MMD (that song will never be the same). I also really want to thank you and Aki for the translations of the interviews and everything else, since I’m loving just how awesome the staff and cast are for this show. They’re so enthusiastic about it!

    So yeah. The tl;dr version of this post: THANK YOU AND THANK YOU AGAIN! 😀 The show is awesome, you guys are awesome, everybody ftw.

    • I have to say, thanks right back at ya. When we started this blog we thought like “pft, no one’s gonna be crazy enough to read our speculah and stuff” so we’re a bit surprised how many people read our posts. T&Bros are an awesome bunch of people, and it’s a lot of fun to hang out with them.

      I think the enthusiasm of the staff&cast was really what made T&B so great, they enjoy what they do and it makes us enjoy it even more.

  4. I think is my time to de-lurking myself, and stop stalking~

    HELLO! I’m a fervent reader of your weekly (almost daily) updates about this amazing anime /and fandom/ that is Tiger & Bunny *w*

    I was… kind of doubting about responding every time I read a new post– It’s that they’re so well written and thought and expressed!!, that I felt like my very limited English vocabulary wouldn’t let me to write anything but agfdsagscasgrdagdc.
    You always seem to be taking the words from my mouth ;___; What you always say it’s so accurate!! I remember when you two started suspecting of Maverick, and that Bunny’s memories could have been modified, and I was like “Meh, that’s impossible”— and then IT HAPPENED!! That time I literally kissed my screen thinking “THESE TWO ARE GODS how did they know?!?”
    This blog has been a very big part of the enjoyment of watching the series trough these last 6 months. AND I REGRET NOTHING >w<

    I remember that Pixiv got me into Tiger and Bunny, and then Tumblr. I called a friend and we together watched the first two episodes. When they ended, we exchanged looks, and almost at the same time we shouted "LET'S WATCH THE OTHER 2!!!" (there were 4 episodes by that time). We both tried to take some other friends into the T&B world, but they didn't as much we are now ;^; (And as fans as we are, even if it still hurts, we're going to enter the Friend Rice Event, for the sake of fried rice and massive fandom hugs ;^;)

    The graphic is SO accurate: I'm even at college thinking about T&B stuff, and drawing, or imagining how's next episode going to be orz

    This text lacks of that thing called COHERENCE 8D It's like I'm trying to type everything I always wanted to tell you and I never did… ILU

    You know, Sternbild, you have pretty long amazing posts, full of thing that every fan of T&B in the world should read ;___; Thanks for staying with all of us all this tie T_T

  5. I remember seeing an early chart (without much information) and thinking “This will probably look awful, I don’t even like mecha shows that much”. I also remember thinking that the preview picture looked too colorful and all over the place.
    But I’m one of those people who give everything at least 3 episodes to catch my interest. And T&B had me sold at the first episode. I absolutely loved the ‘working heroes’ premise and as many other people I was amazed that the protagonist was a grown man.
    And the city. Oh dear God, I love Sternbild.

    Since then it has evolved into an unhealthy obsession, as I’ve notified people that Saturdays are off-limits, they will not be able to reach me when I’m suffering. Most of the Sundays go to waste as well, for sleep, since I’m up all night discussing the episode and waiting for Commie’s release.
    I have tried going to bed after it aired, but I just lay there speculating for hours. It can’t be helped.
    I could go on for hours about this show, but one thing is for certain; I’m going to miss this, all of it. T&B definitely ruined anime for me.

    • I wish I could spend my Sundays just on Tiger & Bunny, sadly I had signed up for something else before the obsession kicked in so it couldn’t be helped.

      I know that feeling of speculating for hours after the episode has aired, me and Aki usually discuss each new episode well into the night and start again with the discussion on Sunday.

      T&B definitely ruined anime for me.

      ^ THIS.

  6. I haven’t watch any series for about 3 or more years. Lately any anime series looked so ….let’s put as “retarded looking” for me. And since i’m not into moe at all, those popular series always end up being so visually shocking for me. The difference with T&B was in fact the art style, i like it a lot and it was what catched my eye. I wasn’t expecting it to be a master piece of course, but the series was a pleasant surprise with lovable characters (specially Kotetsu, how i adore that man so much). I enjoyed it as i have never enjoy a series before. I really hope we are getting a second season or at least a continuation, after the happy ending (I can have hopes right?). The only thing i have left to say is I REGRET NOTHING about watching this series.

    Hugs and kisses for all T&Bros out there ;_; ♥ I’ll miss you guys.

    • I enjoy more realistic or weird art styles in anime. (Mononoke and Shiki are among my favourites.) It wasn’t really the art that got me in T&B but more the overall impression. I am not really bothered by the generic moe look of most anime lately, but I just don’t find it all that exciting.

  7. First of all I’m sorry for my bad english (I’m trying to improve it), it’s just that I really want to say the same to you guys, this place is were I started to get interest in T&B series (I first saw a Kotetsu’s fanart and when I looked for information about T&B this blog was there to give me the info I needed!). Thank you very much for always being there (or here?) and for sharing all the info you had, and your amazing comments, god, those comments and speculah were impressive! so well done and right! I hope you continue doing this after the ep 25.
    By the way, copying the other replies XD: “Thank you, and again thank you guys”.

    • I’m happy that our blog has been helpful to you!

      Hopefully there’ll be a continuation announced, but even without it I’m sure that we’ll be here for a good while. Anime may be over but there’s manga and a lot of other stuff coming out.

      • I really hope the manga give us more details about the characters, specially since thos tipbits appeared. Also, did anyone else noticed the lack of Ben in the first chapter of the manga?

  8. I came for the oyaji moe and younger guy dynamic early on in episode three, fell in love with the cute old man and crossed favorite characters at some point and have Barnaby sort of a husbando (I say it like that but I waifu’d Barnaby/Kotetsu as an OTP as of the last episode) even though I didn’t like him that much at first. I gotta say there have been a lot of feelings from this show and I can’t stand that it’s ending. I want to see what those lover birds do next, I want to know so much more about them and the rest of the gang. It’s just too soon.

    But I would have never continued watching if it were just about something so shallow like what my reasons seem like. They feel so real, and I have to thank the western drama writing and the voice actors who try their hardest (Morita, you have been immortalized in my heart!) and really actually love and believe in this show. T&Bros, I’ll miss you (…at least until season 2?). Next time on Tiger & Bunny, it is always the darkest before the dawn, See Ya!

    • Now that I’ve been rewatching the episodes from the beginning, I am really paying more attention to the voice acting. And noticing way more nuance than before. I too have “discovered” Morita and he can put out a truly amazing performance with good material and great director. (Did you know he auditioned also for Sky High and Barnaby was only his second preference? Then he got cast as Barnaby and I don’t think he’s looking back when I read his interviews.)

  9. Hang on, did my thoughts just transferred into this post?? :O

    and am I reading about my life too??? are you stalking me??? LOL

    but at first i actually thought that T&B is an ecchi show! Cos the title makes me think of anthro characters!

    yes my life is all about T&B and I don’t care if I miss or forgot about any other anime new episodes anymore. And for the first time I bought a few official merchandise, including the magazines with T&B articles. Last Saturday I preordered October’s Otomedia and Hero Gossip Book. And I can’t even read Japanese!! So I’m like… OMG SINCE WHEN AM I THIS OTAKU??

    on the contrary, my no.1 fave character is Kotetsu. I don’t know if I’m in love with him (i feel like Karina whenever I think of this) or just adore him cos he reminds me of my dad a bit. 2nd is Ivan cos I can relate to him a lot; from being a wapanese and his past regrets (and just look at my username!). And I shamefully admit that I lust for Yuri cos I can’t help getting turned on whenever I see him DX

    I’m gonna miss this show a lot. I hope it gives a fair ending for us, cos I don’t it to leave me heartbroken. If they plan to make a 2nd season, they BETTER make Kotetsu live D:

    oh btw I see Origami!!

    • Quoting Yusa (Lunatic’s VA) from the Hero Book comments: “When I first heard of Tiger&Bunny, I wasn’t sure what kind of project it might be. From the name, I figured it would be a story of a dirty old man and a bunny girl (laughs).”

      I’m still convinced that director Satou is actually a NEXT with the power to make people buy merchandise. It’s a formidable power indeed… I do buy at least some merch for most of the series I’m really into but never before in the scale that I’m spending money on T&B. (I actually took down my preorder list from the blog because I felt so embarrassed looking at it. I regret nothing, though.)

      • exactly! When I read the (translated) comment by Koji Yusa I was kinda glad that I’m not the only one who thought that way!

        LOL that NEXT power is x100 more useful than that fukken mindraep!

        I usually buy doujins or unofficial merchs (cos I’m too n00b to find the officials ones). So yea that’s why I feel like an otaku for the first time. I just preordered 2 more goodies, and yet I still haven’t received my paycheck TAT

        oh yea another thing I’d like to mention… there’s already 2 occassions I went with my dad and he was wearing green (with black and white)…. You know.. I just.. can’t… it’s…. NO, I DON’T HAVE FATHER COMPLEX!!!
        See! T&B affected my life way too much right now orz

  10. Ha, my first reaction were almost the same as you had! I thought the name was retarded and there was no way the show could be good. I decided to check it out for the laughs. Tho, I actually thought the show was some [action] harem-comedy(This was before I saw any picture – the name was posted earlier on the spring charts.) After seeing a poster image, I still thought the same ecxept the art looked better than I had guessed. I’m an artsucker and I love old-school style and ‘anything outside mainstream’ styles in my anime.

    Well, it was quite different than I thought; now it’s my favorite of the year. A little negative point is that the show makes the most other anime characters seem so… shallow…

    Also, T&B had one convenient ascept on my life – I’ve been learning Japanese since I don’t remember when and for how long, but never been that keen on learning more than ~50 kanji. Now then, T&B has given me a reason to actually learn much more! The articles and fan comics have made me learn +200 kanji more and so far I’m keeping up with my schedule of them. Motivation is an awesome thing!

    • I’ve actually started to learn Japanese too after watching T&B. Three weeks ago I knew absolutely no Japanese apart from “arigato” and “konnichi wa”. Now I can read Hiragana and Katakana (albeit pretty slowly) although I haven’t started kanji yet and my vocabulary is very small, but I’m really enjoying nonetheless. I would probably have started learning without T&B but watching the show has made it much more fun for some reason! 😀

  11. Another ex- stalker here. I´m a anime shop owner, I see a lot of anime on daily basis, I even have a schedule to see it, is my job. I saw the announcements of Tiger & Bunny, but the name just repelled me, at first I imagined some Cute Little Pink Bunny and a Chibi Tiger with asian outfit to begin with. It was around chapter 7 or so, then a good friend of mine went completely insane about T&B, and I was skeptic, she insisted and made me watch the first chapter, I was really annoyed that time.

    So, I had to watch it, at first glance T&B was OK, not impressed, the BGM music on the other hand was really good for me; she ignored me and make me watch chapter 2, chapter 3… by chapter 4 I was doomed.

    I buy a lot of anime stuff for my store but I hardly ever keep stuff for myself even when it is from anime series I like, but with T&B I have been ordering everything for myself even books in japanese that I don´t understand. I´m a proudly T&B fujoshi. Sorry for my lame english.

    Thank you, and again thank you!

  12. De-lurking here as well. I was pulled into this fandom thanks to my dear, dearest imouto. At first I felt hmm… another anime with ecchi name? With mecha/power suit ala Kamen Rider? Sponsors on their suits? From cheerful coloured Sunrise with angst bound to happen soon? *eyebrow raised*

    Then imouto showed me “Boku wa Bunny janai. Barnaby desu!” clip, perked the interest to watch episode 1, then 2, then 3 theeen the rest is history.

    What made me interested is the cast, all of them lovable (except Maverick of course), so well written even Nathan & Blue Rose aren’t those annoying characters we usually love to hate in typical anime. In my heart, Kotetsu is the first, because he behaves almost exactly like me in regards of his inability to speak out his big problem. Barnaby would be second, but he placed 3rd just because of his faulty memories & Keith take his place in second after episode 15. Nathan is 4th because of his Team Mom mode (& he is willing to lent an ear for everyone). & the rest I can’t rank because all of the gave a good feelings to me & non I hate except Maverick. (He on the other hand is really well written as well, suspicious to me ever since I watch episode 3’s flashback & heighten since episode 7)

    T&B also the first anime after so long (the last time it was Dragon Ball, that was, many many many years ago in a galaxy far far away) I am affixed with it, doing things I consider not the normal things I would do if I like an anime (like stay up late hours just to catch the live streaming, permanently open a tab for either thisissternbild, T&B LJ, anon kink meme, preordering merchandises)

    I just can’t get enough of T&B, even now. What have you done to meeeee~~~

  13. it’s shocking to see my life laid bare in public – seriously: when did you become me??

    i had the exact same reactions when i saw this year’s line-up. took one look at the title and thought, ‘Tiger & Bunny?’ WTF kind of title is that? the cover art put me off slightly and i wrote the entire series off to some predictable macross/gundam/eva/eureka premise and promptly scrapped it. and then i read a review by Ghostlightning. and then i stumbled upon this blog. and then i decided to give the series a try – and i was instantly hooked on Episode One.

    this is the first time in a VERY long time i’ve felt so emotionally (and suddenly financially) invested in characters. the producers have hit their target market for the used-to-be-heavily-into-anime-but-strayed-out-of-it due to whatever reason. i never thought i’d enjoy the show this much and this is the first time in a while that i’ve actually looked forward to the next episode of any series – even when my heart was breaking on a weekly basis. any show that comes after this will only pale in comparison. damn you, T&B!

    and so i will stock up on the essentials in preparation to my episode marathon leading up to 25. thank you and thank you again to you, the staff and cast, and most especially the fans – all of whom have made this series a joy to watch.

    everyone needs a hug – let’s believe HEROES ~

  14. I’ve been lurking for some time now, and it’s finally nice for people to notice a series that somehow seems different than the others. If it wasn’t for my work schedule, I would so be making fried rice with/for all of you (even those who can’t!!).

    This is my first series since Gundam 00 that I obsessed over. So it’s good to know I’m not alone. I’m hoping we’ll all be able to come together again for a second season or more material.

    *Does Barnaby’s signature pose* See ya NEXT time (okay bad joke but… okay..)

  15. Today I wine and dine all the Heroes. And I shall never forget Satou for taking three months away from my life. I haven’t laughed this much or had this much feeelings in ages. Also a proud Bunny-fag since day one. Quirky and interesting at first ( I have a high tollerance for not-all-goodie-goodies) unparalleled in his strength of character and plain adorable later. I shall drink for him too, and bake him a carrot cake.

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