Review: Deformeister Petit Set

I was able to snag a set of Bandai’s Deformeister Petits which was released back on October 26th, 2011. This adorable set comes with all eight of the heroes from Tiger & Bunny in chibi forms. Now let’s take a look and see if they’re a hit or a miss for Bandai.


First, a quick look at the box. The outer box has all of the heroes pictured in their Deformeister chibi forms, each with their unique hero pose. Inside the box you have ten tiny boxes which each hold one of the 60mm petit figures. Since there are eight heroes and the set comes with ten figures, you’ll get two extras. In my box the extras were Origami Cyclone and Rock Bison. I was hoping to get an extra Wild Tiger and Bunny but unfortunately I wasn’t that lucky.

Wild Tiger

Our first hero is Wild Tiger the “Crasher for Justice”.

Each petit comes with a base that is about 5cm in diameter. Tiger’s base has his employer’s name “APOLLON Media” in the center.

ワイルドに吠えるぜ」 ~ “Let out a wild roar!”

Here’s a complete view of Wild Tiger. His pose is reminiscent of one of the early promos for Tiger & Bunny where he was pointing at himself. Although you can’t move his hands, you can turn his head if you want. The paint job on Wild Tiger was near perfect for such a tiny figure. Even his eyes are painted with a metallic yellow paint like on his Figuart.

Here is a quick peek at Wild Tiger’s two sponsors which are painted on his chest and shoulder armor, Soft Bank and SHFiguarts.

Barnaby Brooks Jr.
バーナビー ブルックス Jr。

Next we have Wild Tiger’s partner the super rookie Barnaby aka Bunny.

Bunny’s base also has “APOLLON Media” written in the center.

「僕はバニーじゃない!バーナビーです!!」~ “My name’s not Bunny! It’s Barnaby!”

Bunny’s front and back view. Bunny is in one of his familiar poses with his right hand pointing up in a salute. There’s a tiny paint scuff on the left small booster pack on his back.

Bunny has three sponsors that are advertised on his hero suit. However, the only sponsor that made it to the Deformeister was Bandai.

「さあ…行きまつよ、おじさん。」~ “Come on. Let’s go, Old man.”

「そだな、バニーちゃん。」~ “You got it, Bunny-chan.”

I couldn’t resist. I just had to take a picture of these two together. I’m a little sad that I can’t pose them in a princess carry, but this is still adorable.

Rock Bison

Our next hero is Rock Bison the “Bull Tank of the West Coast”.

On Rock Bison’s base we have “Kronos Foods”, his sponsor company.

「うし!」~ “Cow!”

Here is a picture of Rock Bison from behind as he sits in the seiza position to eat his food.

Here we can see Rock Bison enjoying his dish of yakuniku. My Rock Bison has a really noticeable paint scuff on the top of his helmet. There are a couple of other paint boo-boo’s on him, but you really won’t notice them once he’s on display.

On his should armor you can see the sponsor logo for “Gyu-Kaku”, which is a yakiniku restaurant chain.

Blue Rose

The “Super Celebrity of the Heroes”, next is Blue Rose.

Blue Rose’s base has “Titan Industry” written in the center.

「私の氷はちょっぴりCOLD、貴方の悪事を完全HOLD!」 ~ “My ice is a little bit cold, but your crime has been put completely on hold!”

She looks adorable as she leans on the Pepsi bottle.

Out of all the Deformeisters poor Blue Rose has the most issues. From the front you really don’t notice any visible issues. From behind you can easily spot the blue paint cracking on her bikini bottom. My other issue is with her white rose thorns that are attached to her lower back. If I touch her too much they instantly fall off of her.

Blue Rose’s sponsor is the zero calorie Pepsi drink “Pepsi NEX”.

Sky High

Up next is popular “King of Heroes” who is known for his catchphrase “Thank you! And again, thank you!”

Here we have “POSEIDON Line” written on Sky High’s base.

「スカーイハーイ!スカーイハイハハーイ」 ~ “SKYYYY HIIIIGH! SKYYYY HI H-HIGH!”

Sky High is striking his memorable hero pose with his arms up in the air. He looks absolutely adorable in this form. There are only two issues that I had with my Sky High. First, his antenna; it’s always bending no matter how hard I try to keep it straight. He also has a tiny black paint mark on his helmet.

Sky High’s sponsors are Ustream and Tamashii Nations. Printed across his chest is Ustream™. Ustream is a website that offers live casting and video streaming services. There Tamashii Nations logo is on both of his wrist armors.

Origami Cyclone

My favourite ninja whose knack for photo-bombing is top notch.

“Helperidese Finance” is written on Origami’s base.

「ばっちり企業名アピールするでござる。あっ、いや、しますから」 ~ “I’ll try to bring the spotlight onto the company name de gozaru! Ah, I mean, I will.”

Origami is just so cute in his pose. There is so much photo-bombing that can be done with him. Printed on the giant hira-shuriken on his back is .Anime which is one of his sponsors. He has three other sponsors on his hero suit but they are not included on his Deformeister.

Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem is the hero who has the ability to control fire, and he sees himself more as one of the girls.

Fire Emblem’s base has “HELIOS ENERGY” written in the center, and it also happens to be his own company.

「無事に帰って来たらキスしてあげる」 ~ “Come back safely and I’ll give you a big kiss.”

Here is a quick look at Fire Emblem’s diva-like pose as he balances a laptop on his hand.

Fire Emblem’s sponsor is a brand of personal computers by Fujitsu, “FMV”.

Dragon Kid

Dragon Kid is the youngest of the heroes. She has a kung fu fighting style and the ability to produce lighting.

Dragon Kid’s base has “ODYSSEUS Communication” written in the center.

「ごめん、ボクがボーイッシュだから」~ “Sorry, is it because I’m a tomboy?”

From the front Dragon Kid looks so adorable with her sweet smile, holding her Calbee chips. A peek from behind you can see her hair styled in a ponytail.

Dragon Kid’s two sponsors adorn her head piece. On the right side is Calbee, the popular Japanese maker of snack foods. On her left is, the online DVD & music rental store.

Overall, I’m very happy with Bandai’s Deformeister Petit set. There are tiny paint imperfections here and there but it doesn’t take away from the enjoyment the chibi heroes give. The set is still available at Anime Island as well as Power Anime for anyone who may have missed out on them. Individual characters are also available at Mandarake. The prices may vary from character to character. Of course, the popular characters will be a little bit more expensive.

「いつか、虎徹さんに僕のチャーハンを食べてもらおうと思って、練習してるんですからね」 ~ “I’ve been learning how to make fried rice, so you have to try it someday!”

Tiger & Bunny. Over and out!



3 comments on “Review: Deformeister Petit Set

  1. I think the “antenna” thing is with all Sky High deformeisters. I watched the Tamashii Nations broadcast and Go-chan kept fiddling with the special edition Sky High to try and straighten it.

    Personally, I had to fiddle with Blue Rose’s “butt-thorns” because they kept falling off if I looked at her funny. I carved a little bit off of them with a hobby knife so they actually fit in the holes. My fingers were so sore after trying to press the thorns in place.

  2. thanks for this review. a friend of mine has Tiger and Bunny and both of them have varying paint issues. but we’re willing to overlook that due to overall cuteness. otherwise, really enjoyable to have. hopefully the QC improves across all figures.

  3. I basically bought a box and the 2 extras were Wild Tiger and Barnaby, my nephew has them and I was able to get them as well and still have the set, i didn’t know that I was just really lucky. I assumed that the 2 main guys were always the 2 extras.

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