Happy Birthday Barnaby Brooks Jr.!

Photos and birthday cake by Emmi & Anni.

 Happy Birthday, and Again Happy Birthday Barnaby Brooks Jr.!

And thank you, everyone who baked and cooked or made crafts or cards for our favourite Bunny! The main thing was to have fun together with Barnaby’s birthday, so we went easy with the rules of the event. Halloween crept also into the pictures. (I guess it couldn’t be helped. Besides, the few pumpkin carvings that we got look awesome!)

Check out the gallery here!

This time everything was less hectic than with Friend Rice, so we were able to reply to everyone in person. We’re really happy to hear that you all had fun with the event and that so many people (over 60!) participated!

We’d love to arrange more events in the future, and we are open for suggestions. Fanart? Cosplay? Something else? If you got an idea, toss it at us on Twitter or send an email to mail[at]thisissternbild.com.

Privacy notice: All emails sent for the event will be kept until November 6th incase of errors with adding comments or crediting – if there’s an issue with a picture you submitted, please email us and note the number your picture has in the gallery (the number is in the filename, last two digits). After November 6th the emails will be deleted. No names or email addresses will be shared with a 3rd party.


4 comments on “Happy Birthday Barnaby Brooks Jr.!

    • Urgggg, as much as I want Kotetsu`s birthday in Febuary, a jerk I know has his birthday on the 17th. Knowing Kotetsu shares a birthday with him would make me sad >>.

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