TIGER & BUNNY: -The Rewatch-

On February 4th we’re kicking off a year long project to reclaim SUPERHERO SATURDAYS by rewatching the entirety of Tiger & Bunny from start to finish, one episode per week. Weekly episode and some discussion prompts will be posted on our Twitter with #TandBTheRewatch, or you can also join our Discord to chat about it.

You can find the schedule below. See you in Stern Bild, citizens!

A full year of TIGER & BUNNY, watching one episode per week!
Join us and discuss the weekly episode on Twitter with #TandBTheRewatch or on our Discord.
S1E1	 February 4
S1E2	 February 11
S1E3	 February 18
S1E4	 February 25
S1E5	 March 4
S1E6	 March 11
S1E7	 March 18
S1E8	 March 25
S1E9	 April 1
S1E10	 April 8
S1E11	 April 15
S1E12	 April 22
S1E13	 April 29
S1E14	 May 6
S1E15	 May 13
S1E16	 May 20
S1E17	 May 27
S1E18	 June 3
S1E19	 June 10
S1E20	 June 17
S1E21	 June 24
S1E22	 July 1
S1E23	 July 8
S1E24	 July 15
S1E25	 July 22
The Beginning	 July 29
The Rising	 August 5
S2E1	 August 12
S2E2	 August 19
S2E3	 August 26
S2E4	 September 2
S2E5	 September 9
S2E6	 September 16
S2E7	 September 23
S2E8	 September 30
S2E9	 October 7
S2E10	 October 14
S2E11	 October 21
S2E12	 October 28
S2E13	 November 4
S2E14	 November 11
S2E15	 November 18
S2E16	 November 25
S2E17	 December 2
S2E18	 December 9
S2E19	 December 16
S2E20	 December 23
S2E21	 December 30
S2E22	 January 6
S2E23	 January 13
S2E24	 January 20
S2E25	 January 27

Graphics by jazzy, event management by derpchan.

Commemorative TIGER&BUNNY 2 Part 2 Friend Rice Event Gallery


Thank you, and again thank you for taking part in our Friend Rice Event to celebrate the release of TIGER&BUNNY 2 Part 2.

With all this comfort food, surely nothing bad can happen?


We’d also like to thank you for all the feedback you left us. Your comments have made our day!

And as usual, all submission data will be kept for a week in case something needs fixing, then it will be deleted. If we have mistagged your submission in the gallery, please contact us mail[at]thisissternbild.com and we’ll fix it asap!

Until next event… See ya!

TIGER&BUNNY 2 Part 2 Commemorative Friend Rice Event

To celebrate the release of TIGER&BUNNY 2 Part 2, we again invite you all to cook up some fried rice or any other food featured in the series! To grab some inspiration, you can check out the original event gallery. If you’ve never cooked fried rice before and don’t know where to start, we have translated Kotetsu’s own fried rice recipe. If rice isn’t your fancy, how about baking some Samantha’s pound cake or cooking some chicken and broccoli in Thomas’s style? Or if you want to order a Happy Meal Happiness Set to serve to the twins, that’s between you and the hamburger restaurant.

How to take part:

  1. Prepare some delicious food featured in TIGER&BUNNY. (Practice first if needed, Barnaby practiced too!)
  2. Take a picture that includes both TIGER&BUNNY and your culinary creation.
    • You may use screencaps from anime, official merchandise, cosplay, and fan art of your own making for your picture.
    • Your submission must be SFW.
  3. Submit your picture either through the form (requires a Google account) or directly by email to mail[at]thisissternbild.com. You may make multiple submissions!

The submissions are open until Thursday October 6th, 2022 at 14:00 GMT.

After the submission form closes, the pictures will be posted as a gallery for everyone to view. (We’ll have the gallery up as soon as possible, but it depends on how much you’ve cooked!)

We can’t wait to see what you cook up this time!

Disclaimer: Submission data will be kept for a week after the gallery is published just in case something needs fixing, after that it will be deleted. No emails or personal data are collected through the form, but signing in is required for submitting a file.

A Brief History of Friend Rice

If you’re a new fan brought in with S2, friend rice may sound weird to you. “Friend rice” is a typo that originated in the T&B threads on 4chan in 2011, and it became a meme in the fandom. The first Friend Rice Event was held during the week between episodes 24 and 25 airing, when everyone was unsure if a certain character would even survive. It was a very spontaneous thing, we posted on Twitter that we would cook fried rice during the week and suddenly, everyone else wanted to join in on it too. It turned into a deluge of pictures of fried rice (on average 50 pictures per day!) and a massive thank you to the creators of the series.

Since then, smaller and more planned Friend Rice Events have taken place, the previous one was in 2021 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the series. With these events we hope that people have some fun cooking and showing their love for TIGER&BUNNY and their favorite characters.

Text by derpchan, graphics by jazzy, art by Lizzie.

Wild Birthday Party Gallery 2022!

Thanks and thanks again everyone who took part on Kotetsu’s birthday event both here on This is Sternbild and on the Twitter hashtag #wildbirthdayparty! Also big thanks to Tania for creating the art for our event banners.

Without further ado…

Wild Birthday Party Gallery 2022

Pssst… Same again next year?

Submission form data will be saved until August 21st in case something needs fixing, after that it will be deleted. If there are errors in the gallery, please contact us either by email or through Discord.

Wild Tiger’s Birthday Events

August 14th sees a bunch of events to celebrate the birthday of Kotetsu T. Kaburagi / Wild Tiger. Below are the ones we currently know of, let us know if we missed any!

Official Event

There’s a WILD TIGER Special Birthday Party live stream on August 14th, with Hiroaki Hirata (Kotetsu), Masakazu Morita (Barnaby), Kenji Tominaga (Wild Tiger’s suit actor for The Live) and Hikaru Takahashi (Sky High’s suit actor). The stream is paid, 2800 JPY + 100 JPY fee, and the archive will be available until August 28th. Fans can send birthday wishes and submit questions through a webform (in Japanese) to Hirata and Tominaga, and also leave other messages for the series creators, or request specific merchandise to be made.

Japanese Fan Event

The Japanese fans are arranging an event on Twitter, and tweeting birthday messages and fan art to Kotetsu using the hashtag #ワイルドタイガー生誕祭2022.

This is Sternbild Event

And of course there’s our own event, Wild Birthday Party! Please check the link for details, we’ll have both a gallery event (Friend Rice style, if you took part in those in the past you know the drill), and a Twitter hashtag #wildbirthdayparty for the celebrations.

Let’s party WILDLY!